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***ON SALE: $0.99 for a short time! If you'be been waiting to grab the full version, now is your chance!***Fish Tycoon is the award-winning virtual fish breeding game from the creators of the acclaimed Virtual Villagers series.Starting with $300 and a handful of eggs gathered from the fabled island of Isola, your goal is to unlock the genetic puzzle and discover the 7 Magic Fish of Isola. You will breed and care for more than 400 species of fish, financing your operation by selling your creations to eager customers. A wide variety of aquarium supplies are available to equip and customize your tanks, care for your fish, and magically enhance your aquariums. The game continues to progress in true real time, even when your iPhone or iPod Touch is turned off, so don’t forget to check in regularly to feed your fish, cure their illnesses, and create the next generation of baby fish!More about Fish Tycoon:* It’s a virtual pet: care for your fish in your own virtual aquarium.* It’s a simulation game: maintain virtual fish in a persistent world.* It’s a genetic puzzle: discover which breeding combinations will lead to the discovery of the 7 Magic Fish.* It’s a tycoon game: test your business and aquarium skills at the same time!* Over 400 species of fish to breed.* Built-in screensaver: display your fish in your own virtual aquarium.* Customize your tanks: purchase aquarium ornaments and place them where you like them!* Real-time game play: new surprises every time you turn on the game! Winner of these awards: - "Best Simulation Game" - PDArcade- "Best Application for Play" - Handango- "Silver Award" GameTunnel- "Parents Choice Recommended Award"- "iParenting Media Award"Recommended for people who enjoy casual sims, aquarium simulations, fish games, virtual pets, and strategy games.Visit our Official Fish Tycoon site at www.FishTycoon.com for instructions, strategy guides, and much more! VERSION AND DEVELOPER NOTES:March 11: v1.02 Still not fixing the savegame resets that a few players are seeing, so we are preparing a broader fix to this problem. We'll try to rush this update out VERY quickly! Feb 24: Submitted update to Apple. Bug fixes including stability and savegame fixes.NOV 29: HOORAY! The save game bug update has been approved and the game is now fixed! :) Thanks again for everyone's patience. We will continue to monitor for other bugs and problems, of course (while we work on bringing over more games from our collection!). Hope you enjoy the game! -The Last Day of Work TeamFor the latest info, and to find out what else we're cookin' up, follow us on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/LastDayofWork

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