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Walkthrough by Yomendou

Updated: 06/10/15

Across Age 2 Walkthrough

Author: Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.)
Date Began typing: December 8, 2014
Date Completed: December 8, 2014
Email: Yomendou@hotmail.com

Updated Info with help from Belial Omega on June 10,2015
In the bbz section.

Table of contents

Intro/Royal Castle Present....................................1w
Castle Town Present...........................................2w
Ujammi Sea Present............................................3w
Isle of Light Prsent/ Ujammi Sea Present......................4w
Cravely Village Present.......................................5w
South Field Present/ Roadway Present..........................6w
Cave of Recollection Present..................................7w
Ujammi Sea Present 2..........................................8w
Hawk's Hideout Present........................................9w
Ujammi Beach Future / Dedekint Marsh / Cravely Village Future.abc
Violet's Hideout Future.......................................abd
South Field / Roadway / Ujammi Sea Future.....................abz
Castle Town Future............................................abf
Royal Castle Future...........................................abg
Hawk's Hideout / Ujammi Sea / Castle Town Present.............abh
Royal Castle / Ujammi Sea Present.............................abi
Deserted Island Present.......................................abj
Ujammi Sea Past...............................................adl
Deserted Island Past..........................................abm
Cave of Awakening Past........................................abn
Ujammi Sea / Castle Town / Mystic Imperium Past...............azo
Mystic Imperium Citadel Past..................................abp
Ujammi Sea Future.............................................abr
Lucius's Cave Future..........................................abs
Cravely Village Future........................................abt
Dedekint Marsh................................................abu
Royal Castle Future...........................................abv
Post game / Strange Dimension Present.........................abw
Unanswered Questions..........................................abx
Help With Unanswered Questions................................bbz

3.Closing and Thanks..........................................CaTw

1.Welcome            Wels
First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!
Hello my name is Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.) and this is a walkthrough guide
for Across Age 2. I was playing this game on an iPhone 4S. Super Fun!
I abbreviate directions in this walkthrough for the most part
N is North W is West and so forth.


Intro/Royal Castle Present    1w

At the title screen select new game and watch the opening CS (I use this for
Cut Scene), afterwards you get the LIGHT SWORD, LIGHT ARMOR, and MAP. Be sure
to equip weapon and armor on Ales. Go behind the throne and 2 chests there
LIFE ORB, amd a SP/MP JEWEL. Exit S, Now enter the room that is NW, here get
a GOLDEN APPLE in a chest, exit way you came, now enter the NE room, this
room has 3 chests SOULSTONE x2, APPLE BREAD, and a SOULROCK. Exit the way 
you came, now to the S in this room is a soldier speak with him, he'll ask
if ready to depart, select yes when you are ready to arrive at Ujammi Sea 
Present. but first speak to him again and have him return you to town.

Royal Castle Town Present   2w
When we are in town head W and get chest APPLE BREAD, now enter the bar (it's
a house on the E side) for a chest SP/MP JEWEL. Now enter the house in the S
part of town for a chest APPLE SET, also a chest in the S part of town has
SOULDROP WATER x2, that's about it, if you wanna shop you can with item or
blacksmith. When ready exit town to N, talk to soldier return to...

Ujammi Sea Present     3w
After arriving head N and you'll see our first enemies to fight. Here is a
CS asking if you know how to fight, either way, follow path around the until
you get to a gray block, simply push into it and it will move (be mindful
these kind of blocks can only be pushed once, and at times you may need to 
reset there position) nearby is a chest for an APPLE. Btw you may have seen
next close to block in the NW a watery area, we will come back here later.
Follow path and go to pillar of light, CS, now enter it to...

Isle of Light Present   4w
CS, Follow path and get chest APPLE SET, follow and push the E block to the 
N and follow path until a CS, follow and watch another CS, Now we have Ceska
fight the enemies, then another CS, exit N follow path to a CS, here pick up
Ceska and throw her onto ledge, You may have to move a space and she'll
automatically step on switch, fall off edge and regroup. Follow path and
see a chest throw Ceska and get SOULSTONE, now also in this room throw Ceska
for another chest SWORD BREAKER, regroup and follow path, here is a mini
CS with ice blocks, exit E. Follow path to a CS, to where Ceska learns 
Fireball spell! Head back to ice blocks be sure to equip this spell and burn
ice blocks and exit N. Here you see 2 chests, simply melt ice and get them
APPLE SET, and MAGICAL WAND, follow path to a CS= BOSS! super easy just spam
Ales attack and boss goes down np :), watch CS, exit N, head W first in room
for a chest HP JEWEL, follow path now continue W for a chest SOULROCK, now
follow path to exit this place back to...Ujammi Sea Present for a CS (you
may have noticed a red chest to the W of area but we can get later, which
is same area I mentioned earlier before we entered the pillar of light, and
also a cave with a barrier which is much later although I did after I beat
game, I'm sure you can access it sooner, but I'm not sure)Now jump down cliff 
and head back to where the soldier is for a CS and be at...

Cravely Village Present   5w
CS, let's explore a bit! Go inside house to the SW and get chest APPLE SET.
Enter house that is in the middle E, and speak with the boy here to start a
trading sidequest he will give you a ROCK, head to the NE part of town E of 
the bar for a chest SOULWATER, above the bar speak with woman and give her
the ROCK and get RESERVE WINE and APPLE SET, (Now this sidequest is on hold
until way later in the game!) Enter house in the NE and follow to get a chest
here for a STR JEWEL, head to NW part of town by the school and get chest
PHANTOM STONE. Now let's continue with story, head to the rebirth spring door
kinda in middle W of town, the door is locked. Go enter the SE house for a CS
now Ceska is solo, with her head to the school for a CS, now here we meet

Johnathan, as game goes you can speak to him to activate quests, now from
playing it seems only 2 sidequests need to be activated by him, unfortunately
I'm not exaclty sure when one of them is available as I did this AFTER I beat
the game, but I'm guessing it's after you talk to an old man later on in game
I will point out when we get there.)

Ok, now enter school for a CS, and get REBIRTH SPRING KEY, now head back to
SE house for a CS. Now go to rebirht spring and enter for a CS, get REBIRTH
STONE, go to spring and put in the Broken Pendant, then use the panel as
Ceska and here get the chest for REBIRTH STONE x2, now check the spring and
get LILY'S Pendant, now use panel to go back to village, CS, go back to SE
house, CS, now when ready exit the village to the S to be at...

South Field Present     6w
CS, head E and get chest GOLDEN APPLE, head S then E here throw Ceska and get
nearby chest CRAB RING, regroup, head back and go W for a chest AUTOMATON
ClOCK, now head N for another chest LIGHT SWORD OLD, exit S to be at
Roadway Present, follow path and talk with boy, he is missing John his turtle
head E then N and get SMARTBOMB in chest. Now head S then go to NE corner for
a chest DEF JEWEL, now head back and go W of the boy, nearby throw Ceska on
ledge and get chest PLATE MAIL OLD, regroup, follow W and get a chest around
the bend ATTACK-UP (chests like this may be random aka ATTACK UP, DEF UP,
SPEED UP) head S and cross bridge for a CS, throw Ceska S and get chest BEAR
NECKLACE, regroup, follow path when can head N for a chest HOURGLASS, head
back a little bit and toss Ceska and get John the turtle, simply head back
and give John to the boy and receive GOLDEN APPLE x2,now head back to where
John was and exit S to Ujammi Sea Present for a CS, ok first enter nearby
cave to be at...

Cave of Recollection Present  7w
Here speak with the guy and now exit N, battle, now exit W, follow path to
a CS push block until your next push is red, it goes in a certain order red/
green/ blue each push it changes color not to hard, onto the panel in NE
corner, exit E. then exit N, battle, Exit E, E, then N for another puzzle
this time make block blue, exit W, battle, exit N then W, battle, exit N to 
get Ales BOOMERANG CUTTER skill, exit by using green portal, exit cave to S.
we are back at...

Ujammi Sea Present 2     8w
Head SE and follow path to get eventual chest with WITCHES ROBE. Now head 
back to where cave was and go onto bech and follow W at edge throw Ceska and
get nearby chest CHAMELEON POWDER x2, from here head S and speak with man,
regroup, now head back to where we just got the WITCHES ROBE, but before you
jump down to where chest was exit E, follow path to beach for a CS, before
entering shack head E and up the stairs follow and head S to get APPLE SET
in a chest, head back and go E a little and make way S to toss Ceska on ledge
and get chest HP JEWEL, regroup, now head back to and enter shack. CS, have
Ales pick up box (same way as if picking up Ceska, and toss box onto switch
CS, enter basement to be at...

Hawk's Hideout Present 9w
CS, exit E, CS, take conveyor N and get chest nearby SOULSTONE, exit E, then
S, then E, follow path to chest LONGSWORD, backtrack a little and toss Ceska
on ledge follow to get nearby chest APPLE SET, regroup, exit W, here go up
the stairs and exit N here activate switch, backtrack to this room by exiting
S and taking other N exit. Take conveyor and exit N, follow path in next room
go W to a chest SPEED UP, exit N exit E nearby and get chest here for a 
BRONZE KEY, exit W, follow path, exit W to get a chest FAIRY STAFF, exit E,
now exit N for a CS, inspect crystal and Ceska learn Thunderbolt spell. Equip
this spell and shoot the switch with it, exit S, nearby shoot switch, now 
stand on nearby platform thats moving S cross over and exit E, get chest 
SILVER KEY, exit N in this room, here throw Ceska and hit switch, regroup, 
exit S, exit W, cross over platform, follow room back S to another switch
blast this one was well and cross over nearby platform exit W, get chest
DASHING SHOES, follow path way N, throw Ceska blast switch here, regroup.
Exit S, follow S and exit E, exit N (room where we go Thunderbolt) you can
touch the star to refill stats, cross conveyors to the N and exit N (both
keys used automatically) follow path and exit S, here is 3 chests MAGICAL
EARRINGS, WITCHES ROBE OLD, LIFE ORB x2, exit N to a CS and a BOSS! I just 
blasted him with thunderbolt he went down quick. CS, now exit N, CS, get 
OTHER PENDANT they combine automatically to get MOTHER'S PENDANT, Ceska is
now solo. Exit S and S again anf take green portalm use ladder on W side to
exit the Hideout, exit the shack back to the beach, and notice a little raft
(I love the flag) anyways take the raft to...

Ujammi Beach Future / Dedkint Marsh / Cravely Village Future   abc
CS, shack is locked. head E a lil then head S and follow to a chest CHAMELEON
POWDER x2, NOTE: in this area there is a chest here but we need to be tossed
onto a ledge which we can't right now, will get later! Exit N to...
Around here we can fall of edge and have to restart area so be careful. 
Also there are chests he we can't get until later which I will cover.
Follow path a little and head NW at split and continue to follow and go S
to a nearby chest for a SOUL ROCK. Back on path get chest for a DEF UP, 
continue on W and then NW very short and exit W to...
CS, not much to do here except, talk to people if you want, by some things.
We could exit S and get two chests but I we'll get that after the next
dungeon. When ready head to house in SE of village for a CS then Ceska 

Violet's Hideout Future   abd
CS, exit S exit E on S side of room and follow rooms until a battle get chest
SAGE'S CIRCLET, backtrack and take the E exit on the N side of room. Exit N
to battle, get chest CELESTIAL EARRINGS NEW. exit S, now exit E and follow
take ladder, follow W and exit S, get chest ATTACK UP, exit N head back E
exit S and exit S again to B2F, exit S, and exit the other N follow to chest
REBIRTH STONE x2, exit S and follow back then exit W, when you can exit W,
follow and eventually follow S to exit E, follow for a chest SP/MP JEWEL.
Backtrack a couple rooms (red chest here later) and exit N, exit E and get
SOULROCK in chest. exit W, now go N a few rooms to get Ceska's next spell
Icewave, make two ice blocks and exit S, S, here notice the three platforms?
make ice blocks to get to chest, starting with the lower left platform, not
to hard. for a chest DEF JEWEL, now exit this room S, S again, then E, in 
this room in the N middle make 2 ice blocks, exit N, then E, ice block to N
exit and exit N, follow ice block to the S and exit W, examine door at N for
a CS, then exit N. CS, then BOSS! not to hard I spammed manashot, afterwards
CS, now you have another character you can control who acts in the same 
manner as Ales. exit S, and S again, DO NOT take green portal just yet, let's
go get that chest, from the portal, make way back to room where we made those
2 ice blocks in the middle N of room and exit W from that room, here is room
with chest we couldn't get, follow room around and toss Ceska on ledge
and get chest for STR JEWEL x2, regroup, now retace steps back to the portal
use it, and exit N to be back at Cravely Village Future, exit house for a CS
now we can exit S from town to be at...

South Field / Roadway / Ujammi Sea Future   abz
Starting in South Field in NE corner get a chest PHANTOM STONE, just S of
chest, toss Ceska for a nearby chest FALCON BRACELET, regroup, start heading
E a little and throw Ceska for a chest SOULWATER x2, regroup, head S a little
then E, follow to a chest DEF JEWEL, now exit S to Roadway Future, approach
boulders, CS, equip new skill, hold attack button to charge and let go for a
bomb to appear and toss at boulders, CS, Follow path by sign is a chest 
ATTACK UP, head E and you should see a chest for REBIRTH STONE x2, head back
W all the way then a bit a N to a chest for SOULWATER x2 (confirm?), head S
and follow path, cross bridge, and toss Ceska for a SILVER TUNIC NEW, regroup
and follow path W and eventually another chest, by heading E and follow trees
around to it for PHANTOM STONE x2, follow E all the way then go N to a chest
throw Ceska HP JEWEL, regroup, exit S to Ujammi Sea Future, head to SE area
and follow path to throw Ceska for a GOLDEN BADGE in chest, regroup, follow
path back to beach area and get a CS, then you get a......RAFT!, follow
path NW to a chest and get SPEED UP, now head into the water, and line
yourself up between the 2 Violet posts and automatically travel until you
hit something to stop, when you do go W and then S passing more posts and 
dock at bridge exit S to....

Castle Town Future         abf
CS, head to the inn in the N part W house for a chest LIFE ORB x2, head S
across bridge on the E side and enter house for a chest FAIRY STAFF NEW.
head to SW part of town for a chest HOURGLASS, no go all the way E in the SE
corner is a chest REBIRTH STONE, 

NOW! above that chest is an old man who I spoke of earlier in the 
walkthrough, this old man is one of those quests, that need to be taken from 
Johnathan who is a Cravely Village Present, so speak to old man if he speaks 
about fruit then that is probably the trigger for the quest to get from 
Johnathan.. but we are in the Future now so later on we can finish quest.

Now go into the SW house for a CS, go downstairs, exit E follow path and
push some blocks to move on (very easy) follow path and get chest ELVEN CLOAK
exit N, for a CS, and puzzle! push block like this:

up, right, up, up, up, right, up, right, right, right, down, left. That
should do it, exit N, go upstairs, exit S and follow path ,enter door to...

Royal Castle Future     abg
CS, exit N and get chest SMARTBOMB, exit S then E, get chest for an ATTACK
UP, exit E, battle, exit N then W, get OLD RING from the chest. Exit E, then
N, exit N (stairs) follow path and get chest GOLDRN APPLE, now head back to
the stairs exit, now exit W and get chest for FAIRY STAFF OLD, exit W, 
exit N (stairs), get chest in NE corner for ATTACK UP, exit E, nearby is a
chest for HP JEWEL x2, head back to previous room and head S, and exit in
SW corner for a CS, throw Ceska and get Winstorm spell, CS, equip new spell
and hit a red barrel with it, fall off ledge and regroup, exit S, then exit
S again. Now take the NW exit, exit N, battle get chest IMPACT KNUCKLES, exit
S, S again then hit the red barrel, follow and exit E, hit red barrel onto
switch, cross bridge, exit N get chest here KNIGHT'S COLLAR NEW, exit S then 
E, follow and exit N (stairs), exit N, battle and get chest GOLDEN APPLE, 
exit S, then W, battle, exit N, and N again, more N for a CS, then a BOSS!
I spammed wind spell then it seemed he had a guard up then hit him with 
manashot, went down pretty easy. CS, afterwards exit N, for long CS, then
back at...

Hawk's Hideout / Ujammi Sea / Castle Town Present  abh
CS, exit S then S again take portal, exit by ladder, back to shack exit S


After all that, from where we exited the shack go W and follow path and exit
W, follow back to beach, and head W and follow and go to the ship for a CS,
now board the ship, bring up map destination is in far E (red square on map)
but let's explore first. Head S from dock to island and see a red barrel,
go get it WINE CASK, head back to shore via dock, and throw Lily onto ledge
and give the man the WINE CASK, and get STR JEWEL x4, regroup, board ship 
again. Head way S and dock at the bridge, exit S and enter Castle Town
enter the house in the SE after crossing bridge, and speak to grl here for a
CS, and she'll give you OLD DRESS, (we will complete this later) leave the
house, head E then N and enter castle....

Royal Castle / Ujammi Sea Present    abi
Lots of treasures! Here we go! Exit W, N, then E for 2 chests STR JEWEL x2
and GRAND SAGE'S CIRCLET OLD, exit W, N, N again (stairs). Take long hallway
S and enter NW stairs get chest HP JEWEL, exit S and S again. Follow path and
exit E, get chest REBIRTH STONE, exit E, follow and exit N, enter the NE room
get chest LIFE ORB, exit S, take hallway N and exit SE stairsm exit S a few 
times, then W when you can then S to exit castle, leave town and back to ship
Head N in your ship and exit E (check map it's SE of where we got ship from
that dock.) Then exit E again, travel E and dock your ship for a CS, go to
the little beach and get chest for WINGS OF ESCAPE, before entering cave 
that's to the N, throw Lily on ledge and get chest HOLY ROD, regroup, enter
cave to.....

Deserted Island Present   abj
This place kinda big, ready? From entrance head E and get chest for an ATTACK
UP, now almost directly N of that chest is a ledge throw Lily and enter cave.
Follow path and exit S, then N, follow and get chest in SE corner, it's close
to the N exit and get a SPEED UP, exit N, take W path and get chest 
SMARTBOMB x2, backtrack and cross bridge exit W, get HOLY ROD OLD from chest.
backtrack all the way out of here and regroup.

Head W a little and enter cave, exit N and head NW throw Lily to get chest 
GOLDEN APPLE, regroup, exit in SW corner of room, and get chest RAPIER OLD
exit N and N again, (We'll come back to water part soon.) Take exit in SW 
corner, exit cave to the S, enter next cave, exit N, exit E, now head E and
follow to a chest PHANTOM STONE, backtrack, and exit S, follow to a chest
SWORDMAN'S CHOKER, head back to that water part we skipped, so with Lily
freeze and enemy with ice spell and pick up frozen enemy and toss into water
find another enemy and do same thing making a bridge, cross over, now push
stone block and exit N, now W, follow W and exit. Here toss Lily and exit E
get chest nearby SOULWATER exit W head a little S and step on switch, have
Ales cross over, regroup, exit S, push block, exit cave to the S

Head SW and get chest SOUL ROCK, follow back then E and follow to enter cave
(You can leave if want by pushing block out of the way, I didn't leave, so
I'm not sure if you do leave if block with stay out of the way or not.) In
the cave exit N and head W and follow path to chest GOLDEN APPLE, backtrack
exit W that is in the NW corner, fllow exit W now N up ladder, follow and 
exit cave to the S.

A little NW of exit is a chest DEF UP, follow path (another block if wanna
leave) and see a chest soon for a SMARTBOMB x2, head down ladder and go SE
first and throw Lily for DASHIN SHOES, regroup, go back NW and enter cave.

Follow and exit E, follow and get chest DEF UP, cross bridge for a CS, simply
with Ales grab a boulder and toss in into one of the geysers, repeat with
another boulder (doesn't matter which 2 all lead to same place), after both
are placed walk onto the open geyser and get shot up to ledge. Head down 
ladder and go S for a chest SOUL ROCK, exit in the NE corner exit N (stairs)
exit W

Like before freeze enemy and toss into water to make a bridge, head N and 
push block, exit N, here take NE exit, follow to chest EAGLE BRACELT OLD,
head back and exit S, here toss Lily and exit N follow path, until a switch
step on it to make a bridge, fall off ledge, switch to Ales and exit on W
side of room, regroup and cross bridge exit S, and exit cave to S.

Follow short path and enter cave, exit N and follow path when can head W up
stairs and follow to chest DEF JEWEL, head back and exit S, first exit E
then S to exit cave, head S a little and throw Lily to chest SP/MP JEWEL,
regroup, exit S and S again, exit W, now N (in middle of room), head NW for a
chest ATTACK UP, hit nearby red barrel with wind spell, now throw Lily across
bridge head W in room and hit another barrel, now Ales can cross over, 
regroup, exit N through door, inside for a CS, then a BOSS! I hit him with
wind a bunch and he'll go down, CS, and get MACHINE COMPONENT, also get EARTH 
CRYSTAL. Head S to green teleporter, use it, exit this place to the S, for a

Interlude (cause we visit so many places quickly)   abk
Go back in ship and exit W a few times and dock at the original dock from 
where we got ship, follow path and head N, back into Roadway, follow this
path N and make way back to South Field, and exit N into...Cravely Village
for a CS. Perhaps go to bar and speak with Johnathan now and buy that quest
if you didn't earlier if it even was available or perhaps it's available now?
after that head to the rebirth spring and place the OLD DRESS into it (I'm
sure you have quite a few REBIRTH STONES for this to work, if not then woman
outside of rebirth spring sells them!) once you do, use the portal, check
the spring and get NEW DRESS, head back and regroup. 

Now exit the town, back to South Field back to Roadway back to Ujammi Sea,
now follow SE the path and exit E and make way back to shack, enter it
back into Hawk's Hideout, use green portal exit N a few times for a CS, now
leave Hideout, exit shack, head back exiting W and go board your ship.

From dock exit W to new area, now head S and check map and head to the SW
island, dock here...yup the beginning of game, now follow path and before 
gray block use ice spell and make bridge cross over and get chest nearby
for an SP/MP JEWEL, the cave must wait until later. Ok head back to ship and
sail N to next screen, now look at map now at the N tip of area, pretty much
in the middle go sail there and dock for a chest SAGE'S CIRCLET, board ship
and sail W a little and approach the vortex for a CS, enter the vortex to...

Ujammi Sea Past                        adl
CS, bring up map in this area and look SE for a dock, sail there and dock
and get chest STEEL MAIL NEW, back on ship, exit E, now almost due S is a 
dock to get a chest SP/MP JEWEL, back in ship keep exiting E until you get to
dock ship, for a CS, follow path before entering cave, toss Ceska for a chest
WINGS OF ESCAPE, regroup enter cave to...

Deserted Island Past     abm
Get chest in plain sight for a DEF UP, and go N up the two little steps, 
heead NW then N up a ladder follow around and see 2 chests throw Ceska
REBIRTH STONE x2, regroup, get other chest ELVEN CLOAK NEW, regroup, 
backtrack to the two little steps and go E and a little N to a ladder climb
it and get chest nearby APPLE BREAD x3 go back W a little head NE get chest
DEF UP, climb ladder and climb another ladder, head NE for a chest HOLY ROD
NEW, go passed the cave and follow path to 2 nearby chests HOURGLASS and
APPLE PENDANT, head back and now enter cave.

Exit N, head N and carefully dodge boulders (if you get hit have to restart 
room, trick if want find a save spot if get hit reload save and try again)
after all the boulders in this room, head W and go up ladder, first step on 
switch for to make a shortcut in this room, now head N to get chest SOULROCK
now exit in SE corner. Here more boulders, same deal as before get passed 
them, then step on switch that you'll see before the N exit, for shortcut in
this room, exit N. Head E and go N across 2 bridges, exit N through door for
a CS then a BOSS! first attack the main body with Ales then after so much
damage the body will stop and the head will float around room, with Ceska
go up one of those ladders and attack head with magic (wind works well),
repeat process and should go down. CS, afterwards talk with girl she mentions
an island that you can train at.. we will get to very soon! Now exit S, take
teleporter, exit S out of here back to Ujammi Sea Past, head to ship for a CS
board ship and head due S and exit S to new area follow S a bit and dock
enter cave (yup we already here) enter cave to...

Cave of Awakening Past             abn
Go N and talk with man, push block and exit N, block puzzle to push so go

Up x6, L x8, D x2, L x2, R, x6 thats it

exit E, exit N, battle, exit W, and W again, now exit N, then E, battle,
exit N, now W, battle, exit N, exit E, battle, exit N and N again for a CS
Ales gets Dash Spin Skill, use teleporter, CS, exit cave to the S..

Ujammi Sea / Castle Town / Mystic Imperium  Past           azo
Board ship and exit N then W a few times and make way back to that SW island
dock here and follow path for a chest SP/MP JEWEL, board ship and make way
back to the Cave of Awakening, now from here, travel NW and take the current 
that is moving S, follow path around (no currents) and exit W, take current
that is going W, head W and follow check map and dock at nearby island that
is to the S and get chest here 7-STAR SWORD OLD, board ship follow sea N and
around and eventually exit W check map and make way to SW towards red square
dock at this bridge, CS, exit S to

Castle Town Past, Head due west after bridge for a chest, GOLDEN APPLE, enter
2nd house from the right and get chest SOULSTONE x3, enter SW home and get 
chest here for a REBIRTH STONE, in the S middle of town get a chest for a
DEF JEWEL, on W side of town talk to boy and girl, she is sick and boy needs
to give her medicine (will complete later) exit E to 

Mystic Imperium Past, (In this area if you check map
I have no idea how or if you can get to the N part of this area in a little
bit we're going to get a chest overlooking a beach with a dock, which I 
beleive would connect these two area, also in first area there make a N exit
on the W side...????) Exit E, follow and when you can go W and throw Ceska
get SOULROCK from chest, regroup, follow N again and when path goes W again
take it, Now this area ruight here before going up the little steps, if
the fruit quest is activated from that old man / Johnathan then there should
be a glowing sparkle if it is there grab and it and sometime later we can
give to the old man that is in Castle Town Future, now take those stairs
and exit W get chest GLADIUS NEW (here is the beach area I mentioned.) Exit
E, back on track head N and before exiting N get chest that is SE for a 
SPEED UP, exit N to...

Mystic Imperium Citadel Past       abp
CS, exit N, W, now N and cross bridge quickly as platforms fall, exit N here
cross another falling bridge, exit E, now throw Ceska, exit W, S then W, and
get a chest GOLDEN STAFF. Exit E, N, E DO NOT REGROUP YET! Instead exit in
SE corner, exit S, here step on switch, now exit N then W, regroup, exit E.
Exit N here to get GOLDEN APPLE in chest, exit S and S again, now exit W. 
(If you want to leave exit W the S) to move onward exit in the SE corner, 
exit S for a CS, use portal if you'd like then use again to return, 

Now head E and get nearby chest for a DEF UP, head east a good bit and enter 
door you see, exit W and then N, here throw Ceska and get PHANTOM STONE x2, 
fall off edge regroup, exit back S then E, now exit E again, go a little N, 
exit W battle, exit N and get chest in the NW corner SPEED UP, exit E, follow 
room E then S go up stairs and follow, and exit W. then S, use portal then 
use it again.

Head E stay towards tops area and enter first door you see at the N. Exit W
and get chest FAIRY CAPE NEW, exit E then S, now follow E and enter next door
you see at the N, for a puzzle room: Ok we need 6 blocks 3 gold and 3 silver
and they need to be thrown onto certain panels around the room ready?

Nearby is a silver block pick it up with Ales and toss on nearby
panel, don't worry if you miss, the block will reappear close by to try 
again, also there is a panel in center of room, should you place a wrong
color block on a panel the blocks will reset to previous area in the castle,
but with this walkthrough (If you're still reading...then you shouldn't have
to use it :) )

Now exit W and exit N and pick up silver block exit S then E now
throw block on nearby panel. 2 down and 4 to go!

Exit W again now exit S then W, head way N then exit E, and E again, here
find our first gold block, pick it up and exit W, W, head S and exit E, N, E
back into the puzzle room place this gold block on the NE panel (check map)
in room silvers should be on the SW and W panels, and the now gold on the NE
panel leaving us the NW, E, and SE panels blockless. 3 down 3 to go!

Now exit E then S, here is another gold block, pick it up, exit N then W
toss onto nearby panel. 4 down and 2 to go!

Exit E again, now exit N here get our last silver block, pick it up, exit S,
then W and toss this block on the NW panel 5 down and 1 to go!

Exit E yet again, and E, take the stairs and get chest GOLDEN SWORD, exit N
then W and here get GOLDEN ARMOR in chest. Exit E, S, W, W back to puzzle 
room we are now in. Exit in the SE corner, then exit S and use nearby portal, 
use it again and head E and get nearby chest for an ATTACK UP. Keep E and 
enter door, follow path and get last gold block, pick it up, drop off ledge
and go S exit E, N, E and here place block on the SE panel. 6 down and done!

Now the lock is released at the N of room, go there and exit N, and N again
get chest GOLD KEY, now exit S, S, and SE exit, exit S to be outside, now go
all the way E to a big door and open it, enter the door.

Throw Ceska on ledge and exit N take nearby stairs and head W for a chest
CHAMELEON POWDER x2. Exit S now face W and hit machine with thunderbolt to
lower gate, drop down and regroup. Exit N and N again. here toss Ceska and 
exit W, in NW corner is a chest with a SPEED UP, exit S, S, then E get chest
WING MACE OLD, exit W, N, N, E and regroup. Exit E follow path and exit S
toss Ceska and have her follow path to chest HOURGLASS x2 and then step on 

Switch to Ales and exit N, and now take stairs, exit W, then S, now take
other N exit, then exit E, then S, follow path, go passed switch and exit W
get chest GOLDEN CLOAK, exit E, now step on switch to form a bridge, have 
both jump off ledge and regroup. Cross bridge and exit S, take portal, and
use it again.

Head all the way E and enter door, exit E, N, W, exit W then N, W, follow
and exit S, follow and take first stairs, head E and get chest DEF UP take
other stairs, exit N, E, E and follow N and get RED CRYSTAL in chest, drop 
off N ledge and exit nearby E. 

Toss Ceska and get APPLE SET, regroup follow path and exit S, follow S to a
CS then Puzzle:

Toss Ceska and have her step on button by wall to move flame
Switch to Ales and have him stand by second flame
Switch to Ceska stand on next button in line
Switch to Ales and have him stand by next flame in line
Switch to Ceska stand on next button in line
Switch to Ales and have him stand by next flame in line
Switch to Ceska and have step on all 3 buttons so that they are "up"
Switch to Ales push block and have him step on nearby button. puzzle done!

Now regroup, head up nearby stairs and follow exit W, W, S and get 2 chests
BLUE CRYSTAL and GOLDEN SWORD NEW, head back exit N, E, E, follow and exit S
step on portal and use again.

Head east, on the way get chest for a DEF UP, continue E and enter door get 
2 chests GOLDEN STAFF OLD, and SOULWATER, head N and examine door,
automatically both crystals will be used to open door and they automatically
enter room, Go N for a CS, then a BOSS! Wasn't to hard eventually I just
went attack mode with Ales healing as needed. CS, afterwards back at...

Pitstop                         abq
Deserted Island Past we are at for a little, CS, then exit S, take portal
exit S out of this place, approach the ship for a CS, board ship, and head
W a bunch and go back to the vortex in the NW corner of map, back to present
CS, ok let's make that pitstop now.

Remember the NEW DRESS we got a while back? Let's go give to girl. Sail
S and exit S then continue S and exit E follow S sea and dock at the bridge
and exit S to enter Castle Town cross bridge going S, and she is in the house
on the right, speak to her and get REBRITH STONE x3,

Ok now exit town to N and board ship, and make way back to the SW island,
Go way N and then W and then travel S to get to SW island, but we are not
going to dock here, instead look for a vortex nearby get close for a CS (I
think) then enter the vortex to get to....

Ujammi Sea Future     abr
CS, just N of vortex dock on the SW island and follow path to get a chest
ELIXIR, head back to ship and board now sail all the way N check map and
dock there for a chest SMARTBOMB x2, board ship, now check map and make to
dock just E of center in the S part of map for a chest SP/MP JEWEL. Now head
to dock in the SE corner of map, dock, and head W and follow to chest GOLDEN
APPLE, head back and go E passed dock for a chest LIFE ORB, board ship, from 
here check map and head to dock that is due N from where we are now and W
dock there and get chest FIGHTERS RING NEW, approach entrance for a CS, 
enter to be at....

Lucius's Cave Future     abs
Talk to the guy, CS, check the door another CS, Hit the solo/team button on 
your phone to make Ales go solo, now enter door, battle, exit N, N, N, now
a puzzle push the block:
R x1, U x1, R x7, D x5, L x2, D x3, R x1, L x7, U x1 exit N for a BOSS!
same strategy as before except without Ceska attack body go up ladder attack
head, repeat until defeated. Exit N, CS, get RAY SWORD skill, take teleporter

Let's go again! touch barrier to the N and yes we can have Ceska this time!
Exit N, battle, Exit W then N, N again for a CS, BOSS! (again) a little
different attack with ales on the body then throw Ceska onto a ledge to 
attack head with magic, reapeat until defeated. Exit E, E, E, N, W, battle
exit N here get a chest LUCIUS'S ARMOR, use teleporter.

Let's go again! (yup third time) touch barrier as before yes Ceska again now
Exit N, E, N, battle, exit W, W, W, now N battle, exit N, now E, battle,
exit E for a puzzle, this solution is exactly the same as the first time we
did this area it's:
R x1, U x1, R x7, D x5, L x2, D x3, R x1, L x7, U x1 exit N for....
yup a third time..yup you know the drill :) exit W, here get chest LUCIUS'S
SWORD, use teleporter, now we can leave, exit S to be back at Ujammi Sea 

Cravely Village Future     abt
Board your ship check map and dock at the red square, follow path and soon is
a chest ATTACK UP follow path a bit and exit N to Roadway, navigate through
here and make way N exit N to South Field, exit N to

Cravely Village Future, for a CS, go to entrance and get chest nearby 
SP/MP JEWEL x2, just N in village above the item / blacksmith guys is a 
lady by a red chest and guess what?? YES! SHE is the person we give the 
RESERVE WINE to, from the beginning, give it to her and she gives us a GOLDEN
APPLE and PANANCEA (medicine for the girl in Castle Town Past.)

Ok I went ahead and did this, so if you want to head back to Castle Town
Past, from where we are now exit S and make way back to ship board it, and
head towards SW island and use vortex back to Ujammi Sea Present, go all the
way N and use vortex there to get to the Past, now head S and make way to
the dock and S middle of map, exit S to be back at Castle Town Past, go to
W side of town and give boy PANACEA, he/ they give you an ORNATE STONE,
and a LIFE ORB, now exit town, board ship, head to NW of map and enter vortex
back to Present head E and dock make way all the N back to Cravely Village,
and enter that house on E side of town and give boy the ORNATE STONE (He was
the boy from the beginning who gave us the ROCK, then he gives us 5 each of
STR JEWEL, DEF JEWEL, and SP/MP JEWEL. now that thats done, lets head no pun
intended, but back to the future.

Exit S, make way to ship, back to SW island area, vortex, to the Future, dock
at N middle area make way back to Cravely Village Future now exit E here to
go back to....

Dekint Marsh Future     abu
Back here! almost directly S is a chest, but follow close and see a lily pad?
Use ice spell next to them to make blocks that you can cross, make 2 and 
follow toss Ceska to chest for SMARTBOMB x5, regroup. Cross back over and
head E now about 3 spaces and toss Ceska on S ledge get chest PHANTOM 
STONE x2, regroup. Now follow path E and around going S, now look at map,
just S of middle you see two blue squares kind of close together? Head there
and toss Ceska, follow to a chest for MERCHANT'S NOTEBOOK, regroup. Go back
E now before going S toss Ceska on a N ledge and get chest SP/MP JEWEL, 
regroup, exit S to...

Ujammi Sea Future here head to SE area and you should see a chest (from a 
long time ago) now we can get on the E side there are 3 ladders going down
we want to take the middle one S follow to a chest toss Ceska GOLDEN CLOAK
OLD, regroup, exit N back to...

Dedekint Marsh ok remember where we got the second chest in this area shortly
after the ice blocks with the lily pad? go back there, but this time head N
and head NW between 2 tress, and follow to see lily ice blockto the W and
follow to a chest ELVEN CLOAK OLD, now go back across, now go E a little to
more lilies ice them and go N across, head W now go bridge where the 3 lilies
are, cross over and get chest LIFE ORB x3

Head back to where we past those 2 tress a few moments ago go S through them
then head E and then N to where you see 2 lilies freeze and head N freeze 
another and head N, now go E and follow make ice and go S and follow around
making ice, heading back N get chest STR JEWEL, now ice your way S from here
follow path to get chest throw Ceska SILVER EMBLEM NEW x2, regroup. 

Now backtrack out of here extiting W to go back to Cravely Village , exit S
and head back to ship, now sail all the way S and dock at the bridge where
Castle Town is, and move S to get a CS, exit S to Castle Town Future,
simply make your way to the castle entrance for a CS and enter castle to...

Royal Castle Future     abv
Ok this is the final level to beat the game, quite large! 

Here Exit N and sign says about 4 rocks...yup another brick tossing puzzle
this one a big more involved in getting them! let's go 'em!

Exit W and get chest for SPEED UP, now in this room is a gold brick, pick it
up and exit E, throw brick into the center hole 1 down 3 to go!

Exit W again and here toss Ceska on ledge and exit S, follow and exit N 
(stairs), exit N, here go W and step on button, backtrack to room with Ales
DO NOT REGROUP, exit N and follow exit N, first go E and follow W exit S,
here step on another button. Head back to previous this time keep going W and
exit S, here follow and get chest in NE corner DEF UP, walk S to gray block
and switch to Ales

As Ales now, exit E, E, then S, and follow to exit N (stairs), exit N, follow
and exit W, and W again, now cross the bridge and regroup with Ceska.

Push block and exit S, here look SW a little and burn ice block, toss Ceska
burn other ice and step on button, to make a bridge, regroup. Follow S, and
get chest WHITE FEATHER PENDANT OLD, now pick up gold brick and head back
the way we came, exit N. Now here move N a lil and face S to toss brick, push
the gray block out of the way, then pick up gold brick again, cross the
bridge to the E and exit E, throw brick into hole. 2 down 2 to go.

Now head back W exit S back to where second gold brick was, this time keep 
going E, and exit N (stairs), follow and exit N and N again in this room
exit E, follow and exit S, head W and exit N to get a chest LIFE ORB, exit S
then E, then N. Go E and take stairs and follow to a chest SOULSTONE x2,
head back and exit S, take long hallway and exit W, get to gates and toss
Ceska, follow room W and eventually get button to step on, backtrack to 
stairs, now switch to Ales. head W and get chest SPEED UP, regroup. Exit N
(in middle of map first) exit W, here freeze enemy and throw in hole and make
a bridge to cross (need two enemies get another room or respawn this room.)
Once you cross bridge exit W then S and S again, here follow to gold brick.
Pick it up and backtrack a few rooms, after you exit the bridge room we just
made with ice exiting E, in this room toss gold brick across the way next to 
the sign that you see (make things a little easier), now exit S take other N
exit, here get chest SMARTBOMB x3, drop off ledge and exit W, throw brick in
hole. 3 down 1 to go!
Backtrack by exiting N (on the E side of map) exit W now here take the N exit
follow S to...oh...no..!!...BOULDERS! :/...as before carefully navigate
and save/load if need to as before. At end step on button and bye bye
boulders! :) Take the N exit close by for a chest DRAGON ARMOR, exit S, S,
and follow then exit E, battle, exit E follow exit N, take nearby N exit and
get DRAGON VESTMENT exit S, now take long hallway N and follow to get gold
brick, pick it up and exit S, follow then exit W, exit N and here throw into 
hole the final brick, also get chest here SOUL SCARF.

Now fall into the hole that we threw our last brick into (trust me!) Now
carefully pick up each block and toss them onto the buttons, all 4 of them
to open the door to the N BUT we are going to hold off on that right now, and
exit S to do some treasure hunting!

After exiting S, first head W and get chest for LIFE ORB x2, now go E and 
follow when you can go W again and get chest ATTACK UP, now exit E, first go
allthe way N and follow all the way S until a chest for a STR JEWEL x2, now
head back the way we came, when heading S now go all the S and exit W, follow
then exit N, follow path and when you can go S and exit S, here get DEF
JEWEL, exit N and follow N and exit N, follow and get chest with GOLDEN
APPLE, now let's go back to that door from a bit ago, exit S then S again
in SE corner, follow and exit E, go N a lil bit and exit W, follow N and 
N back into the gold brick puzzle room. Now exit N.

Here go N and step on portal, for a CS, aftewards exit S and head S and when
you can head E and follow path, eventually you'll see a path going N skip it
for now and head E follow this to chest DEF JEWEL, backtrack and take the N
path we just skipped at end toss Ceska and exit N. First head W and follow to 
fall off edge to a chest SP/MP JEWEL, backtrack and this time go E passed our
entry point to this room, follow path to 2 chests GOLDEN APPLE, and LIFE ORB
backtrack and exit S regroup.

Now follow path S and go back W and follow, at split keep going W (N leads
back to where we first came in this room), follow and skip the W way and keep 
going to chest STR JEWEL, now go back and take W path now, follow a good bit
and then exit N, now follow W and eventually to a button step on it, now get
on panel and wait for other panel to step on, now throw Ceska to the E onto 
platform and step on button, now follow as Ceska on step on panel, regroup.
Take platform going N and get off on the 2 space platform save it want. Now
get on horizontal platform get off by stepping on blue panel to make bridges
appear making easier to get back here. Take new panel and another one to 
solid ground, follow to another panel and step on blue, more bridges. Go N
and follow step on button for a CS, get chest EXCALIBUR, follow S and then
SE and exit E then E again, follow room all the way around to get to a panel
step on it and another panel, simply just keep following panels across room
until you have to throw Ceska on a ledge, in N part of room, step on button
for a CS, get chest for RUNESTAFF, regroup, follow room all the way back over
the bridges and eventually exit W.

Here go W a little bit, and now go N and take N exit through the door, head
up for a CS, then FINAL BOSS! You can destroy the 2 hands, but they respawn
after a while (well at least one of them does.) Then just attack the head 
like wild and healing as needed switch to Ceska and have her heal spell 
equipped, and heal then back to Ales in attacks, if to hard you can always
equip GOLDEN APPLES (they revive you full stats) to get back to it! Perhaps
Ceska's magic could be good attacking too! afterwards CS..and ENDING!


Post game  / Strange Dimension Present             abw
Now I did this post game, after game ends reload game. I ended up doing
the fruit quest now for the old man, I went to Cravely Village Present
spoke to Johnathan and got quest, went to old man in Caste Town Future and 
spoke to him, head to Castle Town Past and went into the Mystic Imperium
and foud the fruit in the forest, I returned it to him and he gave me an 

After completing this (now I'm not sure if you need to complete all the 
other quests before John has a request of his own or if it triggers after
a certain point?), but He had available for me a request to inspect the
SW island in the Present yes!! finally after all this time we can now enter
that cave that had the barrier! head there and once we enter it brings us 

Strange Dimension Present      
Ok first take the right portal and follow path and go Sto a chest SOULROCK
exit N, E, follow and exit E, follow, and use portal, head N and burn ice
to get chest GOLDEN APPLE, use portal at N get chests STR JEWEL x3 and DEF
JEWEL x3, exit N and CS for a BOSS! Just spam attack with Ales, and get SWORD
OF NIGHT (Ales's ultimate weapon) Move N and exit S, take portal close by,
and take next portal close by to be back entrance of this place.

Now take the left portal, this one is quick! Exit W now exit N  W W S S E E
get chest which is MACE OF ZEUS (Ceska's ultimate weapon.) take nerby portal
and another one nearby then take portal to the S to exit this place.

Make wayback to Cravely Village present to finish sidequest for John speak
with him and he gives you 2 ELIXIRS.

Unanswered Questions                      abx
1. When the fruit quest is available and how soon it can be done, I'm sure
if can be done earlier than waitiing until after you beat game.

2. In the Mysterious Imperium Forest area getting to other part of Forest 
somhow? and maybe a secret dock somewhere and come in that way?

3. Now I didn't mention this in walkthrough, but if you played the first
Across Age, you may remember a sequence of draining the water at Ujammi
and going SE in the dry land from Hawks shack there was a cave entrance
leading to the Cave of Seabed, now in this game you can see the Cave entrance
but water is over, so maybe there's a way in? or maybe developers forgot to
take it out? 

Help With Unanswered Questions                                       bbz
This is from Belial Omega:

The sunken cave (3rd trainin ground) can be entered near the end of the game 
in the future without draining the waters, you get Ales' final sword skill 
in it. To get the final sub-quest you need to finish all other sub-quests 
and talk to him to gain passage into the sealed cave/dimention dungeon, you 
can do this before entering the castle in the future. As for the 
"secret dock" I looked literally everywhere in every time and haven't seen 
a clue to entering it from anywhere, so I'm guessing its a bug or programming 
error; but it doesn't mean there isn't anything there so don't rule that out. 
Thats all I have to answer the questions you posted at the end of the 

3.Closing and Thanks      CaTw

1. I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!

2. For FDG Entertainment for this game.

3. Gamefaqs.com for being a great website for gamers.

3. Bartoszmtkaczyk@gmail.com for emailing me about this and initially
asking me if I have completed Across Age 2 , and at the time I had no idea
that this game was even out, so I purchased it a few days later.

4. Echeon on youtube, for making a video that I came across before I started
playing this game on the video Across Age 2 HD (iOS)- Cave of Recollection -
2nd Stone Puzzle Guide.

5. Ged from chaptercheats.com Across Age 2 Q and A for this person asked
a question and then answered it as well. I looked at the achievements for 
this game and noticed I was missing some sidequests, and Johnathan was 
mentioned about buying quests from him, I had completely forgot about 
Johnathan in Cravely Village Present, and leading to the ultimate weapons
for this game. Yes confirmed Johnathans final request does lead to the
cave on the SW island in the Present to Strange Dimension to get ultimate

6. For all gamers who use this guide, hope it helps everyone to complete
game, if any questions please email me.  

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