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Reviewed: 01/12/12

Landing aircrafts can be fun. Just don't have a mid-air collision.

Flight Control provides one of the more addictive game play on the iPhone. The game has been around for a while now, but with the improvement made over time, it has proven itself to be a rather entertaining game.

Flight Control grants you the godly task of guiding incoming aircrafts to the runway, be it jumbos, biplanes or helicopters. There are six airfields to choose from, each presents its own challenges (more on that later).

To control the aircraft, just touch the aircraft and drag a path to the appropriate runway. Different types of aircraft have to land on different runways, while helicopters land on the helipad. Once you have drawn out a path, it is time to manage the planes so they do not collide. If you think two (or more) of them are going to have a mid-air collision, you can redraw the path by redoing it. The aircraft will take on the new path. If no path is drawn, the flight will continue straight until it hits the edge of the screen, then it will bounce back and continue going straight until it hits the other edge.

The easy part is drawing the path to the runways, the hard part is keeping the planes from hitting each other. There are four types of aircrafts, each with a different speed. Jumbos go the fastest, while the choppers take forever to get back to base. And it is this that you will need to look out for. There is not really a strategy per se. As long as you manage to keep the plane out of each other's way, it's good enough.

If two or more planes are within close proximity of each other, the affected aircrafts will be highlighted by a red circle. Trust me, you will see a lot of red circles as the stage gets harder and harder by bombarding the screen with planes. The best I have managed is landing 401 planes in one session, that took a lot of concentration and quick thinking (and leaving a lot of planes flying aimlessly on screen).

As mentioned before, there are six airfields (at the time of writing this review) to choose from, each serves up their own challenges. In one airfield, lighting striking an aircraft will cause it not being able to change course. In another, there are runways that open and close randomly so you need to guide the plane to the opened runways. Each of these fields might look the same, but the subtle difference makes the game more enjoyable.

Graphics is not glamorous, but given the iPhone / iPod touch's hardware, it works well. The airfields are plain, the runways identifiable and the planes easy to spot and differentiate. Sound is simple, you get the aircraft landing sound, warning sound, etc., nothing spectacular here.

Besides trying to beat your own score, there are also achievements that will make you wanting to come back for more. Stuff like having 20 aircrafts on screen, or not landing any aircrafts in 2 minutes are just some of the challenges facing the players.

Multiple players option (via Bluetooth or the net) allows players to pass aeroplanes between them, thus allow them to control two airfields.

Flight Control is a well-made game. Graphics are simple, ensuring that it does not distract players from the action. Achievements and high score will certainly keep the serious casual gamers coming back for more, while the simple game play will allow kids to play also. You can easily spend hours on it at ends.


* Easy gameplay
* Achievements provide great replay value


* Sounds generic and plain

Score (out of 10)

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 6
Replay: 8

Overall: 8

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Flight Control (US, 02/26/09)

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