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Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/11/2014

Version 1.2 7/31/14

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Love Sushi Rangers
A Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer 
Copyright 2014

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Prologue
003.  Yu Maguro
004.  Kei Sukegawa
005.  Iku Sukegawa
006.  Tamaki Marui
007.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Love Susi 
Rangers". It is a dating sim, where a girl can date pieces 
of sushi. To contact me about this guide, use my email 
address, ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.

Thanks to jgs for the heart artwork, as seen at the top of 
this guide.

002.  Prologue

When you start the game, you get a brief tutorial about the 
main page. To proceed through this game, you have to use 10 
KOYON per section. Every day, at 4:00 AM, you are given 20 
KOYON for free.

At certain points of the game, you have to pick an option. 
Your choices affect which ending you get. There are three 
possible endings, per character. You do not need to get 
every choice correct in order to receive the happy ending.

Pick a name for your character, then start the prologue. 
The prologue is divided into five parts, meaning you must 
use 50 KOYON to get through it.

The prologue is about your character, being suddenly thrust 
into running a sushi restaurant when your father goes on an 
unplanned cruise. It turns out that the sushi ingredients 
are magical, and they can turn into humans.

003.  Yu Maguro

Chapter 1: A Billboard Couple

Maguro cooks delicious sushi which is a hit with all the 
customers (and you!). One customer suggest that Maguro is 
your fiancée. You react very negatively to the idea, and 
Maguro blushes. It's as though...

Pick Option 2: He seems to be conscious about me.

Kei shows up and is rude to both you and Maguro. Later that 
night, Maguro works on making a salmon sushi. This is the 
only sushi he can't make well, because it reminds him of 
his salmon rival, Kei.

Chapter 2: A Serious Person

Maguro's cooking continues to be popular with customers, 
but he is upset about his inability to cook anything other 
than tuna. Kei makes you a nice salmon sushi, and he gets 
mad when you talk about Maguro's situation.

Kei and Maguro fight. You break up the argument, and Maguro 
tells you to leave him alone. Kei talks with you and 
wonders what to do about the other ingredients.

Select Option 3: I guess I should try and ask others what 
to do...

Chapter 3: Friendship Special Training

Maguro and Yukari avoid each other, and Yukari gets sushi-
making lessons from Tamaki. Maguro and Kei fight with each 
other, and Maguro realizes that the person he hates most is 
himself, when he gets stubborn and snobby.

Maguro asks Kei for help with making salmon sushis. You see 
them working together.

Select Option 2: It's great that I could help Maguro.

Chapter 4: A Contest For You

Maguro wants to ensure that you like his new salmon sushi. 
Your father returns to the restaurant, and he is mad 
because you have men helping you. Maguro says he doesn't 
want to leave, because he wants to stay with you.

Select Option 3:  want to spend my time together with you 
in the future.

Maguro decides to impress your father with his sushi-
cooking skills.

Chapter 5: Ending

Each ending requires 30 KOYON. The ending you get is based 
on your affection. If you unlock a specific ending, you 
unlock all the endings below it.

Top-Rate Worker (Happy End): Affection at 100%

Your dad is impressed, and he hires Maguro on the spot. He 
also declares that Maguro is your fiancée.

Unskilled Worker (Normal End): Affection over 49%

Your father sees that Maguro has skill, but it is 
incomplete. He accepts Maguro as an apprentice, and you 
date Maguro. 

Novice (Bad End): Affection Under 49%

Everything besides tuna sushi is awful. Maguro goes away.

004.  Kei Sukegawa

Chapter 1: A Carefree Traveler

Iku holds a strategy meeting with all the other sushi. They 
decide how to run the restaurant. Kei leaves in the middle 
of the meeting and you decide...

Pick Option 2: I'll tell him about the details later.

Kei spends most of the day, away from the restaurant. 
Maguro gets mad at him for not helping, like everyone else.

Chapter 2: Unsatisfactory

The following day, Kei goes into your room and asks for 
permission to go outside the restaurant. You are furious, 
when Kei purposely does not mention that today is a day for 
you to rest.

You go outside, where Kei is playing around with a bunch of 
other women. He takes them all to the sushi restaurant. Kei 
makes the sushi, and it is extremely delicious. He asks for 
your honest opinion.

Select Option 3: I should tell him my thoughts honestly. 

You like his sushi, but a crucial ingredient seems to be 
missing. What could it be?

Chapter 3: Location

You wake up to see Kei and Maguro trying to work together 
at partners. He helps with the restaurant. Iku suggests 
that Kei is trying his hardest, for your sake. The next 
time you see Kei, he is indeed working hard, making his own 

Kei has a hard time sitting still, almost like he doesn't 
fit in anywhere. He wants to find a place where he is 

Select Option 1: That's very depressing story.

Chapter 4: Just For You

Everyone is sad about Kei, who has announced that he's 
moving out. You talk to him, and he knows your father is 
returning soon. Kei just wants to get out, before your 
father kicks him out.

Pick Option 1: Kei, you coward!

Kei confesses that he has worked, so you will tell him that 
his sushis are the best. That is because you are the girl 
he likes.

Chapter 5: Ending

Each ending requires 30 KOYON. The ending you get is based 
on your affection. If you unlock a specific ending, you 
unlock all the endings below it.

Location to Return (Happy End): Affection at 100%

The sushi is delicious. Kei kisses you, and he starts a new 
goal of marrying you and becoming the top sushi chef.

Free and (Normal End): Affection over 49%

You recognize his skills, and he becomes your boyfriend. 
Kei takes you on an overseas trip.

Vagrant (Bad End): Affection under 49%

You cannot give Kei a good answer about the quality of his 
sushi. He leaves, hoping to find the place where he 

005.  Iku Sukegawa

Chapter 1: A Splendid Leader

Like a control tower at the airport, Iku guides all of the 
other people while the restaurant runs. Water is 
accidentally spilled on a customer, but he successfully 
defuses the situation. Later, you talk with Kei and realize 
that he is Iku's older brother. He has the bad habit of 
dumping all his work on Iku.

You go downstairs, where Iku is doing Kei's work. Iku makes 
a disparaging remark about how he is a nice person. 

Select Option 2: It sounds like he has nothing but being 

Chapter 2: A Sushi Break

Iku's work is starting to suffer, because he is sleep-
deprived. Everyone starts to worry about him, and it is 
decided to give him a day off. Kei agrees to fill in for 
Iku, to make this work.

You ask Iku to take the day off with you. Tamaki calls it a 
date, and Iku doesn't like that term.

Select Option 3: Well I guess...it's a date... I guess...

Chapter 3: Date for just One Day

Iku takes you to a theme park, and the other sushi spy on 
the two of you. You go to the aquarium and see the fish, 
and you get upset when Iku talks about how he is not as 
good as his older brother.

The other sushi are sad, because Iku has not made the most 
of his date with you. Iku is shocked when he sees that Kei 
ran the restaurant in his absence. He asks why you lied to 
him about this.

Select Option 1: I don't want to hurt the relationship 
between you and Kei.

Chapter 4: Big and Little Brother

Iku goes back to running the restaurant by himself. Tamaki 
and Iku argue about his overwork. Iku catches you, 
listening to the argument, and he explains that he wanted 
to hide his weaknesses.

Select Option 2: Even so, they are also a part of you!

Iku is upset that he's always worse than his genius 
brother, even when his brother is slacking off. Kei and Iku 
begin a serious talk.

Chapter 5: Ending

Each ending requires 30 KOYON. The ending you get is based 
on your affection. If you unlock a specific ending, you 
unlock all the endings below it.

Frank Feelings (Happy End): Affection at 100%

Iku admits he is jealous of his brother, and Kei admits he 
is jealous of Iku's dedication and skills. Iku breaks down 
and asks you to be his girlfriend. Two months later, the 
two of you are a happy couple, and he has no problem saying 
what is on his mind.

First Steps (Normal End): Affection over 49%

You help Iku talk with his brother. Kei admits he's a 
little jealous of Iku, and Iku thanks you for your help.

Good Boy (Bad End): Affection under 49%

Kei and Iku get mad at each other, because they don't know 
how to communicate with each other.
006.  Tamaki Marui

Chapter 1: Prank Kiss

Tamaki pays special attention to you during the day, and 
you feel that he is like a little brother. Tamaki shows off 
his new chawanmushi to everyone. Later, in the kitchen, 
Tamaki feeds you some pudding he made. Some of it gets on 
your face, and for a moment, you believe he is going to 
kiss you. How do you feel?

Select Option 1: It made me feel so happy and excited.

Chapter 2: I'm a Boy!

Yu asks if you have been spending too much time with Tamaki 
recently. After all, he's been helping you the entire day. 
Afterwards, Shima asks to meet with you in private. When 
you arrive, he asks what you think of Tamaki.

Select Option 2: I think he's an innocent boy.

Tamaki comes in and sees you with Shima. He gets upset, and 
his personality completely changes. He becomes more intense 
about loving you and making you his girlfriend. Is this 
what he's really like?

Chapter 3: Time for Parting

In your mind, you try to reconcile the sweet Tamaki with 
the aggressive one. You freak out when you find Tamaki in 
your bedroom, and he prevents you from talking to the 
others, afterwards. He makes you a bracelet, which 
resembles a handcuff.

Tamaki says he wants to get you, before your father returns 
next week. However, he realizes he has caused you much 
anxiety. Has he?

Select Option 3: I don't know how I feel yet.

Chapter 4: An Important Existence

Tamaki reverts back to his original personality, and you 
realize he never made good on his promises to seduce you. 
You wonder if you've been ambiguous towards him, and you 
speak with Alva and Shima. Tamaki disappears, and you 
search for him.

You find him taking out the garbage. He says you probably 
still think of him as a young brother.

Select Option 1: I don't think of him as my younger brother 
anymore. I think of him as someone important.

Chapter 5: Ending

Each ending requires 30 KOYON. The ending you get is based 
on your affection. If you unlock a specific ending, you 
unlock all the endings below it.

Jealous (Happy End): Affection at 100%

You decide to be true to your feelings, and you admit you 
like Tamaki. He kisses you. He still gets jealous when Kei 
flirts with you, though.

A Worried Person (Normal End): Affection over 49%

Tamaki is worried about his jealousy at seeing you with 
other men. He turns back into a sushi, and you realize too 
late what he means to you. Later, Tamaki saves you from a 

Madness (Bad End): Affection under 49%

Tamaki attacks you, then takes you to an unknown location, 
where he keeps you as a prisoner.

004.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2014.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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