• Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 79 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1000 Meter StareUnlock Terence
    All-star OvertakerWin 500 Vs Races
    At AttentionUnlock Corporal Pig
    Bankable StarCollect 100,000 coins
    Breaking and EnteringBreak 500 Obstacles
    Bringing Home the BaconUnlock King Pig
    Bubbly PersonalityUnlock Bubbles
    Bumpy ModderUpgrade beach buggy 15 times
    Bumpy TunerUpgrade Beach buggy 23 times
    Bumpy TweakerUpgrade beach buggy 7 times
    Coin CollectorCollect 10,000 coins
    Coin CrazyCollect 50,000 coins
    Collection StarterUnlock 1 kart
    Coming Back at YaUnlock Hal
    Constellation CollectorGet 25 Three Star Score Ratings
    Double FunUnlock 2 karts
    Downhill MasterWin 500 Races
    Drift MasterDrift 10,000 meters
    Extreme ModderUpgrade matchstick mobile 15 times
    Extreme TunerUpgrade matchstick mobile 23 times
    Extreme TweakerUpgrade matchstick mobile 7 times
    Flight ModderUpgrade ham glider 5 times
    Flight TunerUpgrade ham glider 10 times
    Flight TweakerUpgrade ham glider 2 times
    Flying HighFly 10,000 meters
    Fruit CollectorWin 1000 Fruit Splats
    Fruit SamuraiSplat 10,000 Fruit
    FruityWin 100 Fruit Splats
    Galaxy SmasherGet 250 Three Star Score Ratings
    Garage BuilderUnlock 4 karts
    Garage OwnerUnlock 5 karts
    Gold MasterCollect 250,000 coins
    Hero CollectorUnlock 9 karts
    Jenga Grand MasterComplete 720 Sets of Jenga races
    Jenga GuruComplete 180 Sets of Jenga races
    Jenga HeroComplete 90 Sets of Jenga races
    Jenga HunterComplete 30 Sets of Jenga races
    Jenga MasterPlay the Jenga Game 100 times
    Jenga SuperstarComplete 360 Sets of Jenga races
    JuicyWin 500 Fruit Splats
    Kart CollectorUnlock 7 karts
    Kart MogulUnlock 6 karts
    Little StarGet 10 Three Star Score Ratings
    Master CollectorUnlock 11 Karts
    Milky WayGet 100 Three Star Score Ratings
    My New CareerWin 10 Races
    Nose TicklerUnlock Foreman Pig
    Pink BigUnlock Stella
    Power HungryUse 100 Power-Ups
    Power MadUse 300 Power-Ups
    Power MasterUse 500 Power-Ups
    Road to VictoryWin 50 Races
    Season LeaderWin 100 Races
    Speed TunerUpgrade semi-skimmer 10 times
    Speed TweakerUpgrade semi-skimmer 3 times
    SplatWin 50 Fruit Splats
    SupernovaGet 50 Three Star Score Ratings
    Superstar CollectorUnlock 10 Karts
    Sweet TrioUnlock 3 karts
    The CollectorUnlock every kart
    The MechanicLevel up any kart
    The Ticket holderGet 30 tickets
    The VeteranPlay the game for 30 hours
    Three's CompanyUnlock The Blues
    TickWin 10 Time Booms
    Tick Like a BombUnlock Bomb
    Tick, TockWin 50 Time Booms
    Tick, Tock, TickWin 100 Time Booms
    Tick, Tock, Tick, TockWin 500 Time Booms
    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock Ka-boomWin 1000 Time Booms
    Time FliesUnlock Chuck
    True CollectorUnlock 8 karts
    Tyre ShredderGrind 10,000 meters
    Ultimate CollectorUnlock 12 Karts
    Ultimate FanLogin 30 days in a row
    Ultimate RacerWin 1,000 Races
    Walking on Egg ShellsUnlock Matilda
    Worth Your Weight in GoldCollect 500,000 coins
    Your 5 a dayWin 5 Fruit Splats

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    To unlock The Following Characters Complete The Following Quests

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BombWin The VS. Race In World 1
    BubblesWin The VS. Race In World 3
    ChuckWin The VS Race In World 11
    Foreman Pig (a.k.a Mustache Pig)Win The VS. Race In World 5
    HalWin The VS. Race In World 9
    Helmet PigWin The VS. Race In World 10
    King PigWin The VS Race In World 6
    MatildaWin The VS. Race In World 4
    StellaWin The VS. Race In World 2
    TerenceWin The VS. Race In World 8
    The BluesWin The VS Race In World 7

    Contributed By: Ededdneddy.

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