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PREPARE FOR THE WORLD’S FIRST ENDLESS ACTION RPGSlayin will test your skills like no other endless game on the App Store. Don’t get yourself fooled by its charming retro graphics and motivating chiptune soundtrack. In this game, death lurks behind every corner!Your task sounds all so simple. First choose from one of three heroes: knight, wizard and knave. Then slay as many monsters as possible, while leveling up and getting more powerful equipment and spells along the way. But there’s a catch: once you die, you’re gone for good!On your journey you will travel through numerous locations and encounter dozens of different monsters and fearsome bosses. Eventually, you will even have to face the giant dragon of legend. But he will not part with his treasure easily. Only the most worthy adventurers will be able to complete this task and become a true hero. Get ready for some slayin!• World’s first endless action RPG• Challenging and rewarding• Pixel perfect retro graphics• Chiptune soundtrack by Matt Creamer (Retro City Rampage)• 3 unique playable classes: knight, wizard and knave• Endless loot: tons of weapons, armor and spells• Face legendary monsters and bosses• More than a hundred challenging quests to master• 3 unique game modes• Compete with your friends on Game Center

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