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"Resident Evil: DEGENERATION", a survival horror game based on the movie of the same name is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

7 years after the tragedy in Raccoon City a lone zombie is released into a bustling American airport. Panic grips the crowds as more passengers are turned, and an ordinary autumn afternoon becomes a nightmare.

Based on the recently released CG-animated movie of the same name,
Resident Evil: Degeneration uses a true 3D engine to immerse players into this 3rd-person survival horror shooter.
* Use your in-game PDA to collect intel, manage inventory and access maps.
* "Laser targeting" allows the players to make aimed accurate shots.
* Backgrounds, character models and objects are all rendered in full 3D.
* Intuitive context sensitive control scheme.
-Action icons pop up as needed.
* Accelerometer features:
-Shake iPhone/iPod touch to "Shake of Zombie" melee attacks.
-Tilt back device to reload.

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