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Travel to the amazing world of Botanica and discover the wonderful creatures that exist there! • YOU'VE FOUND A PORTAL TO ANOTHER WORLD! You are Dr. Ellie Wright, a botanist stranded on a strange planet called Botanica after having entered the mysterious portal. What sorts of secrets and new species could this planet be home to? • MAGICALLY DRAWN WITH OVER 50 BREATHTAKING LOCATIONS Explore them all by unlocking this Collector's Edition! Gain access to over 50 locations, 40+ mini-games and puzzles, 8 wallpapers and 19 soundtracks from the game! • BOTANICA IS LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN! This planet is full of curious creatures and exotic landscapes. Test your wits as you navigate through lush forests, steampunk villages, and more. • OUTSMART THE CUNNING QUEEN KASSANDRA Danger lurks at every corner; make both friends and enemies as you explore this planet. Can you survive Botanica and find your way back home? TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! *** Discover more from Big Fish! *** Check out our entire game library with our Game Finder app here: http://bigfi.sh/bfggamefinder Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a new release or promotion again: http://bigfi.sh/iSplashNewsletter Big Fish is the leading global marketplace to discover and enjoy casual games. You can enjoy our virtually endless selection of games anytime, anywhere — on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. Learn more at bigfishgames.com! Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BigFishGamesMobile Follow us on Twitter: http://bigfi.sh/BigFishTwitter

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