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** ON SALE, LIMITED TIME!!! SALE ENDS 9/16 **Age of Thrones is a medieval-fantasy TD game like no other by Nexrage (indie team). Fight against waves of orcs, dragons, trolls, undead and more dark creatures to defeat the Dark Lord of Thrones and save the kingdom of Armos!AOT is a free-style TD/strategy game that lets you make your own path, and control how you want to defeat the enemy! Features:* Vibrant and bright toon-art style* Fully voiced/narrated*18 Unique Levels*16 different types of towers usable in-game*4 different types of castles buildable in game* 20 different types of enemies, ranging from ground, armored, flying, and warships* 4 Hero Spells usable during game to help fight tougher foes* Full tier talent tree to customize your gameplay*Various difficulties, Endless Mode, and Casual Mode (for people on the go), and Iron Maiden modes*Well balanced, and many ways to beat any level*Heavily focused on free-path TD, but also has fixed path elements mixed inCompatible with: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPod 5th Generation.Note: AOT is not optimized for iPad, and is planned to be release soon!

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