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My Brute is OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day! Download the Game Channel app to get a FREE game every day! ***************************8/10 SILVER AWARD on Pocketgamer.co.uk 4.2/5 Stars on APPVEE.COM***************************COME AND JOIN US AND RUB SHOULDERS WITH THE CHAMPIONS OF THE ARENA!My Brute is a crazy, off-the-wall game of combat that gives you the chance to challenge fighters from all over the world.You simply take on a series of challenges, gain experience, unlock new skills and crush your enemies with ever-greater speed.My Brute is easy to access and allows you to:-Unlock and personalise up to 9 brutes.-Invite other players to become your pupils.-Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title.-Fight up to 5 opponents a day.-Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons.-Unlock up to 8 battle arenas.-Have discussions with other players from around the world via Open Feint.-Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect.THROW PLENTY OF BLOWS, KICKS AND PUNCHES TO BECOME THE MOST FEARED BRUTE OF ALL!

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