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** MAGES FIGHT CLUB FEATURING UNIQUE FIGHTING SYSTEM **"The battle system is where Mages really shines." - TouchArcadeFight against other players in magic duels and become the best wizard in the League of Mages! Master your wizarding skills and develop powerful spells. Turn your opponent into a block of ice or roast them with a burning ball; but don’t forget to dodge the counterattack! Take part in tournaments, win valuable prizes and advance your name to the top of the world rankings!** CAST SPELLS WITH GESTURES **Use gestures to launch spells at your opponent and defend against their attacks!Plunge into the world of magic and experience the incredible sensation of a magic duel!League of Mages is:* MAGIC: A fight club for magicians and wizards is awaiting you!* COMPETITION: Regular tournaments with valuable prizes* MAGIC POTIONS AND OBJECTS: A surprised enemy is a pushover* BIG CANNONS: Magic staffs and wands will help you fight* CUSTOMIZATION: magic gems will fortify your defense and enhance your attack* TROPHIES: The more treasures you get, the stronger you are* COSTUMES: More than twenty cool outfits for any occasion* COMMUNICATION: In-game chat to challenge your opponentsYour victory is in your hands! Start playing today!

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