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Welcome back Commander - Pilot your Dropship, power-up your weapons and penetrate enemy caverns destroying turrets, tanks & Interceptors as you fight to Evac your stranded allies and retrieve “the pod”. Effect your daring escape with your cargo in tow dodging enemy fire, homing missiles with your vector thrust powered super ship."NOW THIS IS A SHOOTER!" – Touch Arcade “Great controls, gameplay and sound track come together into what’s certainly the best shooter currently available on the iPhone, and may even be one of the best games for the platform.”"WOW" – 5 STARS“This is quite honestly the best game I have played on the iPhone.”- Fabrillis-----------------------------------------------PLAY DROPSHIP - THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ARCADE SHOOTER CRAFTED EXCLUSIVELY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE POWER OF YOUR iPHONE & iPOD TOUCH.Dropship Features - • Breakthrough 'touch-anywhere' dual-analog controls deliver 360 degrees of freedom• Push your iPhone & iPod touch to the limit with stunning visual effects and intense retro arcade-inspired 3D environments• Deep gameplay with a full Campaign mode covering 18 missions to challenge even the most expert pilot• Expand the adventure with Downloadable levels *** 6 levels available now!• Freeplay Mode ensures infinite replayablity and a lifetime of funDropship (http://dropship.ngmoco.com) has been exclusively created for the iPhone™ and iPod touch by ng:moco:).

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