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    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    An Ancient Conflict IDefeat Anubis using Drakon's Ultimate
    An Ancient Conflict IIDefeat Tri Gore using Anubis's Ultimate
    An Ancient Conflict IIIDefeat Drakon using Tri Gore's Ultimate
    Bare Hands IWin 25 fights using normal attacks only
    Bare Hands IIWin 150 fights using normal attacks only
    Bare Hands IIIWin 500 fights using normal attacks only
    Being SocialLogin using Facebook
    Boost IWin 10 battles with 3 overclocked robots
    Boost IIWin 20 battles with 3 overclocked robots
    Boost IIIWin 30 battles with 3 overclocked robots
    Bronze Arsenal ICollect 6 unique bronze robots
    Bronze Arsenal IICollect 8 unique bronze robots
    Bronze Arsenal IIICollect 10 unique bronze robots
    Completionist IDefeat Louie Cipher
    Completionist IIDefeat Sapphire
    Completionist IIIDefeat The Puppeteer
    Completionist IVDefeat Guccifer
    Completionist IXDefeat LU-Cipher
    Completionist VDefeat Fate Lord
    Completionist VIDefeat D'Artagnan
    Completionist VIIDefeat The Dragon
    Completionist VIIIDefeat Omniboss
    Cutting it Close IWin a fight and have one robot whose armor is less than 5%
    Cutting it Close IIWin a fight with only 1 robot remaining whose armor is less than 10%
    Cutting it Close IIIWin a fight with only 2 robots remaining and each robot's armor is less than 15%
    De - Synergizer IDefeat 1 synergized opponent team
    De - Synergizer IIDefeat 25 synergized opponent teams
    De - Synergizer IIIDefeat 50 synergized opponent teams
    Fighter IWin 15 different fights
    Fighter IIWin 75 different fights
    Fighter IIIWin 150 different fights
    Generation Gap IUpgrade 1 unique robot
    Generation Gap IIUpgrade 5 unique robots
    Generation Gap IIIUpgrade 10 unique robots
    Gold Arsenal ICollect 5 unique gold robots
    Gold Arsenal IICollect 10 unique gold robots
    Gold Arsenal IIICollect 20 unique gold robots
    In a Hurry IWin a Fight in 30 seconds
    In a Hurry IIWin a Fight in 25 seconds
    In a Hurry IIIWin a fight within 20 seconds
    Money Minded IEarn 50000 Digi Points
    Money Minded IIEarn 100000 Digi Points
    Money Minded IIIEarn 500000 Digi Points
    Neural Linking IComplete the Training
    Neural Linking IIExplore Synergy and the Synergy Bible
    Neural Linking IIIExplore the Special Skill and Overclock Section
    Path of the WarriorReduce opponents power 50 times using Khans Passive
    Performance Upgrade ICollect 5 Power Cards
    Performance Upgrade IICollect 15 Power Cards
    Performance Upgrade IIICollect 30 Power Cards
    Picture Perfect IShare 10 unique robot snapshots
    Picture Perfect IIShared 20 unique robot snapshots
    Pumped Up IUpgrade a Robots Special Assault 1 time
    Pumped Up IIUpgrade a Robots Special Assault 5 times
    Pumped Up IIIUpgrade a Robots Special Assault 10 times
    Punctual IClaim 3 daily Bonuses
    Punctual IIClaim 15 daily Bonuses
    Punctual IIIClaim 30 daily Bonuses
    QTE Madness IGet maximum value on 10 QTE's
    QTE Madness IIGet Maximum damage on 150 QTE's
    QTE Madness IIIGet Maximum damage on 500 QTE's
    Rejuvenate IUse Bubble's passive skill 10 times
    Rejuvenate IIRevive 50 times with Ronin
    Rejuvenate IIIHeal Anubis 15 times with his passive skill
    Robots of a Feather IWin one fight with Ghostface and Deadeyes in your team
    Robots of a Feather IIWin one fight with Secutor, Myrmillo and Thraex in your team
    Robots of a Feather IIIWin one fight with Duhh, More Duhh and Double Duhh in your team
    Silver Arsenal ICollect 5 unique silver robots
    Silver Arsenal IICollect 10 unique silver robots
    Silver Arsenal IIICollect 15 unique silver robots
    Skillfull IDefeat 1 robot using Depth Charge's Passive
    Skillfull IIDefeat an opponent during Double Duhh's passive
    Skillfull IIIDefeat an opponent while LIFESTEALING when playing with Psi Punk
    Special Assault IUse Special Assaults 100 times
    Special Assault IIUse Special Assaults 500 times
    Special Assault IIIUse Special Assaults 1000 times
    Struggle of the OverlordGain Special assault power 15 times using Oyabun's passive
    Team Work IWin 25 fights with a synergized team
    Team Work IIWin 500 fights with a synergized team
    Team Work IIIWin 50 fights with a synergized team
    Teams, Assemble! IOwn 1 synergy Set
    Teams, Assemble! IIOwn 5 synergy Sets
    Teams, Assemble! IIIOwn 10 synergy Sets
    Ultimate Assault IWin a fight with an ultimate assault delivering the final blow
    Ultimate Assault IIDefeat an opponent with an ultimate assault when your robot has less than 10% armor
    Ultimate Assault IIIUse ultimate assault as the finishing move against 2 opponents in the same fight
    Valuable Experience IReach level 10 with any Robot
    Valuable Experience IIReach level 20 with any Robot
    Valuable Experience IIIReach level 30 with any Robot
    Way of the NinjaCause bleed effect on 75 opponents using Hanzo

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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