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Reviewed: 03/15/11

Fun and simplistic game that you'll lose hours in!

Let's face it, itunes has a ton of crazy fun games on the app store that not only eat up our money, but also drain our time. One game that I casually bought has took up my time, but just like so many good things on the app store, it didn't take much of my money. Flight control is the game that I am talking about today. It's a game that is so simple in concept, but so much fun that for me, it makes it an instant gem in my library of games on my ipod. So lets get to the review shall we?

Gameplay 9/10 - This is critical to any game out there and if it doesn't have fun gameplay then it won't stay on your ipod long because let's face it, for every good game out there on the itunes store, there is also a bad one out there as well somewhere waiting for you to come along and get it and then does nothing buy disappoint. I am glad to say that Flight Control is definitely not one of those games. Yes the game is simple, but it's one of those simple concepts that you can't believe how addicting it is. The gameplay is a you basic puzzle basis. You simply have to draw a line for the plane's and helicopter's flight path to the runway. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong, as you drawing paths, you've got alot to worry about. You have to think about timing, not crashing into other planes, and you have to take into account every single plane and helicopter on the screen. You will usually have 2 runways for planes and one helicopter pad. It's very easy at first, but then it completely throws you a curve-ball and amps up the difficulty which is great for a challenge. Don't get me wrong, the game is not hard once you get the hang of things, it just takes alot of concentration and planning to get far.

You have 5 airports to choose from and it may not seem like alot, but it's just enough since each airport mixes it up alot with where the runways and pad is placed on the screen. Very challenging and very fun. You could easily start playing and lose a few hours into it. It's a great and very challenging game that keeps you hooked. You go back and you keep trying to beat your old high-scores. The only thing that could have been better implemented was seeing your friend's high scores and going to beat them. It goes through game center which is fine, but it takes you completely out of your game and it really could have been put into the game like many other games do. It's fine, just a small nuisance. Overall, beating friend's could have been better implemented, but it doesn't effect the fun factor of the game at all. The game is great and will suck the time away from you before you know it.

Sound 10/10 - Sound is simplistic in form, but it gets the job done. It has this classy old feel to the music and it just feels so right for this game. There isn't much else to sound besides that. Like I stated, it's simple and it won't get on your nerves. Just soft and light felt. It's one of the games that I don't have to mute and really overall with sound, it works and it's catchy and bottom line, that is what works.

Controls 10/10 - Couldn't of asked for more in this section. The controls are just how you would think. Drawing the travel paths for the planes is simple and straightforward. You really don't need even a tutorial to understand how it works. Simple draw and go controls. The touchscreen feels right at home for this game and it's quite effortless. Really, if you end up losing in the game, the controls are the last thing you can blame it on. It's your fault if you lose and the last thing on your mind are worrying about controls which is great. Overall, the game controls like a dream and for me, that brings in all the fun and less worry.

Graphics 10/10 - Graphics are crisp and once again simplistic in it's form for this game which works really well. For an i-game, you don't necessarily need tons of bells and whistles in the graphics department. Does it help sometimes? Of-course it does, but this game doesn't need to boast the most advanced graphics to get somewhere. The gameplay is what holds this game together and it shows. This graphics are quite nice on the eyes and they get the job done quite well. They have a nice style to them and in the end, it has it's only flavor of graphics. Overall, if anyone is complaining about graphics, it's the people that take graphics over quality and to me, that is a step in the wrong direction if that is how you feel about it.

Overall summary & Re-playability 9/10 - Overall, this game is nice and for the price, what do you really have to lose? The game is fun and you could lose some hours in this game and you will find yourself going back to this game even over a long period of time. Replay is pretty far up there because you can beat your hi-scores and that adds alot to the game. They could perhaps update the game with more runways in the future or something similar to that effect or even release a Flight control 2 perhaps. Either-way I will be looking forward to the continuation of this game if it indeed happens. This game is very well done and you can tell as the gameplay shines. If you have an itch for a different kind of game, give this one a try because it's fun and will be one you'll definitely want to keep on your i-device for a long time to come.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Flight Control (US, 02/26/09)

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