Is it possible to upgrade the tier/stars of a champion?

  1. So at the moment I have a bunch of mutant class iso-8, and a 2-star wolverine to spend it on. I'm having second thoughts about using it all on this champion though, because I have a few questions:

    If I get the same champion from a crystal except higher tier, will it replace an existing lower tier champion? For example, if I get a 3-star wolverine will it replace my 2-star wolverine, or will there be both the 2-star and 3-star? And if the champion does get replaced, how will its levels/rank be changed?

    If it doesn't actually become replaced, then is it even worth using all of that iso-8 on said 2-star wolverine, or should i wait until i get a better mutant class champion?

    Thanks for your time and answer(s) :)

    User Info: AshTheCreator

    AshTheCreator - 5 years ago

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  1. 1. Its impossible to change the Stars of a champion.

    2. If you get a 3* Champion, it will NOT replace any other Star Champion but if its the same champion with the same amount of stars, the duplicate champion will be converted into ISO and other materials. The dupe will also awaken a signature ability within the champion giving it SILVER stars instead of gold ones.

    3.I'd personally say just spend it on the 2* wolverine you have at the moment. If you get a better mutant, there is still plenty of ISO you can get from quests, crystal, ect.

    User Info: TooLazyToLogIn

    TooLazyToLogIn - 5 years ago 3   0

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