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IGN - "Great, Highly recommended. Superb amount of content, great YouTube functionality and easy controls make this a must-have for arcade racing junkies."

Game Pro - "It can stand on its own as the best racing game for the iPhone."

USA Today - "An impressive racing game with very simple controls and surprising depth."

MSNBC - “The graphics are sweet and the accelerometer-based steering controls work like a dream”

PocketGamer - "Intuitive controls, speedy action, and slick YouTube connectivity. An impressive, slick racer that easily powers past other licensed fare."


Fast & Furious is the hit blockbuster action movie of the year!  Dominate the underground street racing scene as you blast through the streets of L.A., Mexico and the Dominican Republic! Challenge thousands of opponents in online multiplayer mode. And make it across the border to win. But if you lose, you’ll lose more than your ride!

♣ 7 exciting game modes, including: Road Race, Drift Race, Drag Race, GPS Race, Tunnel Run, Pursuit and Evade

♣ Exclusive ‘Pink Slip’ WiFi Multiplayer mode! Challenge your friends, iPhone against iPhone in live races!

♣ YouTube replays and connected Cloudcell leaderboards: Record your own race and upload it directly to the global leaderboards!

♣ Ghost Racing: Challenge other drivers' times by downloading their "ghost" from the Cloudcell leaderboard, then race and bet your ride against theirs!

♣ More connected features: Automatically post your best times to your Twitter account, connect with your friends and opponents online, manage your Driver’s profile online, and create custom leaderboards!

♣ Use iPhone accelerometer controls to steer the cars! One of the most realistic driving experiences on the iPhone to date!

♣ 36 different vehicles to drive including muscle cars, import, exotic, sports and performance cars

♣ Multiple camera angles and visual effects

♣ 18 stunning levels in 4 environments: Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Mexico and the infamous underground tunnels between Mexico and USA

♣ TWITTER support: Let the world know how fast and furious you are! You can now choose to link to your Twitter account and let us tweet your best times for you.

♣ CUSTOM LEADERBOARDS: Connect more easily with your friends and opponents! Tag yourself with a list of words to help your friends find you on Cloudcell. Create your custom leardboard of drivers you want to follow… and see who’s following you!


More info on www.FastAndFurious-Game.com

Fast & Furious Cloudcell: http://FastAndFurious.Cloudcell.com

Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/iplaymobile

Find us on YouTube: youtube.com/user/IplayMobileGaming


Game appeals to the fans of racing games such as Fast & Furious Pink Slip, Need for Speed Undercover, Asphalt 4 Elite Racing, Cro-Mag Rally, Fast Lane Racing, Need for Speed, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart and GTS World Racing.

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