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*** Seasonal Sale! Zen Bound and Zen Bound 2 at lowered price until January 15th ***Visit zenbound.com or follow us on twitter.com/secretexitPlease note:Zen Bound 2 Universal contains all the levels of Zen Bound 1 and more (with new gameplay modes), supports gyro and Retina Displays, includes Game Center support and Achievements, has greatly improved graphics, a 45-minute soundtrack and works beautifully on all devices!Zen Bound is a calm and meditative puzzle game about wrapping wooden sculptures with rope. A game in which a high score is not the goal - instead it is something to focus on and enjoy at your own relaxed pace.It is a tactile experience: a game of wood, stone and rope with some of the most beautiful graphics seen on the iPhone. The visuals complement the controls to provide interaction that feels natural and comfortable.A major element of the game is the unique, dusty and soothing down-tempo soundtrack designed and composed by 'Ghost Monkey'. It features binaural processing that creates an enveloping soundscape when headphones are used.Zen Bound is different - an alternative and subtle gaming experience that is difficult to describe. But in its own small way, it defines what gaming on the iPhone can be.FEATURES:- Beautiful graphics, 3D models almost feel tangible in your hand- Intuitive and natural multi-touch controls (tilt supported)- 76 levels- A captivating 22-minute downtempo soundtrack from 'Ghost Monkey'See the gameplay video on zenbound.comFollow us on twitter.com/secretexitAWARDS & REVIEWS:*Excellence in 3D*IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) winner 2009*Best iPhone Game* & *Audio Achievement*Double winner in IGF (Independent Games Festival) Mobile 2009"This is one of the best games you can buy for your iPhone - I recommend Zen Bound to each and every iPhone gamer." - 9.5/10, IGN"An amazing puzzle game that was designed purely for the iPhone." - Editors Choice 5 Stars, MacWorld"Zen Bound is an interactive poem which organically ties together contemplative gameplay and beautiful presentation" - 10/10 Platinum Award, Pocket Gamer

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