Where can I find vitamins?

  1. I looked up online how to get vitamins and it said floating grosses and curupters I looked for them but for the curupters there was no where to be find and in my other world I looked for floating gross but none only ichor stickers and the other normal mobs and all world of mine are hardmode what is going wrong?

    User Info: JpGaming61

    JpGaming61 - 5 years ago


  1. @JPGAMING61
    I seem to be having the same issue as if their (Corruptors/floating gross) just not spawning on any maps even after re-beating the WoF in attempt to cause their spawing an no banana so currently id have to guess to just inventory editor or try to trade with an android game of terraria (if they even have the one of the two monsters).

    User Info: Bulletm134

    Bulletm134 - 5 years ago 0   0
  2. Hello Bulletm134, yes you can get vitamins 100% in terraria ios as i have obtained the ankh charm and shield myself. The method is to create an artificial crimson biome in hell and make the biome itself at least 3 blocks in depth and a fair distance wide. Drink up a battle potion and put up some water candles and your set! After about 4 battle potions and half an inventory of ichor, you should get your vitamins after killing about 150 floaty grosses. How it works is great, hells spawn rate is higher than any other part in your world, combine that with a battle potion (and a few water candles) and you have a regular spawn rate of floaty grosses. Thanks! Flar3...

    User Info: Flar3

    Flar3 - 4 years ago 0   0

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