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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 06/06/08 Action 0.9.1 1355K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 02/07/14 Djibriel 2.5 1510K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 06/10/12 KeyBlade999 Final 1655K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 02/10/08 Lufia_Maxim 0.6 1047K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 08/22/08 Dark Vortex 0.9 874K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 01/28/08 Diverse 1.00 390K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 05/12/07 Relle 1.00 162K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 03/24/07 sephirosuy SEP 390K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 05/04/07 TheDarkPope 1.10 1327K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GBA) 03/29/07 Elaine V. 0.71 240K

Foreign Language FAQs

Patch Code Lists

Maps and Charts

Dreamscape Map (SNES) 1/4/16 bover_87 1.0 436K
World of Balance Map (GBA) 7/21/10 Bluffnix 73K
World of Ruin Map (GBA) 7/21/10 Bluffnix 83K

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