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If you are reading this, you are already dead. *Important! iPhone 4 is not supported, but the game works perfectly on iPhone4S.* There is no App Store, there is no iPhone and there is no game called Papa Sangre. They are all lies. Do not trust your eyes, they deceive you. To get back to the other side you must follow your instincts and fight for your life. Special launch price, 33% off for a limited time only! Papa Sangre II is a survival horror game told entirely through sound. It starts at your inevitable end. You are dead, and must hunt for memories from the deceased to get back to the other side. Trapped in the peculiar afterlife of Papa Sangre, your guide is the voice of Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones). Death for you is just the beginning. Key features: * An innovative and truly immersive “audio only” survival horror game. * Starring the voice of Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) * Explore the all-new world of Papa Sangre II and enter his Museum of Memories * 18 levels of cinema-quality 3D sound design – you won’t believe your ears * Fully accessible and simple to use interface * Powered by the most immersive and impressive graphics technology you’ll ever experience: your mind * You will be running from monsters, avoiding traps and shooting ducks. All guided by audio only Papa Sangre II is available in English language only. Praise for Papa Sangre II: * "If you're into new novel games, then this will really do it for you." - SkyNews * "I've just tested it out on my mum she loved it I've never seen her smile so much!" - Midlife Gamer * "It appealed to me because it seemed unique, something different from the regular games out there. Rather more surreal." - Sean Bean, Actor (from interview with The Verge) Papa Sangre II – Powered by your fear. ------ Connect with Papa Sangre on Twitter: @papasangre Like Papa Sangre on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/papasangregame Find out more about Papa Sangre: http://www.papasangre.com You can find out more about Playground Publishing on our home base here: www.plgnd.com. Read our End User License Agreement here: www.plgnd.com/eula and our privacy policy here www.plgnd.com/privacy

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