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Arvale: Ocean of Time is another award-winning, epic
Role Playing Game, just like the other Arvales!

But THIS game contains over 40 hours of gameplay, 8 immense continents, more hyperboles, 325 maps, 445 monsters, 400 items (including more wheelbarrows!), more typos, and Two thousand laughs!

If you enjoy games such as Zelda, Pokemon, Dragon Quest or the Final Fantasy games, you will love this game! Featuring humor and story-telling similar to the classic Lucasarts adventure games such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Sam & Max.


-Engage in an even more Epic Story involving Time Travel, Gods and Goddesses, and the Fate of the World

-Explore even more of the vast World of Arvale by traveling to eight different continents, packed with villages, castles, forests, deserts, dungeons, swamps, jungles, rain-forests, and many more locales

-Unlock more secrets of the past, by solving puzzles in Ancient Temples and Dungeons

-Choose more of your own destiny on which paths to take in the story

-Travel across the world even more with 4 different modes of transportation: by land, by sea, by air, and through time

-Talk with any of over 500 colorful Non-player Characters you meet to learn about the world

-Fight against over 445 different Monsters and Enemies
Interact with even more tons of objects from gold-filled chests and cryptic doors, to antique books and mysterious wheelbarrows

-Rescue more Fair Maidens, recover Lost Artifacts and Battle with Evil Villains

-View more intriguing Cut-scenes that unveil the alluring story

-Navigate more unknown territory with a brand new instant-map feature

-Enjoy over 125 sound effects that accentuate battle hits and give ambiance to the environments.

-Venture on more than a multitude of Side-Quests (for the Overachieving Heroes)

-Vivid, more Colorful Graphics, consisting of over 3000 Beautiful Graphical Elements

-Listen to even more of an Amazing original Musical Score with over 65 minutes in a total of 27 Soundtracks

-Feel more ambiance of different environments with weather effects like rain, fog, snow, and more

-Challenge yourself to more with three different difficulty levels

-Multiple Endings determined by your decisions in the game

-Completely overhauled UI and updated engine tailored to the iPhone

Zelda and Pokemon are trademarks of Nintendo. Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are trademarks of Square-Enix. Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Sam & Max are trademarks of Lucasarts. These trademark owners are not associated with PDAmill Game Studios or Nav N Go Kft.

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