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"I might as well start calling it Timesink 2K9, because I can see myself playing this one for hours on end." - GamersRoute.com

"...looks quite unlike most puzzlers we've seen before." - GameSpot.com

"...compelling and addictive gameplay" - GameZone.com

"...a nicely addictive, pick-up-and-play title." - WorthPlaying.com

Droplitz is the addictive puzzler that will have you twisting dials and opening pathways from top to bottom to save precious droplitz! Make multiple connections and earn massive scores!

- Instantly addictive and fun for all ages!
- Three distinct game modes keep the challenge fresh
* Normal-Play as long as your droplitz last
* Hardcore-Gets progressively harder
* Infinite-No stress, just endless, easygoing play
- Master the art of the combo to receive huge bonuses!

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