Review by Albertosaurus

Reviewed: 12/11/09

Megaman on ipod? Oh yeah!

Being a megaman fan, I decided to download this one despite all the crappy reviews going around. I just couldn't resist! So I took the plunge and here is what I discovered: it's actually good (for an ipod/iphone port). So lets break it down.

Graphics: 8/10
Everything pretty much looks like megaman 2, from sprites to backgrounds to obstacles. I would have given this a 10, except that occasionally when I start to play the game does not flow at full speed. I have to put my ipod into sleep mode and back to correct this, which is a nuisance. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Also so enemies animate strangely, like woodman, who already has his shield equipped when he enters to fight you.

Sound: 8/10
Music and sound effects are nearly flawless. The downside? Enemies have no associated sound effects, including most (if not all) bosses, aside from explosions when they die, etc.

Control: 6/10
The newly updated version does as much as it can to cure the faults of the old one and makes the game really feel like you're playing megaman. You can now play in 'classic' mode, which eliminates the the moon-jumping and strange movements of megaman. If you're gonna play this game, classic is what you need. The other mode is nigh-unplayable. The second improvement is the ability to play in landscape mode. This gives a more natural feel, and the buttons are slightly farther apart making for easier control. I would have ranked this higher, but there is a definite learning curve when trying to play.

Emulation: 7/10
Most things are emulated quite well, but there are some small problems here and there. The most notable is the fact that item-1 has changed it's behavior, and now rises much faster. Other problems include details such as the floor in metalman's room not changing direction, and some bosses and enemies patterns and behavior have changed also. Nothing too serious, just little things long time fans will notice.

Gameplay: 7/10
Gameplay is very enjoyable, but the little glitches and control learning curve do detract somewhat. Still very fun. They've tweaked the difficulty system as well, adding an easy mode (very easy, most bosses die in one-two hits with the right weapon), and some enemies take 2X the damage to kill in hard mode as they wood in the real game (ie, little birds take 2 hits now).

Overall: 7/10
I really enjoyed playing through this again (and again, and again), but I'm a pretty hard core megaman fan. Overall, I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a fun megaman experience on their ipod/iphone. This biggest issue is whether you can adapt to the control scheme or not. If you still aren't sure, download Megaman 2 Lite. It's a free demo, and handles much like the full game.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Mega Man II (US, 03/26/09)

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