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    Walkthrough by Antitype

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/03/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metal Gear Solid Touch
    Complete Walkthrough
    Author: Antitype (osafune.edge[at]gmail.com)
    Last Updated: 2009.07.02
    Revision: 2.0
    1) Introduction
    2) Game Mechanics                                                       [xmech]
    3) General Tips                                                         [xtips]
    4) Mission Guide                                                         [xmis]
    5) FOX Rank Requirements                                                 [xfox]
    6) Drebin's Soup                                                        [xdreb]
    7) Credits / Thanks
    v2.0 - Added FOX rank requirement section. Revised Drebin Shop section.
    v1.2 - Updated strategy for Mission #12, THANKS to Rising Raiden
         - Updated unlock requirements for wallpapers
    v1.1 - Updated strategies for certain missions.
    v1.0 - Created guide.
    Upcoming updates (if there is enough demand):
     - Links to screenshots of the wallpapers (if I ever unlock all of them)
    I'm sure you all heard the criticism about this game. Outside of the actual
    reviews posted on iTunes, I would say 90% of the feedback is something like...
      "WTF is this game? The images makes it look like MGS4 on the Iphone"
      "$7.99 for a shooting gallery? No stealth, no nothing. Terrible game."
      "it has no stealth at all, they made a splinter cell game
                      for the N-GAGE that was better. screw you konami."
      "it isen't worth the money at all."
      "looks like some cheap port of 4 with no story"
         (These are ACTUAL, real comments, straight from the GameFAQs forums.)
    And of course, there is the classic... "this game is just Duck Hunt with a
    Metal Gear Solid skin"
    I'm not sure who started the Duck Hunt comparison -- I think it was Kotaku.com,
    but regardless, I feel that THAT specific piece of criticism is completely
    ignorant. If this game is supposed to be Duck Hunt, wouldn't EVER single
    shooting game ever made be Duck Hunt? Yes, to some extent, it's true, you have
    a gun, and you shoot stuff. But that's pretty much where the similarities end.
    There is a lot of skill and strategy required to play this game. While the
    first few stages are no brainers (just point and shoot), every boss battle
    requires a specific tactic and demands very fast reaction time.
    And the game is fun, plain and simple.
    But, I have to admit $7.99 is a bit overpriced. While the entire game, from
    the controls to the UI interface, is completely refined -- moreso than any
    other game in the app store, $7.99 is a bit much to pay when there are many
    $0.99 games in the store. $4.99 or even $5.99 would be a much more reasonable
    price. Still, I have zero regrets about ever purchasing this game.
    If you're reading this, hopefully you kept an open mind and did not foolishly
    expect an actual port of MGS4 on the iPhone. And you also weren't stupid enough
    to buy into the Duck Hunt comparisons.
    And proof that I actually know what I'm talking about, as far as gameplay goes:
     - http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoharmodifier/3508405635/
     - http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoharmodifier/3508405627/
    *2* GAME MECHANICS                                                      [xmech]
    The game mechanics are very simple, but difficult to master. Above all else, it
    takes quick reflexes to be proficient at this game, especially when aiming for
    FOX rank.
    - CONTROLS -
    The controls for this game are very intuitive. You "guide" Snake's aim by
    moving your finger across the screen. Tap to shoot. Pinch the screen (zoom in
    -OR- zoom out) to use the SVD (sniper rifle, zoomed view), and pinch the screen
    (once again, zoom in -OR- zoom out) to go back to the M4 (assault rifle, normal
    - ITEMS -
    There are 2 items you can get in this game:
    GA-KO: The yellow duck. Gives you 1 unit of health back.
    KERO-TAN: The green frog. KERO-TAN does one of two things:
      1) grants stealth mode, in which you are immune to all damage; and
      2) grants missile launcher, which does major damage to enemies.
    - COVER -
    If you have your finger on the screen, Snake will be standing up and aiming.
    If you remove your finger, Snake will duck down behind a barrier (if there
    is one), and be immune to damage. If you rest long enough, Snake will even
    recover health!
    Watch out though, barriers will break down if they take too many hits. Some
    parts of the game do not have barriers, so watch out for that too.
    - RANKING -
    You are ranked based on three things:
      1) TIME - the amount of time you took to finish a stage
      2) HEALTH - the amount of health you have remaining (8 max)
      3) HIT - your accuracy
    FOX is the highest rank, then HOUND, then EAGLE, etc. I currently do not have
    a list of all the ranks, if anyone knows this, I will gladly insert it into
    this guide and give credit.
    There are also "special" ranks if you do certain things like shoot a lot of
    items, taking cover for long periods of time, etc. I also do not have a list
    of these ranks.
    *3* GENERAL TIPS                                                        [xtips]
    - Be smart about cover. If you're overwhelmed, don't be afraid to use it!
    - Only use the SVD when you need to (i.e. when the enemy health bar is grey)
      Otherwise there is absolutely no need to use it especially since it is slower
      than the M4.
    - Always, always, always shoot GA-KO, even if you have full health. Reason is
      that it will improve your HIT rating, provided you missed something earlier,
      and provided you don't miss GA-KO!
    - Don't always shoot KERO-TAN. Stealth is always good, but sometimes you DON'T
      want the rocket launcher because it takes you into the zoomed view, which
      prevents you from seeing enemies. More often than not, you will get shot.
      Missile launchers should ONLY be used to take down canard attack choppers.
      You can probably take down Gekkos faster by tapping quickly with the M4.
    - In ACT 3, you only need a SINGLE shake of the iPhone/iPod in order to clear
      the frozen screen. Just one. Don't shake it like a mad man.
    - If you are going for FOX rank, in ACT 1 and 2, the main difficulty will be
      your TIME rating. You really have to memorize the sequence of the enemies
      (usually the same), and move your cursor to them before they even appear.
    *4* MISSION GUIDE                                                        [xmis]
    Here's the format of the MISSION GUIDE:
    MISSION #01
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldiers (12)
    DIFFICULTY: Very Easy
    This is the easiest stage in the game. Nothing much to say here.
    MISSION #02
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldiers (16)
    DIFFICULTY: Very Easy
    You'll need to use the SVD (sniper rifle) for the first time in this stage.
    Still very easy.
    MISSION #03
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldiers (18)
    DIFFICULTY: Very Easy
    There will be a Canard Attack Chopper in this stage, but you do NOT need to
    destroy it (if you want to though, you'll need to hit KERO-TAN and get the
    missile launcher to do so). Otherwise, duck in cover if the chopper shoots a
    missile at you. Aside from that, standard stage.
    MISSION #04
    GOAL: Defeat Haven Troopers (24)
    DIFFICULTY: Very Easy
    The Haven Troopers will take 3 headshots to take down. This is the easiest
    "boss" stage in the game, and it's pretty much just like taking down normal
    PMC soldiers.
    MISSION #05
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldiers (18)
    DIFFICULTY: Very Easy
    Act 2 is still easy. Enemies have 3 health now, but still go down with a single
    headshot. Enemies get Javelin guns in this stage, which obscures their head
    somewhat, but it should still be no big deal.
    MISSION #06
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldier (18)
    Enemies will get Powered Suits in this stage, which are the toughest non-boss
    enemies yet. The easiest way to take them down is shoot an explosive barrel
    when they are next to them. Otherwise, they have 6 health and take many shots
    to take down.
    I would take out the normal units first (since they take less hits), and then
    go for the Powered Suits.
    MISSION #07
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldier (18)
    Gekkos make their first appearance! But, your goal is NOT to destroy them.
    Ignore the Gekkos, and go straight for the PMC soldiers. If the Gekko is about
    to shoot, you can either quickly shoot their legs a few times, which will
    cancel their attack, OR just simply duck.
    If you want to destroy the Gekkos, shoot their legs until 1/4 health is left.
    Then the Gekko will collapse, and you will need to shoot the "head" area.
    Explosive barrels will also help against the Gekkos, and typically take down
    3/4 of their health if they are close enough.
    MISSION #08
    GOAL: Defeat Laughing Octopus
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    Laughing Octopus should be the first real challenge you have in this game.
    There are several "phases" of this boss battle, which I will outline:
    Phase 1: Haven Troopers (12).
    Phase 2: Octopus appears in a RANDOM location on the map. Watch very carefully,
             she will transition from transparent to opaque, and shoot her five
             times QUICKLY. If you don't shoot fast enough, she will start to move,
             making her more difficult to shoot.
    Phase 3: Octopus will shoot 2 floating mines at you. These things are small,
             and will slowly move closer to you every few seconds. Aim well, and
             shoot. They will explode and Octopus will appear randomly again.
             Shoot 5 fives again.
    Phase 4: Octopus will appear as a random OBJECT on the field, like a box, a
             dead soldier, a painting etc. If you can approximate where her head
             will appear, you can either shoot the object and she will immediately
             appear, OR you can wait until she appears on her own. You save time
             by shooting her early.
    Loop:    Phases 3 and 4 will repeat until you defeat her. In phase 3, more
             mines appear every time. First time, it was 2. Second time, 4, then 6.
    MISSION #09
    GOAL: Defeat PMC Soldiers (18)
    The "gimmick" in this stage is that there are more hostages than usual. Pretty
    easy to not shoot them... it's a pretty easy stage.
    MISSION #10
    GOAL: Defeat Canard Attack Choppers (2)
    Remember the chopper from Act 1 that you could ignore? Well, you have to take
    them down this time! As mentioned before, you need to shoot KERO-TAN to get
    the missile launcher, and then shoot the chopper.
    Take down PMC soldiers as necessary, but focus on the choppers. One missile
    will take them down.
    MISSION #11
    GOAL: Defeat Haven Troopers (18)
    DIFFICULTY: Easy to Medium
    Gekkos appear again, and once again you still do not need to take them down.
    Just focus on the Haven Troopers -- make sure you get 3 headshots.
    MISSION #12
    GOAL: Defeat Raging Raven
    DIFFICULTY: Medium to Hard
    The key to this fight is that you should shoot Raven TWICE before she flies
    away: use the sniper rifle and aim for her body, then after she's stunned,
    shoot her in the head. If you immediately shoot her in the head instead of
    her body first, you will only be able to get one hit in.
    Phase 1: Raging Raven will appear from the left or right, and slowly flap
             across the screen. Shoot with the strategy I specified above.
             She will fly away, and then send some Sliders at you. Aim at the
             center. You should take them out when they are far away in an 
             effort to save time. In phase 1, there should only be 1 or 2 Sliders.
             If you destroy both, you will get an automatic KERO-TAN item: stealth
             or missile launcher. Pray you get the missile launcher, it will make
             the battle go by faster.
             Repeat phase 1, until the screen change.
    Phase 2: Again, Raving Raven will appear from the left or right, and flap
             across. Sometimes you will NEED to use the SVD if she is far enough
             away. Otherwise you can use either M4 or SVD.
             She'll fly away again and send Sliders, except 3 or 4 this time. Once
             again, you will get a KERO-TAN item if you destroy ALL of them.
             Note that if you get a rocket launcher, pay attention to how far away
             Raven is when she appears on screen. You need to judge when to shoot
             versus the distance the rocket must travel to hit her.
             Repeat phase 2, for a couple of screen changes.
    Phase 3: It will look like Phase 2, but it's a tad different. There will be 5
             or 6 Sliders now (still get the KERO-TAN items), and also, randomly,
             Raven might appear in the center of the screen and move in on you.
             Shoot her before she shoots, or she will take down HALF of your life
             bar with her explosives.
             Repeat phase 3 until she dies.
    MISSION #13
    GOAL: Defeat Dwarf Gekko (30)
    DIFFICULTY: Easy to Medium
    Ah, first mission of Act 4. This is where the game REALLY starts :D
    This mission is a bit hard at first only because the dwarf gekkos are so damn
    close together. It's hard to shoot one, and then immediately shoot the one
    next to it.
    Also the screen will freeze and you'll need to shake the iPhone/iPod to clear
    it. You only need ONE good shake, not multiple ones. Remember this, it will
    help out a lot.
    To reiterate..
            **** You only need ONE good shake to clear the frozen screen ****
    MISSION #14
    GOAL: Defeat Crying Wolf
    DIFFICULTY: Hard to Very Hard
    There aren't as many variations to the boss behavior like the other ones, which
    I guess is good. Still, this is a very tough battle and demands fast reflexes.
    Personally I think this is THE hardest boss battle of the game. Yes, I think
    Screaming Mantis is easier.
    Crying Wolf will appear in the very back of the screen, kind of faded. You will
    need to be paying very close attention to the screen (shake the screen to
    clear it if it gets frozen). Once you see her, zoom in with the SVD and shoot
    her head TWICE, then she will escape.
    Doesn't sound hard? Well.. you have to do all this WHILE Haven Troopers are
    appearing on the screen. Personally I think the best tactic is:
        Shoot the M4 (close-range) Haven Troopers
               ----> JUDGMENT CALL: Do you have time before the snipers shoot?
                  |                         |
                  v                         |   (If Wolf shoots you before you
           Take out the snipers             |    shoot her, you are doing this
                  |                         |    too slowly!)
                  v                         v
                  -----------------> Shoot Crying Wolf
                    Take out any remaining enemies, rinse and repeat.
    The difference between the Haven Troopers in this stage is that they STAY ON
    SCREEN if you don't kill them. (Normally they just run away.) So make sure you
    kill them when you get the chance.
    The key to this stage, like any sniper battle, is patience. If you're just
    trying to beat the stage (not going for FOX rank), TAKE COVER IF YOU NEED TO.
    If you can't see Wolf, just take cover. If there are too many Haven Troopers to
    kill, take cover. But, don't always hide. Wolf will take down your barrier if
    you wait too much.    
    MISSION #15
    GOAL: Survive for 90 seconds
    DIFFICULTY: Easy to Extremely Frustrating
    I hated this mission. You get a rail gun, and your vision is constantly zoomed
    in the entire time, which means you will have a hard time seeing Gekkos if they
    aren't directly in your line of sight.
    I must've failed this mission 10 times before I finally figured out these tips:
     - If the Gekko greater than 50% health, fully charge (LV3) and then shoot.
     - If the Gekko is less than 50% health, charge to LV2 and then shoot.
     - Watch the Gekko firing circle. Shoot in order of which one will fire first.
     - Turn OFF your background music.
     - Put on headphones, or be in a quiet area.
    Why the last two tips? The key here is that the Gekkos BEEP after they land.
    So if you're aiming at one and charging your rail gun, you will instantly know
    if another Gekko appeared off-screen. This will help immensely when trying to
    track down which order to take down the Gekkos in.
    MISSION #16
    GOAL: Defeat Metal Gear RAY
    DIFFICULTY: Easy to Medium
    Aside from the ACT 1 boss battle against the Haven Troopers, this is the
    easiest boss battle in the game. FOX ranking it is a bit tougher, but still
    easy compared to the Beauty battles.
    Phase 1: Immediately switch to the homing missiles by tapping the top left.
             Aim for all 5 of RAY's targets and attack. Then immediately switch
             back to the machine gun and shoot RAY while the missiles are hitting.
             The key is to NOT over-shoot with the machine gun. Tap with a slow
             to medium paced rhythm so that the gun doesn't overheat. If it
             overheats, you're screwed and you will definitely take some hits.
             If RAY shoots missiles at you, use the machine gun to shoot them
             before they hit you.
             Rinse and repeat that tactic until the screen flashes white.
    Phase 2: RAY will be damaged, and now there will only be 3 homing targets.
             Use the same tactic of shooting homing missiles, then switching back
             to the machine gun immediately to shoot while the missiles hit him.
             The difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is that RAY will attack
             much faster unless you hit him with the missile-switch-machine-gun
             tactic. If RAY doesn't take enough damage after he lands from jumping,
             he will shoot you. This is OK if you're not going for FOX rank. The
             damage is minimal and you can finish the battle easily.
    MISSION #17
    GOAL: Defeat the Gekkos (6)
    DIFFICULTY: Medium to Hard
    If you've gotten to this point, there's not much else I can say. Take down the
    Gekkos, while making sure the Haven Troopers don't hit you. Be smart, take
    cover when you're overwhelmed.
    Use the fact that Gekkos can block the Haven Trooper's line of fire to your
    Be smart with picking up KERO-TAN items. Stealth sounds really enticing, but
    if you get a rocket launcher, make sure you have the time to aim it, before
    getting shot.
    MISSION #18
    GOAL: Defeat Screaming Mantis
    Ah, the best boss battle, in my opinion! And it's reasonably hard. :)
    Phase 1: Haven Troopers. Can't remember how many, guessing around 10-12.
    Phase 2: Mantis appears. Shoot the LEFT doll (your left, not her left) a few
             times and it will fall down. You should be able to make it fall before
             she teleports to a different area on the screen, and also before any
             revived soldiers shoot you. Shoot the doll after it falls to pick up.
             Start shaking your iPhone/iPod until you hear a "swiping" sound effect
             which indicates Mantis stole the doll back from you.
             Be very very quick about shooting the doll. If you don't shoot it
             quickly enough, Mantis will resurrect the downed Haven Troopers. They
             die in one hit, but are extremely annoying. The doll takes 5 shots
             with the M4, but less with the sniper rifle. You should only be
             sniping on the very last screen though.
             Do not shoot Mantis's body. She will just teleport.
             If you let enough time pass, Mantis will create some spinning knives
             and throw them at you. They are small and hard to see, but pick them
             off before they hit you.
    Loop:    Phase 2 repeats for several screens with minor changes:
           - Each screen progression causes Mantis to throw more knives at you.
             First screen change is 2 knives, then 3 knives, then 4 knives.
             They appear to her top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
           - Note that the first and last screens have cover, the other ones don't.
    MISSION #19
    GOAL: Defeat Dwarf Gekko (50)
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    Same has mission #13, except more dwarf gekkos to take down, and they spawn a
    bit faster as well.
    No real tips here, if you got this far, this stage should be a breeze.
    Lots of powerups here too -- the KERO-TANs help immensely. I don't think there
    are any rocket launcher KERO-TANs in this stage. It will always be stealth.
    MISSION #20
    GOAL: Defeat Liquid Ocelot
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    Last boss battle, it's cool, but it's easy. One general tip is to briefly tap
    the screen once, pause, and IF it connected, tap-tap-tap for a 3-hit combo.
    The key there is the pause -- if the hit didn't connect, don't go for the
    combo, or it will increase your time and lower your hit ratio.
    To "counter" Ocelot, you have to dodge his uppercut and then combo him.
    Phase 1: Ocelot will punch once, or punch twice. He never uppercuts, and so you
             cannot "counter" him in this phase. Just use the tap-pause-tap-tap-tap
    Phase 2: Ocelot will either punch twice, or punch twice and uppercut. You NEED
             to swipe your finger to dodge the uppercut. Watch his animation frames
             carefully, and listen for differing sound effects. You will hear a
             "swoop" motion right before he uppercuts, and you can dodge here.
             Or, you can just always dodge after the first two punches, then
             counter attack.
    Phase 3: Ocelot will either punch(2x)-uppercut or punch(4x)-uppercut. This is
             the trickiest part of the fight. It's VERY hard to see whether he's
             going to punch twice or punch four times. You want to block all the
             normal punches and then dodge the uppercut. Once again, listen and
             watch him carefully.
    Phase 4: Ocelot will either punch(2x) or throw one giant punch. This part is
             easier than Phase 3, in my opinion. It's very easy to tell when he is
             going to throw the giant punch. Dodge the giant punch, block the
             lighter punches. That's it!
    One final note, you will know if you successfully counter-attacked if the
    screen zooms in while you punch-punch-kick. If it doesn't then, it's not really
    a counter.
    Congratulations! After you beat Ocelot, you've cleared the game. Pat yourself
    on the back, and get ready for SURVIVAL MODE. Try FOX ranking everything :)
    *5* FOX RANK REQUIREMENTS                                                [xfox]
    TIME: The times posted are MY TIMES, perhaps not the actual requirements.
          But, it should give you a good idea at what you need to achieve.
    LIFE: With the exception of 16 (REX vs. RAY) and 20 (OCELOT), you need full
          health. The game is a bit more lenient with those two boss fights.
    HIT:  Also the requirement for HIT is usually >=90%. Exception is for the last
          mission (20), in which it's much more lenient because Ocelot guards a lot.
    Finally it is IMPOSSIBLE not to FOX rank mission 15, which is the exploding
    Gekko mission. Basically if you finish the mission, you will achieve FOX rank.
    MISSION #01  00:25.529    8/8    >=90%     700 /   300 /   500 =  1500
    MISSION #02  00:37.113    8/8    >=90%     700 /   300 /   500 =  1500
    MISSION #03  00:41.194    8/8    >=90%     700 /   300 /   500 =  1500
    MISSION #04  00:59.674    8/8    >=90%     700 /   300 /   500 =  1500
    MISSION #05  00:49.858    8/8    >=90%     840 /   360 /   600 =  1800
    MISSION #06  00:44.946    8/8    >=90%     840 /   360 /   600 =  1800
    MISSION #07  00:44.181    8/8    >=90%     840 /   360 /   600 =  1800
    MISSION #08  01:13.140    8/8    >=90%     840 /   360 /   600 =  1800
    MISSION #09  00:36.169    8/8    >=90%     980 /   420 /   700 =  2100
    MISSION #10  00:42.441    8/8    >=90%     980 /   420 /   700 =  2100
    MISSION #11  01:06.447    8/8    >=90%     980 /   420 /   700 =  2100
    MISSION #12  01:44.265    8/8    >=90%     980 /   420 /   700 =  2100
    MISSION #13  00:54.384    8/8    >=90%    1120 /   480 /   800 =  2400
    MISSION #14  01:49.269    8/8    >=90%    1120 /   480 /   800 =  2400
    MISSION #15  01:30.000    8/8     100%    1120 /   480 /   800 =  2400
    MISSION #16  01:49.066  150/200  >=90%    1120 /   480 /   800 =  2400
    MISSION #17  01:37.809    8/8    >=90%    1260 /   540 /   900 =  2700
    MISSION #18  01:55.486    8/8    >=90%    1260 /   540 /   900 =  2700
    MISSION #19  01:17.894    8/8    >=90%    1260 /   540 /   900 =  2700
    MISSION #20  01:43.930   80/100  >=75%    1260 /   540 /   900 =  2700
    SURVIVAL     24:21.042  100/100  >=90%   25200 / 10800 / 18000 = 54000
    *6* DREBIN's SHOP                                                       [xdreb]
    As of v2.1.0, there are 50 wallpapers for the shop. Some of them are unlocked
    by completing SURVIVAL MODE. Some of them are unlocked by completing SURVIVAL
    MODE with FOX rank. And some of them are unlocked by FOX ranking all missions.
    ID              TITLE                  POINTS
    3D ART (1)      OLD SNAKE #1             2500
    3D ART (2)      OTACON                   2500
    3D ART (3)      METAL GEAR Mk.II        50000
    3D ART (4)      DREBIN                   5000
    3D ART (5)      MERYL SILVERBURGH        7500
    3D ART (6)      LIQUID OCELOT #1         7500
    3D ART (7)      NAOMI HUNTER            25000
    3D ART (8)      LAUGHING OCTOPUS        25000
    3D ART (9)      GEKKO                   10000
    3D ART (10)     RAIDEN #1               25000
    3D ART (11)     SUNNY                  100000
    3D ART (12)     BIG MAMA                 5000
    3D ART (13)     RAGING RAVEN            25000
    3D ART (14)     DWARF GEKKO             10000
    3D ART (15)     JOHNNY                   5000
    3D ART (16)     CRYING WOLF             25000
    3D ART (17)     VAMP                    10000
    3D ART (18)     METAL GEAR REX          50000
    3D ART (19)     METAL GEAR RAY          50000
    3D ART (20)     MEI LING                50000
    3D ART (21)     OLD SNAKE #2            10000
    3D ART (22)     RAIDEN #2               25000
    3D ART (23)     SCREAMING MANTIS        25000
    3D ART (24)     HAVEN TROOPER           10000
    3D ART (25)     LIQUID OCELOT #2        10000
    3D ART (26)     SOLID EYE #1            50000  Complete survival mode
    3D ART (27)     SOLID EYE #2            50000  Complete survival mode
    DRAWINGS (28)   HEROES #1 by Shinkawa	50000
    DRAWINGS (29)   HEROES #2 by Shinkawa	50000
    DRAWINGS (30)   SNAKE by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (31)   MERYL by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (32)   RAIDEN by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (33)   LIQUID by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (34)   VAMP by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (35)   OCTOPUS by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (36)   RAVEN by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (37)   WOLF by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (38)   MANTIS by Shinkawa	25000
    DRAWINGS (39)   MEI LING by Shinkawa    50000
    DRAWINGS (40)   FACE #1 by Shinkawa     50000  FOX Rank on all missions
    DRAWINGS (41)   FACE #2 by Shinkawa     50000  FOX Rank on all missions
    OTHER (42)      METAL GEAR D             5000
    OTHER (43)      SOLITON RADAR            5000
    OTHER (44)      WORDS                    5000
    OTHER (45)      INSIGNIA                 5000
    OTHER (46)      SILHOUETTE               5000
    OTHER (47)      PSYCHEDELIC              5000
    OTHER (48)      DRUM CAN                10000  FOX Rank on survival
    OTHER (49)      C BOX                   10000  FOX Rank on survival
    OTHER (50)      FOXHOUND                25000  FOX Rank on missions + survival
    TOTAL                                 1220000
    Rising Raiden - MAJOR thanks for the "shoot body then head" strategy used for
                    Mission #12. Never would have FOX ranked that mission without
                    this tip.
    2009 (c) Antitype

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