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NINJA WARRIOR is a competitive, race-to-the-finish platformer based on the hit TV series!What our players are saying:+++++ “Awesome graphics and superb game play!”+++++ “I love that you can build and customize your own character!”+++++ “…real smooth gameplay, and challenging obstacles…”+++++ “Tried a few different side scrollers and this one is the best so far.”Create, train, and compete in a side-scrolling platformer where every level is a brutal race to the finish. Get ready to hone your skills and speed – you’ll need experience to beat the competition and the best time wins! Insane obstacles and challenging courses will put you to the test at every turn in this game based on the hit Japanese sports entertainment show. Tackle every obstacle and set the record on each course as you fight your way to the top and claim the title of NINJA WARRIOR!FEATURESTRAIN FOR VICTORY- Practice makes perfect, so get started to get the jump on your competitors!- Your training will take you through multiple environments – from forest to desert to city.- Each new trial teaches you valuable lessons to be used later on in the game – learn them well!MASTER THE COURSE- Contestants will be tested by a variety of challenging obstacles within each course.- With 30 varied courses, including half a dozen Midoriyama bonus levels, players will face a variety of challenges.- The courses are tough – and you have limited time to finish successfully!- Complete the course quickly to earn greater rewards and recognition.CONQUER THE LEADERBOARDS- NINJA WARRIOR contestants can climb the boards and compete for top honors and cool prizes!- Be one of the first to reach the top and stake your claim!CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE- Create your NINJA WARRIOR and get ready to race.- Progress to unlock access to better gear, making you an even more fearsome challenger.- Win hats, shirts, shoes, and other items to boost your attributes.WIN THE PRIZES- Frequent NINJA WARRIOR competitions will be held - Enter contests for a place at the top and a share of the exciting prize pool!- Practice until it hurts – you must master the obstacles of Ninja Warrior to climb to the top.BUILD YOUR DOJO- Form an exclusive Dojo with your friends.- Get special privileges such as group chat and access to the weekly Dojo competitions.- Earn unique rewards and incentives as you and your friends work together to overcome the opposition.- Does your Dojo have what it takes?

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