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Action bowling 2, the long awaited sequel to Action Bowling Free, the best and most popular bowling game on iOS with over 40 million downloads is finally here!We rebuilt the game from the ground up to give you the most fun and addictive gameplay on any iOS device.If you love the pin action in the original Action Bowling, you will love the new and improved physics that gives you all the nuances of professional bowling with outrageous curve shots and explosive competition pin action. The new simpler UI means one-handed gameplay that is responsive and intuitive for beginners and expert players.When you have honed your skills in practice and solo play, challenge up to 3 of your friends to go head to head online in realtime via Game Center or on the same device with pass & play. With crystal clear graphics on all devices and the unique bowling locations and custom balls that are the signature of the Action Bowling franchise, Action Bowling 2 delivers everything you expect from the definitive bowling game on iOS. Best of all, it is all FREEEEE!!

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