Additional ArtDrew Di Domenico
Additional ArtCalvin Huang
Additional ArtAlex Jacobs
Additional ArtShawn Shain
Additional ArtMike Sherak
Additional ArtJan Wyss
Additional WritingAdam Hines
Additional WritingJason Latino
AnimationMike Dacko
AnimationMarat Davletshin
AnimationJanel Drewis
AnimationTyler Helton
AnimationJed Heuer
AnimationMike Hollander
AnimationMila Kirillova
AnimationArmando Lluch
AnimationJustin Mettam
AnimationTim Reardon
AnimationJustin Rosenthal-Kambic
AnimationChris Waltner
Art DirectionDavid Bogan
Assistant ProducerJeff Armstead
Assistant ProducerJohn Joy
Assistant ProducerJuan Vaca
Associate ProducerChris Schroyer
Build and DistributionMark Gabby
Character ArtistMegan Gritzfeld
Character ArtistSteven Moore
Cinematic ArtistBridget Bougan
Cinematic ArtistAiryque Ervin
Cinematic ArtistJavier J. Espinoza
Cinematic ArtistRebekah Gamin
Cinematic ArtistScott Hammack
Cinematic ArtistDaniel Farjam Herrera
Cinematic ArtistJason Latino
Cinematic ArtistNick Mastroianni
Cinematic ArtistJolie Menzel
Cinematic ArtistMartin Montgomery
Cinematic ArtistKent Mudle
Cinematic ArtistEric Parsons
Cinematic ArtistChristopher Rieser
Cinematic ArtistGrady Standard
Cinematic ArtistJonathan Stauder
Cinematic ArtistEric Stirpe
Cinematic ArtistRyann Lynn Weller
Cinematic ArtistRyan Wetherall
Concept ArtistRyan Jones
Concept ArtistJesse Maccabe
Concept ArtistGray Rogers
Concept ArtistDerek Stratton
Content ProgrammingMark Gabby
Content ProgrammingJason Kim
Content ProgrammingAndrew Langley
Content ProgrammingJohn Mauldin
Content ProgrammingCarl Muckenhoupt
Content ProgrammingJason Reis
DirectorNick Herman
DirectorDennis Lenart
Director of Art DepartmentDave Bogan
Director of CinematographyDennis Lenart
Director of DesignRyan Kaufman
Director of Production ServicesDave Felton
Director of Production TechnologiesJonathan Sgro
Director of WritingDave Grossman
Environment ArtistBrian Gillies
Environment ArtistErik Ose
Environment ArtistMark Sheppard
Executive Assistant (Warner Bros)Nicole Scates
Executive ProducerKevin Bruner
Executive ProducerDan Connors
Executive ProducerBrett Tosti
Lead AnimationJeff Sarre
Lead Character ArtistJason Findley
Lead Cinematic ArtistVahram Antonian
Lead Content ProgrammingKeenan Patterson
Lead DesignerRyan Kaufman
Lead DesignerMatt LoPresti
Lead DesignerJoe Pinney
Lead Environment ArtistKim Lyons
Lead Sound DesignLazar Levine
Lead User InterfaceD. Reed Monroe
Lead WriterPierre Shorette
MusicJared Emerson-Johnson
Producer (Warner Bros)Nathan Whitman
Product SupportEvan Koepf
Product SupportMatthew Pedonti
Sound DesignJack Fusting
Technical Art and EffectsBrian Eby
Technical Art and EffectsNora Magyar
Technical DirectorMichael Perretta
Telltale ToolsChris Bauer
Telltale ToolsDavid Brady
Telltale ToolsDavid Bromberg
Telltale ToolsKevin Bruner
Telltale ToolsTim Ingram
Telltale ToolsBen Ingram
Telltale ToolsZacariah Litton
Telltale ToolsAlex Montgomery
Telltale ToolsJonathan Sgro
Telltale ToolsGuy Somberg
Telltale ToolsRandy Tudor
User InterfaceTodd Colby
User InterfaceCrystal Langley
User InterfaceHain Lee
Voice ProductionJared Emerson-Johnson
Voice ProductionJulian Kwasneski
Voice ProductionJory Prum
Voice: BeastGavin Hammon
Voice: BeautyMelissa Hutchison
Voice: Bigby WolfAdam Harrington
Voice: BufkinChuck Kourouklis
Voice: CabbieSam Joan
Voice: CabbieJulian Kwasneski
Voice: DeeGavin Hammon
Voice: FaithCia Court
Voice: GrendelKid Beyond
Voice: HollyJanet Lipsey
Voice: Ichabod CraneRoger Jackson
Voice: Magic MirrorGavin Hammon
Voice: Mr. ToadChuck Kourouklis
Voice: Snow WhiteErin Yvette
Voice: The WoodsmanAdam Harrington
Voice: Toad JuniorMelissa Hutchison


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