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    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Great Wind is BlowingWin a Domination Victory as The Russians, with the Manhattan Project wonder
    A Knight Without Fear or BlameWin a Culture Victory as the Arabs, with the Hanging Garderns wonder
    A Penny Saved is a Penny EarnedWin an Economic Victory
    A Revelation of ManWin a Culture Victory
    A Short Life of GloryWin a Culture Victory as The Greeks, with the Colossus of Rhodes wonder
    All Others Must FailWin a Domination Victory as The Mongolians, with the Great Wall wonder
    All Roads Lead to RomeBuild roads connecting 6 Cities to Rome playing with the Roman Civilization
    An Indomitable WillWin a Culture Victory as The Indians, with the Taj Mahal wonder
    Armed and DangerousEarn a unit upgrade in combat
    Arms DealerSell a technology to another civilization
    Attention!Build your first unit
    Aye CaptainAccumulatively 100 Warriors built
    Blood and IronWin a Domination Victory as The Germans, with the Military-Industrial Complex wonder
    BloodthirstyStart a war with another civilization
    Civilopedia 1st EditionCollect 10 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork
    Civilopedia 2nd EditionCollect 20 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork
    Civilopedia 3rd EditionCollect 30 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork
    Civilopedia Collector's EditionCollect All Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork
    CominternAdapt a Communist government with Lenin as leader
    Command then ConquerConquer 100 Cities
    Credits to You!View the Credits from start to finish
    Cultural RevolutionUse cultural influence to flip 100 Cities into your control
    EspionageInfiltrate an enemy City with a Spy
    Fair and Softly Goes FarWin a Culture Victory as The Spanish, with the Lighthouse of Alexandria wonder
    Fall OutUse a Nuclear Missile
    First BloodWin your first battle
    Flower and SongWin a Culture Victory as the Aztecs, with the Cristo Redentor wonder
    Full Steam AheadEarn Gold by trade with a Super Tanker
    Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones.Discover an ancient artifact
    Great LeadersAchieve all victory types with all Civilizations
    Hall of FameHave all Great People appear
    Hasty MannerAchieve any victory type before 1500 AD
    Have Fun Storming the CastleWin a Domination Victory
    Head HunterKidnap 20 Great People
    Here Ends the Noble SavageRaze 100 Barbarian camps
    I never built itBuild the Great Wall wonder with Taizong as leader
    I Will Not Be TriumphedWin a Culture Victory as The Egyptians, with the Great Pyramid wonder
    Ideas Control the WorldWin a Science Victory
    Imagination Rules the WorldWin a Culture Victory as The French, with the Eiffel Tower wonder
    InvaderTake over an enemy City
    Kamikaze AttackAttack and kill an Enemy Unit using a damaged Japanese Unit with only 1 HP remaining
    Landing ApprovedRefuel your first air unit at an Aircraft Carrier
    Lesson 1Research your first technology
    Let a Hundred Flowers BloomWin a Culture Victory as The Chinese, with the Great Wall wonder
    Maiden VoyageBuild your first Aircraft Carrier
    Marco PoloBe the first to explore and uncover 1000 tiles
    More men, More powerForm your first army
    One Mistress and No MasterWin an Economy Victory as The English, with the East India Company wonder
    Organized KnowledgeDevelop a City to produce 200 science per turn
    Power of Juche IdeologyWin with only one City on at least King difficulty
    Purchasing SecretsBuy a technology from another civilization
    Reign of ZhenguanEstablish a Monarchy government with Taizong as leader
    RevolutionChange Governments
    Science ManiacFully explore the Tech Tree
    Silk RoadObtain gold with a Caravan
    So It BeginsCollect 1 Piece of Civilopedia Artwork
    Style of GangnamWin a Science Victory as The Koreans, with the Highspeed Broadband wonder
    Surf and TurfWin a battle utilizing naval support
    Tenger KhanDefeat the Mongols with Taizong as leader
    The Banker's HourGain 1,000,000 Gold
    The Great LeapRush 100 times
    The Power of Great PeopleUse a Great Person's ability
    The Root of All EvilDevelop a City to produce 200 gold per turn
    The Taste of FailureFirst game lost
    The Will to PowerTake over the capital of another civilization
    The Will to WinWin 20 battles with one unit
    This World is a Harsh PlaceWin a Culture Victory as the The Zulus, with the University of Sankore wonder
    Trotsky or StalinLose a game with Lenin as leader
    Veni Vidi ViciWin a Culture Victory as The Romans, with the Leonardo's Workshop wonder
    Victory Over Lesser MenWin a Domination Victory as The Japanese, with the Himeji Samurai Castle wonder
    We the PeopleWin a Science Victory as The Americans, with the SETI wonder
    Whack a MoleFind and kill an enemy Spy with your own Spy
    What is the City but the PeopleGrow a City to size 20
    You are a MayorSettle your first City
    You won the Space RaceLaunch Spaceship before 1960's

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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