Where can I find a good healer?

  1. Hi,
    I've just recently started playing BF (like 4 days?) and I'm sorta having problems with my team I can't get a good healer!!! I've tried may, mimir, everything So, i need help to find a good healer to get (don't just tell me to spam rare summon please) I've done three rare summons and gotten:
    Melchio 4*- Lord, now level 15 (was trying to get kikuri from rare last night and got him)
    Zelban 4*- Lord, now level 21
    Duel-GX 4*- Guardian, now level 18
    I'm looking for good lightning, fire and water units and would enjoy them to "attack all" with one healer among them, oh and I fused my starter caused I thought he sucked other than that, if I'm missing any info just ask also, my referral code is: 3044309290 i really need the xp haha...

    User Info: pyseky

    pyseky - 6 years ago
  2. Well, thanks for the response, but could you simply specify a bit about these details?
    My leader is Zelban because of the "five light's power" ability which is better than Melchio and DuelGX's possibility of ignoring def.
    But other than zelban my team consists of: Pirate Verica, Scar Blade Zelban, DuelGX, Legionary Melchio, and last but not least Sage Mimir. The problem is Zelban's leader skill never activates, should I change Mimir to May so I can get the leader skill active or should I simply change leader to Verica for his "Pure Light" skill? Also, many people say that the common units are usually not worth levelling would anything be better than may? I don't really wanna waste time, worst case scenario i'll just buy a couple of gems to spam summon for a bit
    my referral code is: 3044309290 i really need the xp haha...

    User Info: pyseky

    pyseky - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The best thing for you to do is to add players that have healer units as their leaders for example bolt manus rashil world tree alto dean another thing you can do is save your gems because sometimes we get a new batch of units that have healers or you can wait when gumi does player choice units sometimes those units are healers (off Topic) your kikuri is one if not the best dark units you can have for now

    User Info: Zerker_O_o

    Zerker_O_o - 6 years ago 0   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. The best free healers are:

    Fire: none
    Dark: none
    Water: Merith
    Earth: Claris
    Thunder: May
    Light: Mimir

    Until you get one or more of the rare summon ones, it's worth keeping at least the first 3 of those in your stables. Mimir is overall less useful (even though her stats are comparable) because she never has elemental advantage to help her survivability. With the first 3, you can purposely pick them to be strong to the map you're about to face (like bringing the earth one when you're doing thunder maps)

    That said, healers are pretty much just judged on their ability to stay alive since no one expects them to do good damage. When they're at their 3* form, their stats grow very quickly.

    User Info: darglor

    darglor - 6 years ago 1   0

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