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Game Script by KyoraStrykerDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/26/2010

/ Guide Information \__________________________________________________________

Metal Gear Solid: Touch
Script Guide
Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker) [Contact info provided at bottom]
Version 2.1

Original File Date: 07 January 2010
Last Updated: 25 January 2010

/ Introduction \_______________________________________________________________

The Metal Gear series has always been a personal favorite of mine. I am an
absolute fan of every game Hideo Kojima has come out with relating to MGS.
Before I picked up an iPod touch, I never knew that there was a MGS game for
it, let alone full-size games at all. And at first glimpse of MGST, I was not
impressed. I dug into the message boards on GameFAQs and found a lot of
criticism regarding the game. However, since I'm such a devoted fan of the
series, I had to get it.

Metal Gear Solid: Touch has 20 missions in which you must shoot enemies using
the iPod touch's (or iPhone if that's what you're using) touch-screen
interface. The missions have a considerable degree of difficulty, especially if
you're unfamiliar with the interface, but it's easy to overcome once you get
used to it.

For this guide, I decided to play through the game and compile a list of all
the dialog one would encounter while playing the game.

/ Table of Contents \__________________________________________________________

1.         Update History
2.         Game Script
  2.1        Normal Gameplay
  2.2        SPECIAL Section Text
  2.3        Game Controls Text
  2.4        Miscellaneous Text
3.         Contact Information
4.         Legal Junk
5.         Credits

/ Update History \_____________________________________________________________

Pre-Upload: 07 Jan 2010 [Version 1.0]
Guide content completed, submitted for upload. In future versions, I'll include
the not-so-important text that will appear upon death.

Update: 09 Jan 2010 [Version 2.0]
Whole new guide version. Added mutiple sections of game dialog - a section for
the text under the SPECIAL option on the main menu, a section for miscellaneous
text (such as the help screens under the main menu and options menu), and a
section for the controls. Other than the new sections, minor revisions were
made, such as spelling and grammar errors. Most were fixed, although there may
be one or two that slipped under the radar.

Update: 24 Jan 2010 [Version 2.01]
List containing permitted sites to use this guide updated.

Update: 25 Jan 2010 [Version 2.1]
Minor changes in guide design to allow for easier reading.

/ Game Script \________________________________________________________________

It's a pretty cut-and-dry guide. Here's all the dialog you'll find while
playing the game. Take note that this currently does *NOT* have the advice that
appears when a mission is failed. Future guide revisions will be made to
this text, but for now, here's the bulk of the text. (If you want to take the
time to compile the advice for the mission failures, send me an email with it -
check the Contact Information section of this guide for information regarding
such emails' destination.)

Also, please bear in mind that there MAY BE TYPOS contained within - I did a
very basic spell check and got rid of everything I could see, however, we're
all humans and we all make mistakes. Please don't kill me if you see a typo -
more than likely, I already know about it and work in fixing it has already

Now without further adieu...

     / Normal Gameplay \__________

All the dialog that appears during normal gameplay is written below. Currently,
this does not include text for mission failures, though in short time, such
dialog will be put into the guide.

[Act 1: Liquid Sun]

War has changed. The massive expansion of PMCs (private military corporations)
has turned war into a business. monitored by advanced ID control systems,
soldiers fight wars not for ideology or belief but for profit.

In this battlefield of total control, dominated by mercenaries for hire and
man-made war machines, one man stands apart. That mad is Solid Snake, the
"Legendary Her," who has saved the world countless times from the menace of
nuclear terrorism. With his gray hair and deeply lined face, Snake's world-
weary appearance has earned him a new nickname - Old Snake.

An urgent request from his old friend Roy Campbell brings the now aged Snake
back into the thick of battle. His mission: to assassinate Liquid Ocelot,
leader of Outer Haven, the mother company that controls the 5 largest PMCs - a
man whose existence Snake is determined to end by his own hand. Backed by
overwhelming military force, Liquid is preparing to launch an insurrection. He
has been sighted in a Middle Eastern war zone.

Acting on information obtained from Roy Campbell, his former commander in the
US Special Forces, Snake sneaks into the Middle East, where Liquid has been
sighted. The region is in the midst of a protracted "cold civil war" between
rebel militias and the forces of Praying Mantis, a PMC hired by the current


All set, Snake? If you need to brush up on your controls, check "EXPLANATION OF
CONTROLS" under "OPTIONS" during the game by rotating the device vertically
(with the Home button at the bottom). You can use this as another way to pause,

[Mission #01 -Middle East: Red Zone-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake joins forces with Metal Ger Mk.II, a remote terminal controlled by Dr.
Hal Emmerich, alias Otacon - robotics expert, genius hacker, and Japanese anime
addict. Snake makes his way through the heat of battle seeking to make contact
with "informants."


The M4 (assault rifle) has a limited range. You'll need the SVD (sniper rifle)
to take out enemies that attack from a distance. To switch weapons, just pinch
the screen (move two fingers together/apart). The M4 has excellent automatic
fire capability, but the SVD has better range and power. Shouldn't be too hard
to figure out for a guy like you.

[Mission #02 -Middle East: Red Zone-]
[Mission Complete]

As he makes his way through the battlefield, Snake encounters Drebin, a "gun
launderer." Dressed in a handsome designer suit hardly befitting a war zone,
Drebin is the sole arms dealer capable of removing the locks on "ID guns"
controlled by the system. With no ID of his own and relying on non-controlled
"naked guns", Snake faces a difficult road ahead. He accepts Drebin's offer -
strictly business - and returns to battle. He finds himself in the middle of a
firefight with an unmanned attack chopper.


A canard attack chopper... It's armed with a chain-gun and air-to-surface
missiles. You don't stand a chance against that thing. Focus on saving your own
skin. Take your finger off the screen to hide behind the wall in front of you
and protect yourself from enemy attacks. Stay crouched like that and you'll
recover some LIFE, too.

[Mission #03 -Middle East: Downtown-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake makes contact with his "informants" - Rat Patrol Team 01, a US Army PMC
investigation unit led by Snake's former comrade Meryl Silverburgh, who still
looks barely a day over 20. Meryl claims that Liquid's insurrection cannot
possible succeed as long as the nanomachines injected into every soldier and
the IDs implanted in every weapon are under the control of the SOP (Sons of the
Patriots) battlefield control system.

Snake is unconvinced, believing that Liquid must have something in mind. But
just as he asks Meryl where Liquid is, they are suddenly attacked by Haven
Troopers, private soldiers under Liquid's personal control.


Careful, Snake! Have Troopers are Liquid's own elite unit of troops. Their
full-body power suits make them though, agile... superior in every respect.
These troops are way beyond any of the PMCs you've fought so far. Stay on your

[Mission #04 -Middle East: Advent Palace-]
[Mission Complete]

[Act 2: Solid Sun]

Having escaped from the Haven Troopers, Snake hurries toward the PMC camp where
Liquid was spotted. He finally catches sight of Liquid. But then, without
warning, he is engulfed by a sudden wave of madness that overtakes the PMC
soldiers, allowing his nemesis to escape.

The soldiers lose their senses - blacking out, vomiting, total confusion -
attacking their comrades and themselves as well... and then Snake too, feels
his senses begin to fail him. But why? Perhaps he can find answers from Naomi
Hunter, the genetic engineering and nanomachine expert who accompanies Liquid.
After all, it was she who injected him 9 years earlier with an older version of
nanomachines during the Shadow Moses incident.

Snake now pursues Naomi's trail to the next battlefield, South America, in
search of Liquid - and his own salvation.

Snake stalks his prey through another war zone, this time in the jungles of
South America. There, in an abandoned mountain village, he sees rebel
guerrillas the former regime being assaulted by the PMC Pieurve Armement,
hired by the current government. The PMC is led by Vamp, a knife-wielding
immortal who killed Otacon's stepsister, his face a mask of death carved by
countless battles. As vamp leaves, the PMC soldiers begin to execute rebel
prisoners, making it look like just another part of their job...


Head's up, Snake. Some of those PMCs are armed with JAVELINs (anti-tank
missiles). You can hid behind the walls for protection, but they won't last
forever. If they take too many missile hits, they'll fall apart. So be careful.

[Mission #05 -South America: Cave Calley Village-]
[Mission Complete]

As Snake heads toward the rendezvous point with Naomi, he comes across one of
the PMC bases, an electrical substation. There, he sees PMCs protected by
powered suits engaging a numerically superior force of rebel guerrillas in a
heated battle where neither side seems to have the advantage...


Powered suit soldiers... There are different types of powered suits. The ones
deployed in that area are an exoskeleton type designed with defense in mind.
Carrying all that weight slows them down, but you need to watch out for their
Gatling gun attacks.

[Mission #06 -South America: Power Station-]
[Mission Complete]

With the rendezvous with Naomi just ahead, Snake is assaulted by Gekko,
unmanned bipedal war machines. Outgunned, he is rescued by a warrior clad in an
armored exoskeleton and wielding a high-frequency blade - none other than his
former comrade Raiden, who tells Snake, "It's my turn to protect you." With
Raiden covering his back, Snakes takes aim at the enemies closing in on them
from the front.


Uh-oh, here comes trouble... Those unmanned bipedal war machines are called
Gekko. The head unit is covered in thick armor plating - you can't damage it
with the M4 or SVD. If you're going to attack one, aim for the organic parts in
the legs... but don't feel like you have to take them out. Let Raiden handle
them, and focus on those PMCs.

[Mission #07 -South America: Vista Mansion-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake is reunited with Naomi, who is held captive at a research facility. She
is as intelligent and beautiful as she was 9 years before, but a bit weary.
Here in the remote jungles of South America, Liquid has been forcing her to
analyze nanomachines. She tells Snake that Liquid's goal is to hijack the SOP
system by breaking into the network. Then, when all military forces are freed
from the system's control, he will launch his insurrection. Liquid calls his
plan "Guns of the Patriots."

The old-generation nanomachines in Snake's body are also feeling the effects of
Liquid's system crack, sending Snake into convulsions. As an artificial clone
of the legendary mercenary Big Boss, Snake's body tissues are programmed to age
rapidly, and the strain is too great for him to bear.

Vowing to stop Liquid, Snake tries to escape from the facility with Naomi. But
a new foe appears in their path - laughing Octopus, a member of an elite unit
clad in the armor of a beast.


Laughing Octopus... Her powered suit seems to be outfitted with the same
Octo-Camo (camouflage) as your Sneaking Suit. Stay alert - just because you
can't see her doesn't mean she's not there. Take Octopus down and save Naomi!

[Mission #08 -South America: Research Lab-]
[Mission Complete]

[Act 3: Third Sun]

Snake defeats Laughing Octopus, a member of the B&B (Beauty and the Beast)
Corps. Acting on tips from Naomi and Raiden, he now hurries to Eastern Europe
in search of a woman called Big Mama, who leads a resistance group against the

The Patriots is the organization that controls the SOP system, and by extension
the very fabric of American society... Big Mama has gone underground in Eastern
Europe to lead the revolt against this all-powerful entity. She is the keeper
of the body of the legendary mercenary Big Boss, the final key to cracking the
SOP system. That is what Liquid, having arrived in Eastern Europe just ahead of
Snake, is after.

Already, Liquid's plan in about to enter its final stage. Snake must make
contact with Big Mama and put a stop to Liquid's scheme before it is too late.

Under a steady drizzle of rain, Snake sneaks into the locked-down city where
Big Mama is located, hoping to make contact with her. As he tracks the member
of her resistance group to their hideout, he must eliminate the forces of Raven
Sword, the local PMC that stands in their way.


This doesn't look good, Snake! At this rate, the Resistance is going to get you
arrested. You need to follow them to their hideout so you can make contact with
Big Mama. They're you're only guides, and you can't afford to lose them.
Eliminate any PMCs in their way and help free the Resistance.

[Mission #09 -Eastern Europe: Midtown S Sector-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake successfully tracks the resistance and at least finds himself at their
hideout. but Liquid's PMCs have strengthened their watch, almost as if they
know he is there.


Heads up, Snake. There's a canard attack chopper snooping around the area. We
can't let them find out about Big Mama's hideout. Keep them in the dark by
shooting that chopper down. You won't survive a toe-to-toe fight, but there's
gotta be some way...

[Mission #10 -Eastern Europe: Midtown NE Sector-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake makes contact with Big Mama. She softens Snakes stern appearance as she
calls him by his birth name - David. Big Mama is the surrogate mother who gave
birth to Snake, created as a clone of Big Boss.

Big Mama knows the entire history of the Patriots. According to her, the
founder of the Patriots is now a lifeless husk, leaving an AI network to run
the organization in his place. Big Boss was revered as the icon of the
Patriots, and his genetic code and biometric data serve as the "password" for
the AI network's security system. Liquid's true objective is to overthrow the

With Big Boss's body - the key to the SOP system - in his possession, Snake
makes his escape from the hideout alongside Big Mama and the resistance. But
just then, the hideout is discovered by Liquid's miniatured unmanned scouts,
and the local PMCs attack in full force in an attempt to capture the body.


Careful, Snake! That's a PMC checkpoint. Can't believe they even brought a
Gekko into town... but your mission is to break through and make sure Big
Boss's body stays safe. You don't have time to fool around with war machines.
Avoid fighting the Gekko and take out those Have Troopers first.

[Mission #11 -Eastern Europe: Riverside West-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake eludes his PMC pursuers, but the resistance units are wiped out, and Big
Mama is gravely injured. Wounded himself, Snake is now assaulted by Raging
Raven, the second of the B&B Corps, a steel monster with the power of flight.


Raging Raven... She's got a "Slider" UCAV (unmanned combat aerial vehicle)
strapped to her back that allows her to fly. It'll be tough to draw a bead on
her, so pay close attention to her movements, keep your cool, and aim
carefully. She'll team up with her other Sliders to attack you, and you'll need
to watch out for cluster bombs, too.

[Mission #12 -Eastern Europe: Echo's Beacon-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake has defeated another member of the B&B Corps, Raging Raven. But it is
already too late. Liquid has used Big Boss's body, the key to cracking the SOP
system, to launch the "Guns of the Patriots." "We are victorious!" Liquid cries
as Big Boss's body - and Big Mama along with it - are engulfed by flames from
his cannon blast. All soldiers and weapons on battlefields everywhere have
fallen under Liquid's control. With nothing left to drive the gears of war, and
unprecedented, almost ironic calm now falls over the world.

But Liquid still needs one more thing to complete his overthrow of the
Patriots. Nuclear Weapons alone remain outside the SOP system's control, kept
under a higher level of security. To destroy the military satellite housing the
Patriots' core AI, Liquid must find a way to launch his own nuclear strike. And
there is only one source of nukes outside the Patriot' control: Metal Gear REX,
abandoned on Shadow Moses Island before the creation of SOP.

Snake arrives on Shadow Moses Island to secure Metal Gear Rex, the only means
by which Liquid can launch a nuclear strike. The effects of Global warming are
causing Shadow Moses to gradually sink into the sea. Unmanned PMC war machines
have already been dispatched to the nuclear disposal facility on this forgotten
island. As Snake makes landfall, the bipedal Gekko and miniature Dwarf Gekko
launch into battle mode, almost as if they have been expecting him...


As usual, what a horrible blizzard. On top of that, the screen is freezing,
causing visibility to decrease. Simply shake the device to clear the ice from
your screen. The enemies are highly skilled unmanned scouts. They will attack
relentlessly, regardless of how poor your visibility may be.

[Mission #13 -Shadow Moses: Heliport-]
[Mission Complete]

In the midst of a raging blizzard, Snake makes his way through the decaying
nuclear disposal facility. Before him, in a snowfield overlooked by two
communications towers, lies the entrance to the underground base where Metal
Gear REX sleeps. But  blocking his path is Crying Wolf, the third member of the
B&B Corps, a wild beast of metal armed with a portable rail-gun.


Crying Wolf... She is armored in  a steel suit that is impenetrable to normal
gunfire. To defeat Wolf, wait for her unguarded moment as she prepares to fire
the rail-gun. Use that instant to counterattack. You'll only have a brief
moment, but it's your only chance. Make the first move and focus all you've got
on those shots!

[Mission #14 -Shadow Moses: Snowfield-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake defeats Crying Wolf and reaches the underground base. There, Metal Gear
REX lies dormant and deactivated, just as Snake left it 9 years earlier...
except for one difference: the rail-gun on REX's right arm is missing. Liquid's
sole means of launching a nuclear strike has already been taken.

Snake has been led into a trap set by Vamp. Even now, Liquid's plan moves
steadily toward fruition. Beset by an attacking squad of Gekko rigged to
self-destruct, Otacon attempts to activate REX using metal Gear Mk.III. Raiden
arrives on the scene, and Snake leaves Vamp to him. Wielding the rail-gun he
retrieved from Wolf, Snake faces off against the Gekko.

ADVICE: Snake, this is not good. These Gekko are rigged to blow themselves up.
If you don't stop them, this whole underground base will sink to the bottom of
the ocean. Use the rail-gun to shoot through their weak point, the spinal area
between the head and backpack. You've got to hold those Gekko at bay until I
finish checking on REX.

[Mission #15 -Shadow Moses: Underground Supply Tunnel-]
[Mission Complete]

In a fight to the death with Raiden, Vamp's nanomachine protection fails at
least, and his unnatural life comes to an end. Naomi stays by his side,
bidding farewell to the beast she created. The she, too, takes her last breath.
For Naomi, it is an act of atonement for her regretful past. It was her healing
nanomachines that turned Vamp into a deathless monster, and it was her genetic
sequencing program that laid the foundation for the Patriots' SOP system.

A cascade of rubble rains down Naomi's cold, lifeless body, burying her sins
with her. With no more time to mourn her death, Otacon activates Metal Gear
REX. Snake and Raiden escape to the island's harbor. But Liquid is there
waiting for them, piloting the anti-Metal Gear weapon Metal Gear RAY. The
metallic roars from these two man-made beasts echo across the frozen wastes of
Shadow Moses.


There are two weapons that REX can use right now. The 30mm Gatling gun will
fire when the screen is tapped. To fire the missiles, slide your finger to lock
onto the target and then release your finger to fire a volley. To switch
weapon, tap the icon located at the top-left of the screen.

[Mission #16 -Shadow Moses: Port Area-]
[Mission Complete]

[Act 5: Old Sun]

Liquid has disappeared to the bottom of the sea along with his Arsenal Class
battleship, Outer Haven. Snake pursues him aboard the old USS Missouri, a Naval
Training ship still outside the system's control.

The young captain of the Missouri, Mei Ling, calculates the location where
Outer Haven is likely to appear - the location from which Liquid must launch
his nuclear warhead against the satellite housing the Patriots' AI. Mei Ling
explains that the brief time in which Outer Haven surfaces to launch its
warhead is their last remaining chance. but in order to thwart Liquid's plan
and take back the stolen control system, someone will have to board Outer Haven
and upload a self-destruct worm cluster directly into GW, the machine interface
for the AI network, Risking almost certain death, a few brace soldier volunteer
for the mission, and Snake will be the anchor man for the team.

As the sun rises over the horizon, Outer Haven finally appears. Snake and his
team commence their entry onto the deck of the enemy ship, where a section of
Liquid's elite troops await them.

Having successfully boarded Outer Haven, Snake and his team head for GW,
located in the server room at the heart of the ship. The final fight with
Liquid's elite troops begins...


Listen closely, Snake. According to the information Naomi left us, you should
be able to infiltrate Have through this hatch. Destroy GW and stop Liquid's
ambition, his plot for world oppression through military force, before they
launch the nuclear warhead.

[Mission #17 -Outer Haven: Ship Bow-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake survives the brutal assault and infiltrates the bowels of Outer Haven.
But even as he reaches the ship's command center, Snake is ensnared in a trap
set by the last of the B&B Corps, Screaming Mantis, who wields the power to
manipulate others as her puppets.


Screaming Mantis... She possesses the power to levitate and manipulate
others... What kind of trickery is she using? Is she a true psychic? In any
case, she's not an opponent that you can defeat with sheer force, so be

[Mission #18 -Outer Haven: Command Center-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake defeats Screaming Mantis, the puppet master who controlled the entire B&B
Corps. But with his body aging rapidly and his seizures getting worse, Snake is
starting to reach his limits...

Raiden clears the way to GW, and Meryl passes the final baton to Snake.
Summoning the last of his strength, Snake launches himself into battle against
a pack of cold, merciless war machines.


Snake, get up! Stand up, Snake! The server room is right in front of you. While
Raiden, Meryl and her crew are holding off the Haven Troopers, you have to
insert the worm cluster into the server. Destroy the Dwarf Gekko that stand in
your way and guide the Mk.III to the server room!

[Mission #19 -Outer Haven: Missile Hangar-]
[Mission Complete]

Snake arrives at the server room. With the help from Metal Gear Mk.III -
remotely piloted by Otacon - he uploads the worm cluster into GW and succeeds
in taking back control of the system. Liquid's plot is thwarted, and his "Guns
of the Patriots" scheme is ruined...

Exhausted, Snake crawls back to the deck of Outer Haven. But a shadow falls
over him - Liquid Ocelot. AS Liquid silently raises his fists to fight, Snake
somehow finds the strength to stand and face him. All else is finished; only
the showdown with his nemesis remains. "Show me what you've got Snake!" shouts
Liquid - and the final battle between the two men begin.


Liquid! Tap the screen to respond to his punches. If you tap continuously,
Snake will perform a 3-hit punch, punch, kick combo. In order to defend
yourself from his attacks, lift your finger from the screen to perform a guard,
or flick left or right to duck.

[Mission #20 -Outer Haven: Sail-]
[Mission Complete]


Congrats, Snake! "SURVIVAL" is now available on the Mission Select screen.
"SURVIVAL" lets you play every mission with your TIME, LIFE, and other stats
carrying over from mission to mission. If you get beat, you have to start over
from the beginning. They don't call it "SURVIVAL" for nothing.

Ocelot lies motionless before Snake's eyes, his fiery spirit extinguished at
last. The battle is over. The final mission is complete.

The "Legendary Hero" kneels on the deck, exhausted. Just then, he hears a voice
- "Snake!" Otacon, the man who was watched over him all through the battle, has
come to rescue him. The Haven Troopers have lost their will to fight and are
taken into custody by US soldiers. Raiden, Meryl, and the others are at Snake's
side. Free from the bonds of the system, the world has been granted at least a
temporary respite from its troubles.

The scars left by the Patriots' system and Liquid's rebellion against it run
deep. They will take time to heal.

And yet...

The sun will rise once more again tomorrow over those who remain.

     / Special Gameplay \__________

The dialog that appears when you choose SPECIAL from the main menu is written
below. Then again, I wouldn't really call the following text "dialog;" rather,
I'd call it "summaries."

Whatever your fancy, such text is below.

     __________/ Metal Gear Solid 3 \

Virtuous Mission, Operation Snake Eater

August 24, 1964. Thirty thousand feet above Pakistan, a man launches himself
from a special ops Combat Talon aircraft emblazoned with the US flag. It is the
first HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump in history, and the beginning of
the covert Virtuous Mission.

The plot thickens in Operation Snake Eater, a desperate mission with the fate
of FOX at stake. With the doomsday weapon Shagohod finally complete, Snake
enlists the aid of EVA, a beautiful and mysterious female spy sent to penetrate
GRU, to stop the Shagohod. Will Snake reach his objective in time?

     __________/ Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops \

San Hieronymo Incident

It is the era of detente, The Fox Unit takes over a Soviet army base on the San
Hieronymo Peninsula in central Columbia and launches a rebelling. bigg Boss,
now retired from FOX, is abducted by his former comrades and imprisoned in a
cell on the peninsula. He escapes and, forming his own unit along with the
local Soviet troops, sets out to put an end to FOX's rebellion.

Developed for the PSP, "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops" fills the gab between
"Metal Gear Solid 3" and "Metal Gear" in the story of Big Boss.

     __________/ Metal Gear / Metal Gear 2 \

Outer Heaven Uprising, Zanzibar Land Insurrection

FOXHOUND, a new Special Forces unit led by Big Boss, is dispatched to quell an
uprising in the South African fortress state of outer Heaven. Big Boss sends a
rookie, Solid Snake, on a mission to destroy Metal Gear, a nuclear-armed
bipedal walking tank developed by Outer Heaven. After completing this mission,
Solid Snake pursues the specter of Big Boss to Zanzibar Land.

In "Metal Gear" and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" for the MSX2, the spotlight
passes to a new hero: Solid Snake. PlayStation 2 ports of these two classics
are also included in "Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence".

     __________/ Metal Gear Solid \

Shadow Moses Incident

It is the down of the 21st century. The Special Forces unit FOXHOUND seizes
control of a nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses, an isolated
rock in Alaska's Fox Islands. They present their demands to the government:
hand over the ramains of the legendary hero Big Boss within 24 hours, or
FOXHOUND will launch a nuke. In response, the government summons Solid Snake
out of seclusion in the Alaskan wilderness and sends him on a solo mission to
infiltrate Shadow Moses. 

Released for the PlayStation, "Metal Gear Solid" combines exciting live-action
and polygon-rendered cutscenes and 3D CG action scenes, with innovative
gameplay, all while delivering an anti-war, anti-nuke message.

     __________/ Metal Gear Solid 2 \

Tanker Incident, Big Shell Incident

In 2007, a tanker sinks in the middle of New York Bay. The disaster is
orchestrated by Solid Snake, who is believed lost at the bottom of the sea
along with the tanker...

Two years later, the floating Big Shell facility is constructed for the
ostensible purpose of cleaning up the oil spilled by the tanker. But the Big
Shell is taken over by the terrorist group "Sons of Liberty". With the US
President held hostage, the government sends Raiden, a new recruit in the new
FOXHOUND, to infiltrate the Big Shell.

Metal Gear Solid 2 utilizes the full capabilities of the PlayStation 2 to
present dazzling visuals and a fully immersive game environment.

     / Game Controls Text \__________

Under the Options menu is a section in which you can learn the controls. This
tutorial comes up when you launch MGST for the first time, but is available to
view at any time. The text contained within is provided below.

     __________/ Aim at enemies (move sight) \

Tace your finger along the screen to move the targeting sight.

The sight can be moved by dragging on any part of the screen. There is no need
to touch the actual sight itself.

     __________/ Attack with weapon \

Tap the screen lightly to attack using Snake's curent weapon.

You can attack by tapping anywhere on the screen. There is no need to tap on
the targets themselves.

     __________/ Hide \

Lift your finger from the screen and Snake will take cover, protecting himself
against enemy attacks.

After hiding for a certain amount of time, Snake's LIFE will recover.

     __________/ Change weapon \

Pinch the screen to switch Snake's weapon. Pinch out (spread two fingers apart)
to switch from the M4 (assault rifle) to the SVD (sniper rifle). Pinch in
(close two fingers together) to switch from the SVD to the M4.

The M4's attacks will not reach faraway enemies, so you'll need to switch to
the SVD to attack them.

     __________/ Clear Conditions \

To clear a mission, you must fulfill the requirements displayed before the
mission begins. Different missions have different conditions such as "defeat a
certain number of enemies" or "defeat a specific enemy."

If Snake's LIFE drops to zero, the game is over. LIFE can be restored either by
shooting a GA-KO or by taking cover.

     __________/ Militiamen \

Shooting the militiamen that appear during the game will reduce Snake's LIFE.

     __________/ GA-KO / KEROTAN \

Shooting the GA-KOs that appear during the game will restore Snake's life.

Shooting the KEROTANs that appear will result in one of two effects:

1. Snake's weapon becomes and RPG-7 rocket launcher. The RPG-7 is a single-use
weapon that delivers a powerful attack across a wide area.

2. Snake enters steal mode for a limited time. While in stealth mode, Snake can
evade enemy attacks.

     __________/ Defense walls \

You can take cover behind walls to shield yourself from most enemy attacks.
However, some enemies have strong attacks capable of damaging these walls. If a
wall takes too much damage, it may be destroyed. In that case, even if you take
your finger off the screen, Snake will have no defense from enemy attacks.

In some missions, there are situations where there is no defense wall from the

     / Miscellaneous Text \__________

This section contains all the miscellaneous text - the help sections for the
main menu and Drebin's Shop. I'm considering putting the credits in this
section as well, but for now, it'll remain out of the guide.

     __________/ Main Menu Help Section \

Play the main storyline. As the story progresses, the backgrounds and enemies
that appear will change.

Listen to web radio for the latest info from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, or learn more
about the history of the Metal Gear series.

Exchange Drebin Points collected during the game for a variety of exclusive

Change game settings or view the controls. You can open the Options screen
during the game by rotating the device vertically (with the Home button at the

"Touch KONAMI"
See previews and reviews of iPhone/iPod touch games from Konami.

     __________/ Drebin's Shop Help Section \

Exchange DP (Drebin Points) collected during the game for exclusive wallpapers.

Different wallpapers require different amounts of DP. Save up your DP by
playing the game multiple times.

The DP required for each wallpaper is displayed in the list. Your current DP is
shown in the upper right of the screen.

To make a purchase, first check to see if you have enough DP, then tap the
"BUY" button.

Tap the "View button to display wallpapers on the screen. Use the screenshot
funchtion to take pictures of them. (See the Apple website for details on
wallpaper settings.)

* DP and wallpaper download history will be reset if "METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH"
is deleted from the device.

/ Contact Information \________________________________________________________

Ah yes, the part where you want to contact me about the guide, ask questions,
give feedback, et cetera. Here's the available options of contacting me:

   Email: kyorastrykerfaqs [at] gmail [dot] com
(Replace the [at] and [dot] portions with their respective symbols, of course.)

Regardless of the method you use to contact me, promptly introduce yourself and
tell me what you're referencing in this guide. As far as emails are concerned,
have this guide name in the subject line so I don't think it's garbage.
Seriously, if it looks like trash, I'm going to treat it as such.

/ Legal Information \__________________________________________________________

All typed content contained herein was provided by and is the sole property of

Absolutely no part of this guide may be reproduced - in part or in whole - as
a new document under a different alias. We call that plagiarism, and plagiarism
is not only highly frowned upon, it shows very poor character.

This guide is not permitted to be hosted on any other site than those listed
below. If you want to host this guide on your site, email me with the site and
reasons for wanting to host it. I'll tell you if you can or can't. And as
always, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders. Should you feel that this
document is in violation of copyright, send me an email explaining the issue so
I can attempt to clarify any dispute you may have.

Sites permitted to host this guide:


If you see this guide on any other site other than the above mentioned, please
send me an email with the site URL listed and where you found the guide, so I
can raise some hell. You can always find the latest version of this file at

/ Credits \____________________________________________________________________

Currently, there's no one I want to give credit to. All the information
contained in this guide was completely compiled by myself - I used no external
sources to obtain any information contained herein.

I will, however, say thanks to Antitype's walkthrough for the game - I
normally try and figure things out on my own regarding new games, but there
times I was so frustrated with failing a mission, I consulted that guide for
help. And although I didn't get a Fox ranking on every mission, I did manage to
beat the game, which allowed me to complete my own guide. Kudos for the guide,
mate. Maybe I'll start going through and shooting for Fox ranking on all the
missions now.

And of course, thanks to you, the reader. Hopefully you found this helpful or
interesting. I certainly had fun writing it.

End of File

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