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* ?ne of the all-time “Top 25 PSN Games” by IGN! * Ranked #1 Strategy in US, Germany and 12 other countries * Featured by Apple in US, Canada, UK and 93 countries An unknown enemy has made mischief among the Mushroom folk, and once friendly neighbors have begun to fight one another. Lead the Mushroom Army and mediate peace in the forest! Mushroom Wars is a dynamic real-time strategy. Defeat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations! Increase the size of your army, complete the construction of your villages, improve your weapons, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers – it's up to you to choose your way to victory!Complete a fascinating Campaign or challenge other players online!One of the greatest games of all time for Playstation and PlayStation®Network according to IGN is now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!* Three modes of multiplayer competition.* Up to four players in a battle* A campaign containing 32 maps with increasing difficulty levels * Simple controls and exciting gameplay * Multiple challenges for experienced gamers * A variety of mission goals: capture, king of the hill, etc. * Three variants of controls for more effective play * Supports left-handed gamers See video trailer: http://youtu.be/BjGXDJIPUVILearn more: http://www.facebook.com/MushroomWarsMobileDear users, by popular demand we have created an iPhone version of Mushroom Wars so that the game occupies as little space as possible on your device. It is very important for us that you enjoy the game and save the resources of your phone!ATTENTION! iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch don’t have sufficient resources for the Mushroom Wars multiplayer mode, so the mode is unavailable for these devices; our first priority being that you enjoy the game.Dear players, if you have an iPad, we suggest you to download and try Mushroom Wars for iPad. The game was optimised for comfortable play on devices with larger screen and Retina.

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