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???It's time to play Baseball! ??? THE BEST REAL BASEBALL SIMULATION GAME ON THE APP STORE!!__________________________________________NOTESNow with the new EDIT NAME feature, you can re-name all your players name. Enjoy a full season of baseball game on your iPhone/iPod touch. __________________________________________CRITICS' QUOTES"9 Innings: Pro Baseball is not only the most entertaining baseball game that I’ve tried for the iPhone, it’s one of the best games period." - iPhone Game of the Day"Players looking for a fully-featured baseball simulation will find that 9 Innings is a welcome addition to the iPhone lineup." -Finger Gaming"There are those who need to have all the MLB bells and whistles, some who want more of an arcade feel, others who need depth, and a select few who love unlocking content. 9 Innings gives all of these except MLB licensing." - The Appera__________________________________________KEY FEATURES- Season mode - Tournament mode - Home Run mode - Manager systemSeason mode: Select from 8 teams and play 126 games to win the season. Play-on to be the series champions in the play-offs. Check player stats., conditions and change or upgrade your manager to manage your team. Your team depends on you to make the right changes to deliver victory! If playing 126 games is too much, then skip some games with auto-play. You will still get all the statistics of your player after auto-played games. Tournament mode: If you are more intrigued with tournaments like the world baseball classics, then play tournament mode. It gets tougher and tougher as you make your way into victory. Home Run mode: Try hitting as many homeruns as possible in this homerun mode. Choose your best hitter and slam them away! You will be able to earn additional game points to upgrade your manager as a superstar manager to lead your team to victory.Manager System: you can pick from 8 managers and upgrade them. Your manager can strengthen your team in different ways and by upgrading them your team will be closer to delivering more wins. *****************COM2US GAMES- Gold Jumper- Dungeon Fantasy Online KR- Puzzle Family- Tower Defense- Homerun Battle 3D - Slice It!- Third Blade- Zombie Runaway - Chocolate Tycoon - Inotia 3: Children of Carnia - 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 And other exciting games*****************ABOUT COM2USFollow us!@twitter.com/Com2uSJoin Com2uS Fan Page@facebook.com/Com2uSTips and Updates@Com2uS.com/iPhone

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