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Now ad free, with iCloud support, and support for all device resolutions!Amongst miles of cacti, sand, and bones lies the Skyline pilot training facility. Rumors persist about what goes on behind closed doors at the carefully guarded facility but all the world really knows is that Skyline generates the best pilots period. Do you have what it takes?This 3D Helicopter Sim is powered by a custom flight model created with NVidia PhysX technology. What this means for gamers is the real helicopter feel is present as well as the action. Master the Blade's ability to maneuver, target, fire, and hook your way through a series of training and urban battle modes.Features Include:- Physics that rival X-Plane Helicopter + The Action of Hellfire all in one package-Medal Achievements, can you get all gold?- Per Pixel Spotlight Effect (this was a big deal on iPhone in 2008)- Custom Flight Model which strikes a balance between realism and fun- Calibration always at your finger tips- Complex Gameplay without the need for hardware buttons- Specialized HUD, Radar, and Targeting System make the most of the device's tiny screen- Pause on Call, etc...- iCloud SupportAlso try:- Airspin- c.AR- Crash for Cash HD- Crash for Cash

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