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FAQ/Walkthrough by Proudnerd

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 05/31/2013

Warfare Inc
Unit guide and walkthrough version 0.9
Author: Allan Curtis

Warfare tells the story of two feuding mining corporations as they fight over a
super resource rich planet called Icarus. The fight is for more than just money
however, as there are strange artefacts on the planet as well.
This is a very good iPhone game. The controls are very slick for the platform,
the game has a traditional "rock-paper-scissors" system like most RTS games and
it's nicely complex and interesting. It's also only $1.19 in Australia so it's
absolutely worth having.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Warfare Inc.,
including how to beat every single player mission, the strengths and weaknesses
of every unit and give you a good grounding in strategy.

Version history
0.0: April 19th 2010: started FAQ.
0.7: 2 June 2010: Unit guide, tactics and most of campaign done. Just need the
last few missions.
0.7.1 19 September 2010: Fixed typos and changed wording in many places to make
the FAQ read better.za
0.9 31 May 2013: Wow that was a long time wasn't it? Had so many guides on the
boil! Fixed loads of typos as well as a fair bit of incorrect terminology
(calling the VTS VITS argh!). Added two missing units and refined some level
strategies. Still need to finish Leak Prevention but expect another update very

General Advice

Unlike most RTS games infantry CANNOT be crushed in Warfare Inc. This makes them
more useful, as they can block unit movements and lets you form walls of
infantry that must be killed with weapons.
This game lacks rally points. Make sure you move units away from their training
building often to avoid bunching them up.
Miners are cheap, so don't be so worried about protecting them.

Base defences are strong at attacking, but have low health. Without support
basedefences have a hard time staying alive long enough to do any real damage,
so support your base defences with mobile units stationed at the entrances to
your bases, as even a modest attack will shoot its way past turrets. Support
units will help draw fire so the turrets aren't focused on, allowing the turret
to do more damage.

The AI in Warfare Inc doesn't seem to cheat with funds. If you keep destroying
it's miners it will eventually run out of money. Do this whenever you can. The
Ai is often not very careful about defending its miners and sometimes they can
travel far away from the enemy base in search of resouces. A few Troopers can
easily destroy a miner before the AI can do anything.

Use the terrain. Arrange your base defences to take advantage of naturel
barriers in the level. If for example your bas is in a valley with cliffs put
your turrets alongside the cliffs and place your troops between them using the
cliffs as "walls"

You can see enemy indicators on their buildings. A blue dollar sign means the
faction lacks the money to perform an action, such as repairing or training
troops, a lightning bolt means the structure is unpowered and a spanner icon
means the structure is being repaired. You can also see a yellow progress bar
for building structures or units on enemy buildings. Watching these symbols can
be very useful to know if the enemy is creating reinforcements and when you have
powered down an enemy base. Just watch for flashing bolts on their turrets and
you know it's safe to just roll in past them or pick them off while they are


Infantry are pretty good in Warfare Inc, as they are very cheap and can't be
crushed as stated before. A large group of infantry can take down any unit or
building very quickly and they move quite fast for footsoliders. Infantry's main
weakness is they are quite fragile and it doesn't take much to kill them.
Infantry should always be used in groups of at least 5 men, as they die quickly
if they don't kill enemies before they take much damage.

Security Guard
Appearance: Basic uniformed solider
Cost: 150
Strong against: Infantry, in large numbers they destroy just about anything.
Weak against: Mass Eagles or Liberators.

Security Guards are the basic grunts common in most RTS games. They are just
basic guys with rifles and very cheap to create. They are effective against
other infantry and can quickly kill buildings in a large group. Since infantry
cannot be crushed in this game you can use large groups of Security guards to
create "walls" to block choke points. This is only effective early in a battle
however when there are fewer vehicles, as some vehicles like the Liberator can
kill them very quickly. They are best kept far away from turrets, especially
Gatling Turrets. Their best use is countering Rocket Soldiers as they take
little damage from their rockets and can kill them very quickly. It's worth
sending a small squad of 6 or so guards with any vehicles force to take out
Rocket Solders and draw their fire. It's a good idea to keep a few of them
around your base to dispose of any sneaky Corporate Raiders as well since they
can kill them very effectively.

Rocket Troopers
Appearance: Slightly larger, darker coloured solider with helmet and backpack
Cost: 300
Strong against: Vehicles, turrets
Weak against: Infantry

Rocket Troopers are rocket launcher armed infantry. They do good damage to
vehicles and buildings and are very useful against Missile Turrets as they
resist the turret's anti-vehicle missiles. Troopers will get completely wiped
out by opposing Security Guards since the Trooper's rockets barely hurt
infantry. Troopers should always be used alongside an equal group of Security
Guards, as the Guards can kill opposing infantry, while the rocket troops wipe
out tanks. They are quite expensive so use them carefully and never send them
out alone.

Corporate Raiders
Cost: 500
Strong against: Buildings
Weak against: Everything else

Raiders are unarmed, slow infantry with low health who can capture buildings if
they make it inside. Simply select the building as a target and the Raider will
enter it and it will instantly become yours. Captured buildings can be used for
any purpose that buildings can normally be used for, i.e. creating units with a

This is a very powerful ability, but Warfare Inc has no APC type units that can
carry infantry, so it can be very hard to get them into an enemy base in one
piece. Raiders are best used during an attack. Just move then along with a large
amount of infantry to make them a less obvious target and try to send them in
from a diffraction direction to your main attack  so the enemy may not notice
them. This doesn't always work however as Raiders wear distinct clothing and are
easily recognized alongside other troops.

Cost: He's provided to you when you need him in campaigns
Strong against: Infantry, anything that can't kill infantry fast.
Weak against: Infantry killers, especially gattling turrets.

Andy is the commander you play as during the campaign. In a few missions Andy is
deployed to the battlefield as a commando type unit. He is armed with a plasma
rifle that kills any infantry in one hit and vehicles in several. He moves very
quickly for infantry and his health regenerates even while under fire, although
not fast enough to save him if he is constantly being shot. Andy is a one man
killing machine as long as you use him right. The best way to use Andy is to
shoot a few enemies from long range and then send him running away from the
enemies, using his superior speed and then, when they are far enough away shoot
a bit more and so on. If Andy gets to 50% health or so run him far away from the
enemies and give him about half a minute to regenerate his health As long as
Andy isn't rushed with a lot of fast units, like Eagles you should be able to
kill many enemies with little danger. Andy is always very important in the
missions you get him and using him correctly is critical to success.


Vehicles in Warfare Inc are quite different from more traditional RTS games, as
even the heaviest armoured ones die quickly to sustained attack and the game
lacks true "tanks" that you just wade in and crush the enemy with. Each vehicle
in WI has a counter and you must always build a varied force.
Most of the time you should group vehicles with a few infantry as well. Send the
infantry in with the vehicles and they will take the hits so your vehicles don't
have to and having a few footsoliders around helps immensely if you should run
into Rocket Soldiers as Security Guards can kill them more effectively than any
vehicle. Corporate Raiders can be a good investment as well as if your vehicles
break into an enemy base it's a good bet the enemy will be distracted and the
raiders have a good chance to make it into a  building

G-4 Bullpup
Cost: 600
Armour: Heavy
Strong against: Nothing, no weapons.
Weak against: Everything

Bullpups are vehicles that collect Galaxite from Galaxite fields that is then
converted into cash. Thus they are extremely important, as without funds you
cannot create an army. Protect them very well. Bullpups are quite weak and will
be easily destroyed, even by a few rifle infantry, despite their apparent heavy
armour. Luckily they are quite cheap so they are easy to replace. Station guards
near Galaxite fields and watch you minimap for attackers, as there is no better
way to lose a mission than to lose your miners.

Sr-98 Eagle
Armour: Light
Cost: 350
Strong against: Infantry
Weak against: Everything else

Eagles are the fastest units in the game and excel at scouting because of their
speed. Their guns are effective against infantry, killing them quickly, but they
are easily killed by a few rocket soldiers and are almost helpless against other
vehicles. It's worth having a few in an attack force to clean up the many enemy
infantry you'll usually find and they are very useful early on to find the enemy
base and target his Bullpups, but don't build many of them.

H-7 Dominion
Cost: 1200
Armour: Heavy
Strong against: Nothing, no weapons
Weak against: Everything

The Dominion is the vehicle that deploys into your HQ and thus enables you to
build bases. It is heavily armoured, but slow, expensive and has no weapons, so
don't even think about moving it without an escort.

T-29 Broadsword
Cost: 400
 Armour: Medium
Strong against: Buildings
Weak vs.: Rocket Soldiers

Broadswords are medium vehicles with mortars. They are very effective when
attacking structures, so use them to wipe out enemy buildings while you other
forces keep the enemies busy.

They are also somewhat effective against non-rocket infantry as they can hit
multiple soldiers at once.

They are quite weak vs. other vehicles and get absolutely destroyed by Rocket
Troopers. Their armour isn't strong enough to take much punishment and they just
don't do that much damage to armoured units. They are best used as an indirect
fire force: sit them behind other units and have them shell enemies who can't
fire back.

T-33 Liberator
Cost: 600
Armour: Heavy
Strong against: infantry, pretty good against any target really
Weak against: Rather weak vs. vehicles

The T-33 is a heavy anti infantry tank. It fires area effect grenades at a very
fast rate that can injure several infantry at once and kills then in 2-3 hits.
The grenades are drastically less effective against armour but they will still
destroy vehicles if you have a group of Liberators and it does reasonably well
against buildings too. Liberators are good filler units, as they are good
against everything and well armoured, making them a good core for your army.
M-18 Hydra
Armour: medium
Cost: 350
Strong against: Vehicles
Weak against: Infantry, especially Rocket Troopers

Hydras are your anti-armour vehicles They do a lot of damage to armour and
pretty good damage to buildings as well, but they can barely hurt infantry and
have less amour than either Broadswords or liberators. They work great for
destroying opposing liberators and shred vehicles if they can stay alive but at
the same time they are rather fragile You shouldn't use too many Hydras, about
one quarter of an attack force should be them or a bit less, as other units are
often more versatile than Hydras.

A-3 Cyclops
Armour: Next to none
Cost: 500
Strong against: Base defences, anything at a distance
Weak against: anything that gets close enough to fire back

The Cyclops is a very long range artillery unit. It does massive damage to
buildings and a lot of damage to other types of units and has the longest range
of any unit or base defences in the game allowing it to shell turrets and other
units with impunity. Cyclopes are capable of some uber destruction able to
destroy any unit in 1-3 shots and turrets in a matter of seconds. When you're
trying to break into an enemy base nothing works as well as a few Cyclopes to
blast their turrets to smithereens so you can attack without being shredded.
They also work great for picking off vulnerable buildings and a few of them take
out any armoured enemy units very quickly.

They are however incredibly fragile. A few Security Guards will destroy one very
quickly and any enemy unit that gets close will tea them up in a second or two.
They are also extremely slow, slower than any other unit so if a battle goes
badly don't expect to be able to withdraw them easily. Always use Cyclopes with
a large group of other units and only use 3 or 4 of them at the most; a few of
them goes a long way and more just makes them unwieldy to move.


Cost: The Dominion, the vehicle that deploys into the H.Q. costs 1200
Armour: Heavy
Power use: None, as it creates its own power
Needed buildings: none

The Con Yard. The Town Centre. Like most RTS games this is you central building
you need to construct other buildings. Lose this and you base is very vulnerable
and replacing it isn't cheap. Protect it well. Luckily it's the toughest
building in the game and can take a lot of punishment. Just watch out for
artillery as they will raze it in a matter of seconds.

Power Generator
Cost: 750
Armour: Light
Power use: Gives you 40 power
Needed building: H.Q.
Power Generators are you source of vital power. Without power, base defences
shut down and training units is much slower. They can't take much punishment, so
protect them very well. It's best to build them behind you other structure
against the corner or side of the map if possible so your less vital buildings
get hit first. Never build Power Generators at the front of your base. Also
avoid building them at poorly defended expansion bases, as you don't want to
risk that base being wiped out and powering down your main base. It's best to
keep them all at your main base behind a nice wall of defensive turrets.

Galaxite Processor
Cost: 1500
Armour: Heavy
Power use: 10
Your Galaxite processor is where Bullpups return with harvested Galaxite to
create cash. Thus your entire economy hinges on this building and it is
absolutely vital you protect it. It has heavy armour but it will still fall
quickly to a serious assault. Each Galaxite Processor comes with a Bullpup
miner, but each processor can support as many miners as you like, although only
one can unload at a time. It is rarely a good idea to have more than one Bullpup
assigned to a processor however as the AI is often stupid and one Bullpup will
often just sit around and never unload if another Bullpup is using the
processor. The building can hold 3000 Galaxite which you will fill quickly, so
you should build Galaxite Storage Warehouses right after building your first

Galaxite Storage Warehouse
Cost: 750
Armour: Light
Power use: 7
You Galaxite storage warehouses are where harvested Galaxite is stored as raw
ore waiting to be used. As you buy things and use you Galaxite, the warehouses
empty and as you harvest they fill with the new Galaxite. Each warehouse can
hold 5000 credits worth of Galaxite. If you have no storage for Galaxite when it
is dropped off at the processor it is lost and you have harvested it for
nothing. Make sure to build warehouses, 2 for each processor you have is a good
number. Selecting the warehouse will display a purple bar indicating how full it
is. Note that the Galaxite in the Storage is just that; the raw stuff that
hasn't been turned into money yet. This means that if you lose a Warehouse by
having it destroyed you instantly lose the value of that Galaxite. Like power
plants you should build your warehouses behind your other building and all at
your main base to ensure you don't lose any funds. If a Corporate Raider takes
over a warehouse that faction also gains access to all Galaxite inside as well.

Human Resource Centre (HRC)
Cost: 1000
Armour: Medium
Power use: 10
Needed building: Power Generator

This building trains your ever useful infantry so it will get a lot of use.  It
trains Security Guards at first and then after the upgrade it also can train
Rocket Troopers and Cooperate Raiders. It has decent armour, so feel free to put
it on the front lines to pump out troops directly into the battle. It's often
worth building two of these, as it takes time to train soldiers and with two you
can recruit a nice group quickly.

Vehicle Transport Station (VTS)
Cost: 1250
Armour: Heavy
Power use: 10
Needed building: HRC
This structure creates your armoured units. It can take a pounding, so deploy it
at the front of your base. It constructs Eagles, Broadsword and Bullpups at
first. After the upgrade it also constructs Liberators, Hydras, Dominions and
Cyclopes. As with the HRC it is worth building a second VTS if you have money to
Surveillance Centre
Cost: 750
Armour: Light
Power use: 15

The Surveillance centre's sole use is to allow you to build turrets. You do not
need a Surveillance centre to use the minimap or any other reason, so build it
only when you need defences. If the centre is destroyed turrets you already
built will continue to function but you must reconstruct it to build more.

Research & Development Centre
Cost: 750
Armour: Medium
Power use: 15

The R&D centre allows you to research building upgrades:
VITS: Allows construct of Liberators. Cost = 1150
HRC: Rocket soldiers and Corporate raiders Cost: 750
This building must exist to have access to the upgrades, so don't sell it or let
it be destroyed. It's best to put it towards the rear of you base where it will
be safe.


Note that you can manually select base defence targets by selecting the tower
and then a target. The tower will change targets to attack the one you select.
This is very useful for ensuring towers are attacking opponents they are strong

Gatling Tower
Cost: 750
Armour: light
Power use: 10
Strong against: Infantry
Weak against Vehicles

The Gatling tower is an anti infantry base defence. It will chew though any
infantry quickly, but its health is quite low, so it will be easily destroyed by
a mass of infantry and its quite weak against vehicles, although it will do some
damage. A few Gatling Towers should be standard at every base, as the AI love to
use a lot of infantry and also Corporate Raiders, so a gattling or two will
really help you out. It is a very good idea to build your Rocket and Gattling
towers next to each other so they can support each other's weaknesses.

Rocket Tower
Cost: 850
Armour: light
Power use: 10
Strong against: Vehicles
Weak against Infantry, especially Rocket Troopers

The Rocket tower is the opposite of the Gatling tower as it shreds vehicles and
is weak against footsoldiers. As with the Gatling tower it is not that well
armoured and must be supported with other units. The missile tower is a real
glass cannon; if it isn't being shot it will destroy enemy tanks in short order.
Build it next to gattling towers so it can focus on the infantry .


Mission 1: Core Competencies

This mission is very easy and simply serves as a tutorial. Deploy your dominion
and then construct a power generator. Place your Galaxite Processor to the north
of your H.Q. so you gather resources faster. Construct a Galaxite Warehouse, as
you'll need one to store you quota of resources. When you get the alert about
incoming hostiles build a Human Resources Centre (HTC) and queue up ten Security
Guards (even though the game tells you to build 5.  Build another ten Guards to
ensure you have enough. You might want to build another HTC to train your grunts
faster. Watch out for a small enemy attack from the south east. Their Eagle is
effective against your infantry, so kill it fast and massacre their other

Once this is done, start advancing your army though the area the enemy attack
came from and just past the Galaxite field in the southeast you'll see a small
force of enemy. Destroy them to win the mission.

Mission 2: Touching Base

This mission is very easy if you know what to do. From the start don't deploy
your Dominion. Instead send your units including the Dominion to the bottom
centre of the map and though the small choke point to the east. You'll see an
Eagle and an enemy solder, so kill them and then head north east from their
location and you'll find a small area with three power generators. Blow all of
them up with your Eagles. This powers down all the enemy turrets! Send you units
north from the power plants, following the road. Kill the infantry you'll run
into and head northeast onto the road, past the deactivated turrets to finish
the mission without even deploying!

Mission 3: Action Learning

The game starts to ramp the difficulty up now, as you're up against more
advanced units that you can't build yourself and the enemy is aggressive Build a
power generator, HRC, VTS and train 10 security guards and a few Broadswords to
hold the line. Keep them to the east and south of your base as enemy attacks
will come from there. Make another generator and then build a R&D Centre and
research the HRC upgrade so you can train rocket soldiers. Hold off enemy
attacks and once the upgrade is done crank out 5 or so Troopers and 10
Broadswords as well as about 15 Security Guards. These will be you base guards.
The enemy is very aggressive in this mission and will eventually assault you
with Broadswords, Liberators and infantry. Watch out for enemies attacking your
miner as well; enemies coming from the south will often target it.

Once you have a large force of 10-15 Broadswords a few Eagles and a mass of 20
or so infantry both rocket and Guard, attack the enemy base in the south east
comer. Make sure to leave some troops to the east of your base in cease the
enemy try to attack you.  Attack the base from the east and focus all fire on
killing the turrets. Once the turrets are down, kill off any Liberators you see,
as they will slaughter you units. Also take out the large amount of enemy
infantry that will have arrived using your Guards and Eagles. As soon as they
are dead, target the Galaxite Processor to stop the enemy's flow of resources
and then their HRC as they will spam Troopers constantly. The enemy base is
pretty tough and you will probably need a second force to wipe it out but as
long as you manage to take out their VTS or HRC they should be little threat as
they won't create more Liberators/Troopers. Just train up another force and
finish annihilating them. Note that the enemy won't rebuild buildings they lose,
even if they still have a HQ, so don't worry about trying to destroy it first.

Mission 4 Point of Contact

This mission is actually quite a bit easier than the last one. Proceed north
until you see the turrets. Use your troops to blast the turret, using infantry
on the left rocket one and vehicles on the right Gatling one. After they are
destroyed roll on though the gap to Jana's base. Deploy you dominion in the
southern part of the base and build a HRC, 2 Galaxite processors and a VTS.
Send your escort up north with the other infantry to hold the north of the base
and crank out some more infantry and send them out near the southern Galaxite
field to protect your miner or just warn you enemies are after it as you'll hear
the units shooting.

Send some troops just north of the hill with your Power Generators on it, as
these generators are in range of enemy Eagles and they will attack them often,
so use these troops to kill them quickly when this happens. Make sure to keep
some troops near the east exit of your base, as enemies will attack often though
there. They hardly ever come though the south gate, so don't worry about
stationing troops there.

Build a force of 10 Broadswords and 10-15 Guards and send them to the north of
your base and to the northwest. You'll see a chokepoint with a Rocket Tower, so
send in the infantry to destroy it. There are a lot of Troopers in here, so try
to keep you infantry in front at all times so your vehicles aren't focused on
and destroyed, the infantry will be able to cut down the rocket troops quickly.
If you're wiped out, make another force as soon as possible, with even more
infantry and destroy the rest of their rocket soldiers and then the small base
up there.

Right after you finish with that base, replace any Broadswords and infantry as
fast as possible and then send the reinforced group east from the destroyed
base. You'll find another small enemy base just to the north of yours, where
they will be producing vehicles. Crush them and destroy the buildings and you'll
drastically slow down the flow of attacks on your base.
Send you force back to the east gate of your base after this.
Replace any losses and head to the southeast comer of the map where you'll find
yet another enemy base. If you're destroyed all buildings at the previous two
bases the turrets at the front will be powered down, so destroy them.

After this there is one final base southwest of your base. It is only a resource
base with few guards, so simply roll over there and crush them to complete this
surprisingly easy mission!

Mission 5: Personal Goals

This one is fun; it's just you as Andy on a solo mission to save Jana! Andy will
do most of this mission alone. He is armed with a plasma rifle that kills any
infantry in one hit and vehicles in a few. He is well armoured for infantry and
his health will also regenerate, although not really fast enough to save him if
he's under fire. He is also the fastest infantry in the game. The way to do this
mission is to shoot a few enemies and then run away to allow your health to
regenerate, which it does even while moving and then start shooting again. Focus
on infantry first as you'll kill them with one hit. Andy is fast enough to pull
back faster than most enemies can follow him and as long as you play keep away
with the enemya s much as possible while slaughtering them this mission is

Begin by running south and shooting the infantry there. Andy has a long range
and if you tell him to shoot one and then just wait he will shoot each of them
as they come into range and he won't even be touched. Continue south and you'll
see a round plateau. Take the southwest path here and you'll see an enemy patrol
move to where you previously were. Continue running around the south side of the
plateau onto the Galaxite field. The patrol will slowly circle the plateau along
the same path, but as long as you don't let them get close they won't attack.

Keep on heading east, past the turrets to the north and you'll encounter two
Broadsword units. Stand there and shoot one and you should be able to destroy it
just after you hit yellow health from the other Broadsword's attacks. Run away
to the east and let your health regenerate and then turn around and blast the
remaining Broadsword. Now head north up the path that's to the east of the
Galaxite field and kill the infantry there. Ignore the base and continue north
to reach the crashed shuttle.

Now you must hold off the enemy for ten minutes while data is decrypted. Make
sure not to let enemy units near the shuttle or Jana will be captured and the
mission will fail. Obviously getting Andy killed also fails the mission. Command
will send you a small advance force of a Liberator, two Rocket troops and a
Security Guard. Put Andy in front of the infantry along with the Liberator and
wipe out the first enemy attack, getting Andy to target the Infantry.
Next two Eagles and some infantry show up if you just have Andy and infantry
left have Andy shoot one Eagle and then run away to the north east and when the
rest of your troops die a few more friendly units will arrive. Use them to
destroy the Eagles. If your Liberator is still around it's easier.
After this a big wave of infantry will attack in two groups, the first with two
Broadswords, the next with a single Eagle in the rear, the first is easily
polished off by moving Andy to the front alone and then using you rocket troops
to kill the tanks and the next can be softened up by running Andy down into the
wider open part or the map, near the enemy base and shooting a few soldiers then
running back just before they get in range and shooting a few more. Use you
units to kill the rest when they reach them.

The next will be a larger force of 6 or so infantry and some vehicles. This will
most likely kill most of your troops, but shoot the infantry with Andy and run
him back towards the space shuttle and more reinforcements should arrive, so use
them to help destroy the attack.

Next are Broadswords and a Liberator, then another two Broadswords, which are
easily crushed. If you're curious I had Andy and a Liberator left by now, the
last rocket soldier died from the Broadswords. Next is a group of rocket
soldiers and an Eagle. This will probably wipe out what you have left again, but
reinforcements should arrive. Use Andy to kill all the rocket guys.
The last attack is a group of infantry and a few other vehicles, so send Andy
ahead again to kill the soldiers and then clean house with what you have left.

Mission 6: Embrace and Extend

Start by moving your Dominion against the top edge and deploying it to make sure
you have enough room for your base. Build up your base and upgrade you HRC and
VTS. Upgrading the VTS gives you access to Liberators, anti-infantry vehicles.
Build a Surveillance Centre and put a gatling and missile tower at each of the
choke points formed by the cliffs you base is on to the west and south. Soon
afterwards you'll get the message about some mysterious triangles and the
Replicator mentioned in the story. Just to the south of you base is two
triangles, so put a Guard on one but leave the other empty for now.
Build up a force of Guards and maybe a few Eagles and have them scout around
your base to the west and south, killing off the infantry you'll find and then
send some infantry south of the replicator, which is in the middle of the map to
find the next triangle. Put another Guard on it.

In the centre south of the map is a huge field of Galaxite. You should expand
here by building a Dominion from you upgraded VTS and sending it here along with
a small escort, as there is probably infantry milling about. Build a Galaxite
processor and start mining as fast as possible. Note that this is right next to
the enemy base, so build defences and keep it stocked with units.
Note that the enemy will often mine the south Galaxite field, so hunt down and
destroy their miners whenever possible. This will eventuality bankrupt them if
you are on the ball about intercepting their Bullpups

The enemy base is surrounded by turrets which are going to make an assault
costly, but the enemy seems to be scripted that they won't act until you attack
their base. They often send out small groups of easily destroyed units but they
won't ever launch a major attack, so feel free to build up a huge force. If you
attack and get repulsed they will start sending out attackers, but almost all of
these will be infantry, probably to give you a chance to test out your new
Liberators, so build a lot of Liberators and Guards with a few Troopers and
Broadswords thrown in and you'll easily slaughter whatever it sends at you.

Meanwhile, build up a huge force of Broadswords, Liberators and Troopers. You
should have truckloads of money from all your mining, so spare no expense and
make 20 Broadswords/Liberators or 30 or however many you can afford. You need
Broadswords to kill the many enemy turrets and Liberators to kill the masses of
rocket soldiers you'll find in the OMNI base, so make plenty of each. When you
have a huge force and still have about $4000 left send all your vehicles near
the replicator and order a Guard onto the last triangle.

Directly after you do this you'll get a message from HQ about a massive OMNI
assault. And they aren't kidding; units will start FLOODING out of the enemy
base and attack your miners and bases, probably wiping out the one closest to
their base. Now is the time to send your forces though the replicator!

Select all your Broadswords and send them though and you'll end up with a huge
horde. Send them immediately to your forward base which is probably being
decimated by enemies and wipe out everything. Right after you do this, send you
Liberators though and then send them south as well. Make sure you have guards at
your original base in the north as the enemy will throw repeated mass infantry
assaults against its west side, including Corporate Raiders, so build a few more
Gatling turrets and train more Security Guards.

Once you are ready to attack scout just to the south of the east entrance  to
the OMNI base and you'll find the enemy's Power Generators, as well as a nigh
unguarded way into their base. Send a few Broadswords down and wipe out the
defenseless generators. This will shut down their defences and will let you
enter their base much easier. Use your units to blast you way past their turrets
and you'll come face to face with hordes of Rocket Troopers. Micromanage your
Liberators to make sure they are shooting the rocket soldiers, who they will
kill in 2-3 hits and have the Broadswords target the armoured enemies. This is a
fierce battle and the enemy has a lot of troops, but as long as you replicated a
large number of units you should have enough to sweep into their base.

While the enemy army looks infinite it isn't. After a few big assaults they will
stop coming. If you did a good job taking out their miners the enemy will have
run out of money. The best way to tell if they have or not is to look at their
unit production factories. If there is a blue flashing dollar sign ($) they have
run out of money and you needn't fear any more attacks. After you see this,
simply eradicate their helpless base.

Note that it's quite possible to finish the mission without using the
replicators. Just build up a huge force of Liberators and Troopers and blast the
Power Plants in the pass as described above. Now just walk into their base use
your Liberators to destroy all their infantry and start destroying their
buildings as quickly as possible using your Troopers as much as possible and
they should quickly crumble as long as you keep the pressure on. This avoids the
massive scripted attacks.

Mission 7 Due Diligence

This mission is an annoying one and introduces a new enemy: the Free Radicals.
They are much like OMNI, with the same units, except yellow. They tend to use a
lot of infantry and attack in small groups. Your goal is to harvest 20,000
Galaxite. You start with a partly constructed base. Start by constructing a HRC
and training six Guards and sending then down to the choke point bridge to the
south of your base. Send you starting units here too. Meanwhile build a VTS,
another miner and a R&D station and research both upgrades. This allows you to
create Corporate Raiders at the HRC and Dominions at the VTS which you will
need. Around this time the first few Free Radical infantry will arrive and make
a beeline for your miner, but you units will stop them. You'll get a message
from Command introducing you to the Free Radicals, and they want you off
"their" land.

Make a few Broadswords, some more infantry and a Dominion and escort it down to
the small clearing in the centre of the Galaxite fields across the river. Set up
shop there, with a processor and a HRC and keep pumping out more infantry to
defend against the constant small scale attack the radicals will throw against

The Radicals like to attack you with small forces from several different
directions and super frustratingly always go after your miners, so keep you
forces close to the miners, but not on the Galaxite, this ensures the miner can
harvest freely without being slowed down.
After you base is set up, make a decent force of Hydras, 4 Cyclopes, 5
Broadswords and 10-15 infantry and send them to the plateau to the south west of
you expansion base, almost at the bottom centre of the map. Near the resource
field there you'll see a bunch of towers on up on the ledge above you. Use your
Cyclopes to take them out, using your other forces to defend them as enemies
will almost certainly come to take out your artillery. Once you've destroyed
everything your artillery can reach, approach the plateau from the east side.
Send you forces in, kill any guards and destroy the HRC ASAP. Destroy the
Surveillance Centre and turrets, but leave the processor and warehouse intact.
Train a few Corporate Raiders and send them to capture these buildings for an
extra processor and more storage for cheap! After you destroy this base things
will quieten down a little, as you'll have removed part of the Radical's unit
training facilities. Next build a few more of the new artillery units and shell
the Gatling towers along the cliffs that are southwest of your new base. Note
that you can't reach the missile turret for some reason, but you can hit their
HRC, so do so and then advance south and then west, wiping out any infantry in
your way. Use artillery to crush the turrets/infantry and then destroy the VTS,
but leave the rest. Build Corporate Raiders and send them to capture the other
structures here, then sell them to earn more cash. Create miners to replace your
lost ones and just mine until you reach you quota. After this you'll be told to
finish off the Radicals, so track down whatever's left and grind it into dust.
Mission done!

Mission 8 Hostile Takeover

This is an annoying mission as you cannot create new units and are stuck with
just Andy and a group of Corporate Raiders and must make use of what you have.
During this mission watch out for Radical Corporate Raiders trying to retake
buildings that you capture. They are easily distinguished as their clothes are
bright yellow. They die quickly from pretty much any attack.

To start with send Andy along the north wall and pick off the infantry and
Broadswords you see there. Leave the Raiders where they are and continue to pick
off any enemies that come after Andy  and the raiders south along the base wall.
Leave the raiders outside the walls and send Andy in to kill off enemies. As
before, shoot as many as possible then run away when Andy is low on health. Once
you clear the area, capture the Power Generator, VTS and warehouse with Raiders.
This will make you a little money, so make two Broadswords from you new VTS.
Next advance south outside the walls with Andy and the broadswords and use the
Broadswords to kill off the Liberator as it will slaughter Andy. Send a raider
into the processor to make more money, them create a Bullpup at the VTS.

Now you can make money and thus an army! Next destroy the Power Generator to the
south with Broadswords and use Andy to kill off any infantry counter attack. Now
make small group of Broadsword maybe 6 p or 7 of them Next leave the base,
heading along the north wall and you'll see a power generator. Blow it up and
then the HRC just to the east. Next destroy the VTS to finally stop the flow of
vehicles and then the other Power Generator near you. Use Andy to take out the
many Troopers in the area and try to keep your broadswords out of their fire.
This will power down the turrets, so bring a Corporate Raider up and along the
north side of the base and capture the HQ, clearing out any resistance around it
first. Whew that was easier than I thought it would be!

Mission 9 Limited Partnership

Well this is different! OMNI has accepted your ceasefire offer and you are now
allied against the Free Radicals. This mission will take place alongside OMNI
forces as you work to eliminate the Radical threat. The OMNI in this mission
have a large base and will do a good job of defending themselves. They will also
send guards to your base. You should not go out of you way to help them for
reasons that will become clear later in the mission.

Start by building the usual Power Generator, Processor, HRC, VTS and another
generator and then start training a few Guards and Broadswords to defend against
the Radicals that will attack you. Train another Bullpup for more funds and then
build a R&D station. Research the VTS upgrade so you can make wonderful

Crank out a lot of Guards and send them to the Galaxite fields to the south of
your base. The Radicals will incessantly send rocket infantry to target your
miners and 6 or so infantry stationed in the field should stop them.
Start building an army of Hydras, Broadswords and Cyclopes, with some infantry
thrown in until you have about 10 Hydras, 3 Liberators, 5 Broadswords, and 3
Cyclopes. Send this army down to the Radical base directly south of yours and
use the Cyclopes to pick off the towers. Charge in and wipe out their VTS and
Generators as quickly as possible and then their HRC on the hill. You can also
head east along the bottom of the map and you'll find their H.Q.. Destroying
this base will stop the Radical attacks on your miners and will make things much
less annoying.

NOTE do NOT finish destroying the Radical's base. Leave something non-
threatening like an unpowered turret intact. Send you entire army back to base,
except for a unit or two to destroy the tower later.
Note that you should capture the Radical warehouses with Raiders rather than
destroy them, as they will each contain thousands of Galaxite. With the captured
Galaxite you should have loads of money, so train up a huge army of Hydras,
Liberators and Cyclopes. When you have an army as big as you can afford, finish
off whatever the Radicals have left.
After this you'll get a message from HQ congratulating you and OMNI engineers
will appear and capture you HQ. Yes the OMNI have turned on you again! What a
surprise huh?

After an abusive message from Gordon Fox, the ACME traitor that was mentioned
back at the beginning of the story as MIA, you'll be attacked by OMNI, one of
the stupider things they have done.
First take back the captured buildings at you base with Raiders and then simply
advance on the OMNI base with you gigantic army of death and bring ruin to every
single one of the traitors until there's nothing left but bloody sand and ruins.
Your army should be so huge from all the stolen Galaxite from Radical warehouses
that you can just roll in there and crush them without any trouble, especially
since they have been weakened by fighting the Free Radicals.

Mission 10: Leak Prevention

Coming next update, honest!


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