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Wormix a turn-based tactical game where you can fight against the computer or your friends using dozens of weapon types and countless combat strategies.TACTICS ARE EVERYTHINGYou can't win in this game by simply relying on chance. All your abilities will be put to the test, not least your reaction speed, aim and skill as a strategist.MULTIPLE GAME MODESHone your skills in single-player Missions. Battle in PvP arenas. Invite your friends to test their strength in Duels. Perfect your technique, defeating Bosses one-on-one or with a partner.AWESOME RACESFerocious boxers, hellish demons, nimble rabbits, cunning cats and cold-blooded zombies which race will you choose? Each race has its own distinct characteristics which affect the outcome of the fight.MIND-BLOWING ARSENAL Over 50 different types of weapons in the game Store: flying saucers, mini spiders, teleports, jet packs and a whole load of other gadgets.CREATE YOUR CHARACTERDiscover new hats and artifacts, change your character's appearance, improve their skills and acquire incredible abilities.MAPS WITHOUT LIMITSPrepare for a thrilling journey into every corner of the stunning Wormix Universe, where islands in the sky give way to the ruins of megacities and lost planets transition to ghost townsLIKE IT? Rate us or leave a review in the AppStore! Help us make the game even better.

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