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????????????????????iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Commemorative SaleFor a limited time only, BLOODMASQUE is available for half the usual price!Sale expires Thursday, September 26 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)?????????????????????iOS 7 Compatibility Issues in v1.0.5Users running v1.0.5 of BLOODMASQUE under iOS 7 may encounter UI issues preventing them from advancing further in the game. These issues have been identified and will be addressed in a forthcoming update. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding.SUPPORTED DEVICESCompatible with iPhone 4S or above, iPod touch (5th generation) or above, and iPad 2 or above.Note: Requires an active internet connection.ISSUESIf you encounter crashes or bugs that affect gameplay, visit Square Enix Support at:http://support.na.square-enix.com/Peel back the masque, and look upon the face of terror.An age of darkness has fallen as vampires rule over mankind, and only the half-vampire hunters can herald the dawn. Take a photo and come face-to-face with vampires as you star in this immersive action RPG. Connect online to recruit friendly faces to join you on the hunt.BACKSTORYA dark night looms for mankind at the close of the nineteenth century in vampire-ruled Paris. You are a vampire hunter—half human, half vampire—stalking your prey in the streets, fighting insidious oppression, and thwarting the diabolical designs of the vampire regime.FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE VAMPIRESUse a photo of your face to create your virtual hunter. Add pleased and angry expressions to see your hunter react in cinematic scenes and combat. Privacy settings allow you to reveal your true face only to those you trust, or customize your character without using a photo with the game’s built-in face creator.*Please refrain from using offensive or copyrighted images. For more information on prohibited materials, please refer to the User Agreement.ANSWERING THE CALLRecruit hunters other players have made as comrades in combat, and fight evil alongside the familiar faces of your friends.SIMPLE CONTROLS, DYNAMIC IMPACTIntuitive controls let you tap to attack and swipe to dodge as you savor the thrills of pulse-pounding vampire battles.LAVISH PRODUCTION VALUESBLOODMASQUE makes the most of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch hardware to deliver spectacular visuals and sublime orchestral arrangements.PLAYTHROUGH AND IN-APP PURCHASESSkilled players should be able to play through the game’s main story in 10 hours or so (approximately 20 hours if played to full completion). The game is balanced so that in-app purchases are not required in order to experience the game’s full story.BATTERY LIFEBLOODMASQUE may consume battery life relatively quickly. Be sure your device is powered up prior to play.SIZEBLOODMASQUE requires 1.2 GB of free space on your device. Customers are encouraged to download via iTunes on a Mac or PC, or over Wi-Fi with the iOS device plugged into power.

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