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The battle for domination of the world has begun....WAR OF LEGIONSThis social battle game changes everything!Large scale real-time Guild Battles are held daily!Experience furious combat with fellow players from around the globe!* This game is playable on devices running iOS version 5.0.0 and higher. However, because the game utilizes cutting-edge technology to display high-quality graphics and effects, performance may be slowed on 4th generation and earlier devices.*********************************************************** GAME FEATURES-Form Guilds with your friends!Form Guilds with up to 10 of your friends!Work together to level up your Guild and receive stat boosts and other merits!-All-new excitement! Global real-time Guild Battles!Guild Battles are held worldwide in real time! Participate every day!Cooperate with your friends to land massive chain attacks!Be the first to experience this new level of excitement!-Gorgeous graphics enhance the fantasy world!The world of War of Legions is brought to life by the artwork of artists from around the globe!The game also features beautiful 3D CG movies and animations created using the latest technology!-Over 500 unique characters!Features over 500 characters with high-quality artwork by renowned artists!Knights, dragons, elves, wizards, golems, you name it!Characters are regularly added with no plans to stop!-Raise your characters to maximize their power!Upgrade character skills and stats through Enhancement!Combine two of the same character to Evolve them into a much more powerful character!Raise your characters as you like!-Countless combinations! Organize custom parties of Warriors and Monsters!Create pairs of Monsters and Warriors to customize your Battle Formation!Pairs with an affinity receive bonuses in combat!Combos and bonuses based on Formation composition add an all-new layer of depth to Battles!*********************************************************** * May not be playable in some countries or regions.* This game may not function properly if your device's date and time are not set correctly. Please confirm that your settings are correct when playing War of Legions.* The game may take several minutes to open the first time you run it after installation. Please wait until loading is complete without closing the app.* The game may not run smoothly in certain play environments. Restarting the app or rebooting your device may improve game performance.

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