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by AerynB

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Version Differences List by AerynB

Updated: 05/05/2020


I contributed on another guide many years ago, but this is my first guide all on my own.

I adore Dragon Quest II, even in its "Warrior" days on the NES. Yes it was difficult, but I liked that. I liked the grind, I liked making sure I was strong enough and had the best gear before moving on. I liked the manual and map that came with the game, and I liked mailing my info in to get the "Unveiled Secrets" guidebook, monster chart and dungeon maps poster. Let's face it, I was a little bit of a Dragon Warrior nerd. I liked the story, the adventure, the colorful monsters. Everything. And each and every remake has only added to that enjoyment.

The GBC versions came out after I graduated college and I couldn't believe one of my favorite childhood games was back and streamlined. Years later, I learned about the Japanese-only SFC version and kinda fell in love with the sharp, colorful graphics (and also kinda wished for an alternate universe where that version was released in the U.S. as well). The Wii ports passed us by, but I bought the Android game apps on launch day. The controls were clunky, the apps may have crashed a few times on me, and I didn't care for the "portrait" view, but it was Dragon Quest, with the same colorful graphics and monsters.

The Switch versions came out last year (2019) while I was ankle-deep in Dragon Quest XI. I loyally bought them a week or two after launch day, but DQXI held my attention well past Christmas. It is a gem and I love it, and the more I played the more I wanted to jump back into the original Erdrick saga, especially DQII.

During my recent playthrough, I noticed that things were so much easier than the NES and even GBC days, and it couldn't be just because I knew where everything was. I went on sites and scanned forums and I realized that level caps and even level gains had been revamped for this version (and I believe for the iOS/Android versions as well). Not only that, but monster experience had increased too. Unfortunately, no one had recorded these figures. So I took it upon myself to do it.

Most of the information in this comparison guide is from official guidebooks, such as the Enix Famicom, Enix Super Famicom, and Prima Gameboy Color guidebooks, as well as the NES monster chart and special "secrets" guidebook. Some of the info for the iOS / Android / Nintendo Switch version is from my personal gameplay or Japanese "capture" websites. Google translates most things for me so I have a basic understanding of the data tables. I'll provide sources so you can check them out on your own as well.

Anyway, let's dive in.