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by Eevee-Trainer

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Bestiary by Eevee-Trainer

Version: v1.00 | Updated: 06/18/2017

  • Game: Dragon Warrior II / Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no Kamigami
  • Console: NES & Famicom
  • File Type: Enemy Bestiary
  • Author: Eevee-Trainer
  • Version: v1.00
  • Time of Update: 6:40 PM 6/17/2017

Monster Bestiary

Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Army Ant121913824Medical Herb
Atlas250195200632501,100Sword of Destruction
Attackbot12011523090120723Steel Shield
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Babble131613948Copper Sword
Basilisk387525415841Fairy Water
Bazuzu250127160752401,530Mysterious Hat
Berserker881192365123117Giant Hammer
Big Cobra1422101199Antidote Herb
Big Rat1619111557Wing of Wyvern
Big Slug896332Medical Herb
Blizzard901113385113453Wizard's Wand
Bullwong21014080150110872Wizard's Ring
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Carnivog323211121629Lottery Ticket
Centipod212540133014Leather Armor
Cyclops115121326399327Dragon's Bane
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Dark Eye677422558193Evil Shield
Demighost485116315044Chain Sickle
Dragon Fly405121354359Dragon's Bane
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Enchanter403614253037Dragon's Bane
Evil Clown677328754884Wizard's Wand
Evil Eye507730552592Full Plate Armor
Evil Tree637227454567Fairy Water
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Flame55993278101245Magic Armor
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Gargoyle608531649571Iron Helmet
Gas506080453039Clothes Hiding
Ghost Mouse121810866Clothes
Ghost Rat254112411523Medical Herb
Ghoul80120194110061Chain Sickle
Giant1551454110095515Sword of Destruction
Gold Batboon11210839110100396Gremlin's Armor
Gold Orc10080565725563Dragon's Bane
Goopi505516392825Wizard's Ring
Gorgon2630120303050Fairy Water
Graboopi607224493038Copper Sword
Green Dragon951305669147350Sword of Destruction
Gremlin605720302352Wing of Wyvern
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Hargon's Knight801253671135201Thunder Sword
Hawk Man607527514564Gremlin's Tail
Healer25151020515Lottery Ticket
Hibabango607429528381Chain Mail
Hork955910345161Wizard's Ring
Hunter658225704567Iron Spear
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Iron Ant51113442Medical Herb
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Lizard Fly152010161227Lottery Ticket
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Mace Master1589238140100617Staff of Thunder
Magic Ant14181320818Lottery Ticket
Magic Baboon454512184540Medical Herb
Magic Vampirus65772179103182Mysterious Hat
Magician151711111010Bamboo Stick
Man O' War202816125025Wing of Wyvern
Medusa Ball423513222936Antidote Herb
Mega Knight729328538089Evil Shield
Megapede2039110132533Leather Shield
Metal Babble35752552002551,050Dragon's Potion
Metal Hunter7055806115082Broad Sword
Metal Slime61018010090135Iron Helmet
Mud Man28309223532Fairy Water
Mummy Man4658214044Clothes
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Orc607523365061Iron Spear
Orc King110993560135154Lottery Ticket
Ozwarg69803157105139Gremlin's Tail
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Poison Lily464518232531Antidote Herb
Puppet Man6064249010052Wizard's Ring
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Saber Lion809576715581Iron Spear
Saber Tiger257020485540Copper Sword
Sea Slug323811168034Copper Sword
Silver Batboon8992359096271Dragon Killer
Slime575321Medical Herb
Sorcerer556128434072Clothes Hiding
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Titan Tree515819308050Wizard's Wand
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Undead656317334045Lottery Ticket
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Vampirus577525484985Wing of Wyvern
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Wild Mouse101411855Medical Herb
Monster NameHPATKDEFAGIGPEXP.Treasure Drops
Zarlox2502002201202552,200Staff of Thunder
Zombie60317122540Leather Armor


In no particular order...

  • KeyBlade999:
    • For a lot of help in organizing and formatting the guide.

Version History

  • v1.00:
    • Completed.
    • Time: 6:40 PM 6/17/2017

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