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GET MORE GAGA FOR YOUR BUCK WITH THE HOTTEST MUSIC ON THE HOTTEST GAME! With both a unique style and sound, fans of the international pop sensation Lady Gaga are sure to go ga-ga over the this release in the wildly popular Tap Tap Revenge series, Lady Gaga Revenge. Featuring 14 tracks, new themes and graphics and much more, this game is sure to make your poker face smile. DON'T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT ...PRESS REVIEWS:"My record label (Interscope) might kill me for saying this, but (if you buy the game) you are essentially purchasing my album (The Fame) for $4.99 and you are also getting a game," Gaga says. "So you are getting way more bang for your buck." - Lady Gaga, USA TODAY “This game is so cool. What a steal at only $4.99! Absolutely a must buy. The themes are so fun and her music rocks”. “The next in the long line of great Tapulous games! I highly recommend this to any Tapulous or Lady Gaga fan!!” LOADED WITH HIT SONGS AND FEATURES ....- 14 tracks by Lady Gaga, including 4 remixes of smash hits- 4 boss tracks, that, for the first time ever in the Tap Tap Revenge Series, feature horizontal play mode and 4 rails!- New themes, graphics and effects, inspired by Lady Gaga videos and discography;- Four addictive difficulty levels, each with unlockable boss tracks;- Superior stability, multi-player mode, a Lady Gaga news feed, and Facebook Connect to flaunt your scores to the World.- New: Import your premium tracks & theme from Lady Gaga Revenge into the free Tap Tap Revenge MOST OF THESE SONGS HAVE SPENT TIME IN THE ITUNES TOP 10 ...- Paparazzi- Starstruck- Poker Face- LoveGame- Boys Boys Boys- LoveGame (Robots to Mars Remix)- Money Honey- Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)- The Fame- Just Dance- I Like It Rough- Beautiful, Dirty, Rich- Just Dance (Glam As You Club Mix)- Poker Face (Glam As You Club Mix) CHECK OUT MORE TAPULOUS GAMES INCLUDING ...- Tap Tap Revenge 3: #1 iphone - Tap Tap Dance: 10 hit dance tracks, psychedelic themes- Metallica Revenge: Fist-pounding hit tracks from the world's all-time biggest band- Riddim Ribbon featuring Black Eyed Peas: #1 Act of 2009

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