• Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 70 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ARCHAEOLOGIST 1Excavate or acquire 100 artifacts
    ARCHAEOLOGIST 2Excavate or acquire 250 artifacts
    ARCHAEOLOGIST 3Excavate or acquire 1,000 artifacts
    ARCHAEOLOGIST 4Excavate or acquire 5,000 artifacts
    ARCHAEOLOGIST 5Excavate or acquire 10,000 artifacts
    ARCHITECT 1Upgrade your headquarters to level 4
    ARCHITECT 2Upgrade your headquarters to level 8
    ARCHITECT 3Upgrade your headquarters to level 12
    ARCHITECT 4Upgrade your headquarters to level 16
    ARCHITECT 5Upgrade your headquarters to level 20
    BIG SPENDER 1Spend 500 credits
    BIG SPENDER 2Spend 2,500 credits
    BIG SPENDER 3Spend 12,500 credits
    BIG SPENDER 4Spend 50,000 credits
    BIG SPENDER 5Spend 250,000 credits
    CHIEF ENGINEER 1Use 10 artifacts
    CHIEF ENGINEER 2Use 50 artifacts
    CHIEF ENGINEER 3Use 100 artifacts
    CHIEF ENGINEER 4Use 250 artifacts
    CHIEF ENGINEER 5Use 1,000 artifacts
    COMMANDER-IN-CHIEFBuild at least one carrier MK II or MK III
    CREDIT KING 1Earn or acquire 1,000 credits
    CREDIT KING 2Earn or acquire 5,000 credits
    CREDIT KING 3Earn or acquire 25,000 credits
    CREDIT KING 4Earn or acquire 100,000 credits
    CREDIT KING 5Earn or acquire 500,000 credits
    DESTROYER OF WORLDSBuild at least one advanced bomber
    EXTRACTOR 1Upgrade one or more extractors to level 4
    EXTRACTOR 2Upgrade one or more extractors to level 8
    EXTRACTOR 3Upgrade one or more extractors to level 12
    EXTRACTOR 4Upgrade one or more extractors to level 16
    EXTRACTOR 5Upgrade one or more extractors to level 20
    FANATIC 1Log in 3 days in a row
    FANATIC 2Log in 14 days in a row
    FANATIC 3Log in 30 days in a row
    FANATIC 4Log in 90 days in a row
    FANATIC 5Log in 180 days in a row
    FAST CLIMBER 1Reach commander level 25
    FAST CLIMBER 2Reach commander level 50
    FAST CLIMBER 3Reach commander level 100
    FAST CLIMBER 4Reach commander level 200
    FAST CLIMBER 5Reach commander level 300
    FLEET ADMIRAL 1Command 3 carriers
    FLEET ADMIRAL 2Command 5 carriers
    FLEET ADMIRAL 3Command 10 carriers
    FLEET ADMIRAL 4Command 15 carriers
    FLEET ADMIRAL 5Command 30 carriers
    KING OF TRADERSBuild at least one advanced freighter
    RAIDER 1Raid 5,000 resources
    RAIDER 2Raid 25,000 resources
    RAIDER 3Raid 100,000 resources
    RAIDER 4Raid 500,000 resources
    RAIDER 5Raid 2,000,000 resources
    RED BARONBuild at least one advanced interceptor
    REPEATER 1Log in 3 days after registration
    REPEATER 2Log in 14 days after registration
    REPEATER 3Log in 30 days after registration
    REPEATER 4Log in 90 days after registration
    REPEATER 5Log in 180 days after registration
    RULER OF WORLDS 1Own 3 planets
    RULER OF WORLDS 2Own 5 planets
    RULER OF WORLDS 3Own 10 planets
    RULER OF WORLDS 4Own 15 planets
    RULER OF WORLDS 5Own 30 planets
    SCIENTIST 1Find or acquire 20 blueprints
    SCIENTIST 2Find or acquire 50 blueprints
    SCIENTIST 3Find or acquire 100 blueprints
    SCIENTIST 4Find or acquire 500 blueprints
    SCIENTIST 5Find or acquire 1,000 blueprints
    SPACE ACEBuild at least one advanced fighter

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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