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Based off the table top version you loved as a kid, Atari Football for the iPhone and iPod Touch amps up the game with a new look and feel for the new platform! Name your team, pick your logo, and customize your helmet before you crush your opponent. Catch the The Bomb or Blitz the QB to defeat your friend via local Wifi Multiplayer!

- Multiplayer: 2 player local WiFi
- Customizable teams
o Choose your helmet and stripe color
o Choose from 11 logos
o Name your team
- 3 different power ups
o Turbo Rush: Run super fast!
o Big Helmet: Increased size! Stun any 3 opponents you hit.
o Sure Hands: Magnet-like hands make catching and stealing the ball easy.
- Weather effects
- Customizable game play options
o Change the Game Duration
o Adjust the Play Clock
o Control how often power-ups can be used

Developed by Griptonite Games

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