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Guide and Walkthrough by _Genesis

Version: 0.61 | Updated: 02/03/2010

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes FAQ/Walkthrough
Author: _Genesis
Version: 0.61


**Update History**

V.0.6.1 - 02/03/2010
- Changed Legal Info
- Corrected a few grammatical and spelling mistakes

v.0.6.0 - 01/31/2010
- Added more to walkthrough
- Corrected a few grammatical and spelling mistakes

V.0.5.1 - 07/04/2009
- Added more to walkthrough
- Corrected a few grammatical and spelling mistakes
- Edited Contact Info

V.0.5.0 - 03/23/09
- Guide launched on GameFaqs


Table of Contents

1. Legal Info
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Weapons and Vehicles
- Weapons
     - Thompson
     - Scoped Garrand
     - M1A1 Bazooka
- Vehicles
5. Campaign Walkthrough
- Normandy
     - Tough Welcome
     - Crossing Corners
     - Smoked Steel
     - Cloud Dagger
     - Silenced Skies
     - Closing Act
- Tunis
- Ardennes
6. Achievements
7. FAQs
8. Contact Info
9. Credits


1. Legal Info

This Document is Copyright © 2009, and was written by _Genesis. This document
may be printed, in part or in whole, for personal use ONLY and may not be sold
for profit. 

The ONLY Sites that have permission to use this FAQ are:

GameFAQs. http://www.gamefaqs.com
Neoseeker. http://www.neoseeker.com


2. Introduction

This is my first full FAQ/Walkthrough, so I am not entirely sure how well this 
will be recieved by you here at GameFAQs, but here goes.
If you feel something is missing, or you could help in anyway, email me your 
ideas and ill add them in, and of course give you the credit =D
My email can be found down in the Contact Info section.
If you found this guide helpful, dont forget to recommend it to other members
of GameFaqs by clicking that link in the info border at the top!

I wrote this FAQ/Walkthrough whilst playing the story. So, bits may be a bit 
slow to come. But I plan to get it completely finished ASAP. So watch this 

Please bear in mind that this FAQ/Walkthrough was written 
primarily for the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the Brothers in Arms game. So 
if you are playing the DS Version of this game and are reading this guide,
there may be differences between the two versions, however these differences 
should only be very, very slight.


3. Controls

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is a third person shooter originally developed
for the Nintendo DS, under the name of "Brothers in Arms: DS".

When I heard it was to be ported, I was sceptical at first as to how easily it 
would be to control. But it turns out it works great!

Default iPhone/iPod Touch Controls:

Movement - Virtual Analog Stick
Aiming - Touch Screen
Shoot - On Screen Button
Grenades - On Screen Button
Zoom - "Pinch" the screen


4. Weapons and Vehicles

=== Weapons ===


The Thomspon will always be available for you, It's got an average crosshair, 
quick firing rate, and is useful in any situation.

Name: M1A1 Thompson

Missions: All

Ammo: Infinite

Fire Rate: Fast

Reload Time: Fast

Range: Medium

Damage: Medium

Scoped Garrand

Standard Issue Sniper Rifle of World War II, very powerful, and very good for
picking off enemies in the distance.
It can also double up as a close range bolt-action rifle. [Thats NoScoping! =D]
Extremely precise crosshairs aswell.

Name: Scoped Garrand


Ammo: x5 per clip: infinite

Fire Rate: Medium

Range: Long

Reload Time: Average

Damage: High

M1A1 Bazooka

Does this *Need* any explanation?!

... No. No it doesn't.

Name: M1A1 Bazooka


Ammo: x1 per clip: 8

Fire Rate: Slow

Reload Time: Slow

Range: Medium

Damage: High

=== Vehicles ===

M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

Standard tank that was used during the war. Everything else should be obvious
to anyone with basic general knowledge.

Name: M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank


Ammo: x1 per clip: infinite

Fire Rate: Slow

Reload Time: Slow

Range: Medium



5. Campaign Walkthrough

- Normandy

Tough Welcome

This is the tutorial level.

Nothing too hard here.

The level starts with you getting stuck in a tree in your parachute. First you 
are ordered to look around the area. So do so. Simply touch the screen, and 
slide your finger to move you camera. This is also how you aim with your gun 
later on in the level.

Simply look around for about 30 seconds, looking at anything really. The flak88
guns, the woods around you. Whatever. Soon after you are told to cut yourself 
free from the tree.

A neat new button will appear on your screen now. This is the action button.
In other levels, this button will reappear at times when needed. Such as 
mounting MG42s, climbing on tanks etc.

Get down, and begin to walk around using the virtual analog stick in the bottom
left of the screen. Move towards the green arrow, these arrows mark your 
current objectives, whereas the red arrows you will see mark the enemy you have
to kill at that given time, or a new weapon, such as the Bazooka, or Scoped 

Once you have reached your first objective, you are ordered to go and find your
men in the village. On your way you will come across some germans, quite a few

Take cover behind the haystack, this is done automatically when you come into a
close enough vacinity of it. Once you have taken cover, aim at the germans, and

Next, you have to strafe left, so do so to reach the objective. Next go forward
and strafe right. Silly I know, but just do it :)

Proceed forwards until you reach the burning truck. You will see about 4 
germans running to the right. Take aim and kill as many as you can until they 
are out of your sights.

Run forward and take cover by the boxes. 2 germans should come out now, next to
the bridge, kill these, and now look under the bridge. About 3 germans will 
now appear, kill these and run under the bridge.

You will see a house, and a german in a window. Aim by "pinching" the screen, 
this makes your shots more accurate. Aim and take out this sniper.

Run through the house, and to the right. Press yourself on the wall of the 
house, and strafe to the left. 2 germans will appear around the corner, look 
around the corner and take them out.

Run around the corner where the germans were, again, taking cover by the wall,
peek out around the corner, and take out the 3 germans by the spotlight. Turn 
around, and head towards the red objective arrow. There will be 2 germans by
the wall, kill these quickly, and run to the plane where there is a dead
soldier inside. Pick up the grenades, and move on.

Run into the truck, and push the grenade button. Now, tilt the iPhone/iPod 
Touch forward to aim where you wish to throw the grenade. Throw it at the 
germans ahead of you, you need to take out all 6. One grenade should do the 
trick, but prepare to throw 2 *Just* incase.

Back off of the truck, and run through the broken fence. 

Run ahead, past the lake, and take out all of the germans. A tank will then
appear, as will a nice M1A1 Bazooka. Good stuff.

Take aim at the tank and fire. It should take 2 rockets to destroy this tank.
Turn around, and head to the objective marker.

Run up the hill, and 2 germans will come running towards you. Kill these with 
the M1A1 Bazooka for some major lolz, and then continue forward.


Crossing Corners

As soon as the mission starts, you are ambushed, and forced to attack.
Head towards the current objective and take cover behind the hay stack.

From here, chuck a grenade at the german on the MG42 [The mounted gun] and then
aim and take out the rest of the germans.

Run forward, and then you will see gun fire to the right. You cannot go here, 
Yet. But look around and take out the german who is fire at you and your squad.

Continue forward, and you will see the building ahead of you fall down. Take 
cover on the wall, and peek out and take out the MG42 base, there will be a 
german on the MG42, someone on the balcony, and another german will run around
and take cover where the MG42 is.

Run around the corner, and again, take cover on the wall, and kill the 3 men 
here. Run forward to the wall, take cover, and about 10 germans will come 
running down the hill.

Once they are running away, chase after them, and take out the 3 germans at the
top of the hill.

Run forward, and you will see a sniper in the church tower. Pick up the M1A1 
Bazooka, and then a half-track and some germans will appear. Fire a rocket up 
at the sniper in the church, and then fire at the half-track. This will use up
all of your M1A1 Bazooka ammunition, but it doesn't matter, you wont need it 
from here.

You automatically switch back to your Thompson. Take out the rest of the german
enemies. Run towards the church entrance, and some germans will appear to your
right. Take out the rest of the germans in the area. A tank will then appear.
But wait!! We don't have a Bazooka!! Oh Noes!!

No worries.

Run up to the tank, seriously, and when you get close enough, that neat little
action button will reappear once more.

Push it, and you will climb up onto the tank and chuck some grenades into the 
tank. Assuming you do still have some grenades... You *do* still have some 
grenades... right?

Back away from the tank once the grenades are in, and watch it go Boom. Run to
the church entrance, and then the doors will explode open. The germans were 
expecting us! Run in, and take out all 5 german soldiers.

More soldiers will then appear, kill these, and then wait for the tank to enter
the church. Climb up on it and throw in some grenades. Head onto the other side
of the tank, and mount the MG42 with that cool action button.

To aim, use the virtual analog stick. Aim, and take fire. Kill every last one
of the enemies, tap the action button to exit the MG42, and then wait for the 
mission to end.


Smoked Steel

At the start of the level head to the soldier with the objective marker above 
his head, the one heading towards the tank.

Climb into the tank and follow the tanks in your squadron down the road until 
you see a red tak marker on your HUD (Heads Up Display). Head towards this

You will eventually come up against 3 german tanks. Take these out and continue
down the road to the green objective marker. A red marker will appear on an 
enemy bunker, shoot this until it explodes and drive down to the group of 
enemies that shall spawn shortly after.

Kill all enemies and the truck that drives onto the scene and head to the green
objective marker.

A train will pass, avoid this as touching it will kill you. After it passes go
onto the green objective marker on the train tracks, and a red objective marker
will appear on a tower. So, blow this up and then prepare to destroy the two 
tanks that appear, and then head to the newly appeared green objective marker.

As you progress, your attention is drawn to a half-track on the side of the 
road. Use this to repair your tank and then continue on.

After reaching the green marker, a few tanks and enemies appear, take these out
quickly and head to the new green objective marker, and then the following one
after that and crash through the wall.

After breaking through the wall there are roughly 15 infantry soldiers and a 
couple of tanks. Take out the tanks whilst constantly moving as a few of the 
infantry have RPGs, and then take out any infantry who are still alive.

After killing all of these a green marker appears behind you, blast the control
tower and turn around and destroy the train.

Loooooads of infantry appear now, mostly tank hunters, meaning they have RPGs 
and will try to chuck grenades into your tank. After killing everyone, the 
station is claimed in the name of the allied forces.


Cloud Dagger

At the start of the level follow your team up the hill to the left take cover
by the sandbags, take out all the enemies in the area and proceed to place a 
charge on the Flak88 Cannon ahead of you.

Head through the gate in front of you and take cover, and roughly 6 or 7
enemies will come out of the house in front of you. Take these out and then 
place a charge on this next Flak88.

Turn around and take cover by the green marker as a large number of infantry
will begin to come into the area. After taking out all of the troops on both
bit of land where you are, and slightly below you, you are instructed to place
yet another charge on another Flak88 in this same area. Do so, and take cover
by the green marker to avoid being killed by a tank as it initially enters the 
area, and then run up to it and chuck a few grenades inside to take it out.

Jump into one of the Trucks that comes into the scene after taking it out and 
follow the green markers down the road, whilst taking out a few enemy soldiers.

After you are prompted to get out of the truck, do so and jump over the small
wall that will be to your left. Take cover by the next small wall in this area
and add some suppressing fire into the area.

Jump over the wall after taking out any and all threats and head up the stairs
in front of you to reach the green marker. Once you enter the green circle on
the floor, chuck a grenade into the red circle/marker that will be on top of 
the bridge to your left in order to set of the smoke grenade/marker.

Head back down the stairs and take cover by the new green marker and take out
any german troops that may still be alive behind you, and then enter the Truck
close by.

Follow the green markers layed out on the road once more, whilst avoiding any 
danger and taking out other cars.

You will reach a destroyed house at which point you have to get out of the car
and head on in.

You are told to help place markers for air strikes, so head towards your next
objective marker, take out this tank here with grenades, head around the corner
and then place a grenade in the middle of the 3 tanks here. Get into safe
cover, sit back, and wait for the bomber planes to enter the scene and secure
the victory for your team.


Silenced Skies

Begin by following your team up the hill to the left and reaching the two green
markers. At the second marker, about 4 german trucks and a tank come down the 
road, and you are tasked to take out all of the infantry and the tank.

Begin by using your Thompson on the first few trucks worth of soldiers, and
then pick up the M9A1 Bazooka just ahead of you and use a few rockets to take 
out the tank. About 3 or 4 should do it.

Head onto the road, next to the huge nuke - at least thats what I think it is, 
and place a charge, and then take cover in the barn behind you and slightly up
a hill.

Once inside pick up the sniper rifle, head outside and take cover where the 
green marker is. There are two enemy snipers in the distance, so take your time
and slowly pick them both off. For this part, you dont even need to scope, so
you can stay in cover if this part is giving you difficulty, just simply place
the crosshair over the enemy in the distance and fire, and more than likely, 
they should go down in the first shot.

After taking them out, follow the three soldiers that run ahead until you reach
a big german outpost. There are 3 guards walking along the upper wall which you
are tasked with taking out, so do so, and then advance forward to the next  
green objective marker, and take out the two machine gunners in the distance,
and then the soldier with the bazooka.

A tank will then appear, so bring out your bazooka and proceed to destroy it 
with relative ease, with again, 3 or 4 shots being enough to take it out.

Once you feel safe enough in the area, swap to your Thompson and head to the
new objective marker which is now inside the base. Take cover by the sandbags
to your left once inside and take out the 4 enemies standing close by, and then
the two guys with the bazookas who are on the towers to your left.

You are now tasked with taking out some rockets, the first of which is right 
in front of you, however here is where the challenge begins to pick up, as, at
least in my experience, the enemies seem to have infinite respawns until you 
take out each rocket.

So, still in cover near the rocket, spend about 10 or 15 seconds picking off
enemies with the Thompson to reduce their numbers, then run up and place the 
first charge on the first rocket.

Head back down into cover and take out the germans who come in to your right,
and watch the rocket take off, blow up mid-flight, and land on one of the
german bunkers.

Head to the next green marker and take cover as a tank rolls in and enemy
tankbusters take their places on some towers ahead of you.First pick off the 
guys with the bazookas with your sniper rifle, then switch back to your bazooka
and destroy the tank.

At this point an allied tank rolls in. Run up to it and it destroys the debris
in the way and shoots at the incoming german tank. As it does this, you need to
be taking out any foot soldiers that you can see, and once the area seems clear
you can then place a charge on the second rocket that is to your right.

As you place it, more enemies enter the scene, so head back down the ramp, take
cover and begin to take out any enemies you can, and once your tank destroys 
the one blocking your way, make your way to the next green marker.

Upon reaching the marker, your tank suddenly stops working, and you are told to
head up the tower nearby and take out enemies with your rifle whilst your tank
is being patched up.

Look down the road in front of the tower, and to the left, and shoot each gas 
tank as the tanks pass them, and after the third one on each side, they should
be destroyed, however if they are not, head back down to your tank and pick up
the bazooka to finish the job.

Now get behind your tank until you are told to get on the nearby MG, and begin
to take out all of the krauts that are approaching. The enemy then approaches
from behind, so get off the MG, switch to your weapon of choice and take out 
the foot soldiers as your tank takes out the halftrack.

Soldiers then come from a hole in a wall from the nearby building, so take
these out before they can destroy your tank, and then quickly look back down
the road to the right and take out the four soldiers running at you, and then
snipe the tankbuster in the distance.

Follow the tank roughly five meters down the road, and more soldiers come
running through yet another hole in a wall to the right, so make quick work of 
these enemies before they destroy your tank, and then follow your tank a bit
further down.

Take cover by the final rocket and take out a large number of enemies that have
appear before you, and then place a charge on the final rocket.

A large number of tanks will now appear, however try to ignore these, and 
follow the green markers as quick as possible, whilst taking out enemy soldiers
to get to the designated sniping point. You should be able to run and gun your
way there with very little difficulty.

Once at the top of another tower where you can see all of the rockets, switch 
to your rifle and shoot each of the charges on the rockets. Once done, all the 
enemy tanks are magically destroyed, and the mission is over.


Closing Act

*Work in Progress*


6. Achievements

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is one of the few iPhone games that features
achievements, that all Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 games feature these days, you
know... Since they are "all the rage".

It is a nice addition however, as it does add to the replay value.

These are:

Ardennes Medal - Complete the Ardennes campaign. 
Elite - Complete all campaigns on the elite difficulty setting 
Grenadeer - Execute 5 grenade kills 
Immortal Hero - Complete all missions in a campaign without dying or restarting 
Infantry Terror - Climb on 4 tanks and destroy them 
Iron Man - Complete a mission without dying or restarting 
New Toys - Execute 10 kills with the unlocked gadgets 
Normandy Medal - Complete the Normandy Campaign 
Panzer Destroyer - Execute 3 tank Instant kills in a mission 
Panzer Fury - Kill 7 enemy soldiers using a tank 
Panzer Keeper - Don't break your panzer in Normandy and Smoked Steel 
Panzer Master - Kill 5 eneies with a tank without using the turrets 
Relentless - Complete one campaign on Veteran or Elite difficulty 
Skirmisher - Execute 4 melee kills 
Sniper - Execute 7 sniper kills 
The Invincible Man - Complete three missions in a row without dying/restarting 
Trigger Happy - Kill 3 enemies in less than 12 seconds 
Tunis Medal - Complete the Tunis Campaign 
Veteran - Complete all campaigns on the veteran difficulty setting 


7. FAQs

*Coming Soon*


8. Contact Info

If you feel I have missed something, or have anything to contribute to this 
guide, contact me at:

pvtsharpe [at] yahoo [dot] com

And let me know.

However, PLEASE put in the subject bar something to do with Brothers in Arms or
this guide.

For example, "BIA:HoH Guide"

If you do not, I will more than likely not read it.

Thanks. :)


9. Credits


I would like to thank:

- Ubisoft and Gearbox Software for making this game.
- Gameloft for porting this game from the DS to the iPhone.
- SBAllen, for maintaining GameFAQs for all of us members
- You, the reader, I write this for you

* More to come soon?? *

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps everyone out there!


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