What is the best strategy for getting money fast and easy?

  1. I am trying to get Batman Arkham Origins but I don't have enough money, so I want to know where I can get a lot of money as quick as possible. It has to be easy because my characters aren't to good.

    User Info: Deroo12

    Deroo12 - 7 years ago

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  1. Depends on your team and where you are in the game right now. If you're aiming for AOB you've probably already gotten some gold characters. Save up for cards like Regime Black Adam and Insurgency Joker because they're cheapest gold characters in store and they're easy to promote. Grind on Bonus Battle 6 (Battle with a star on 6th page). It gives about 4k per fight after the mirror match which gives 1,950 credits, use bronze characters for the mirror match and a good E5-E7 team to beat the other battles. If you can't beat BB6 then do BB5 which is so much easier but gives less credits. If that's too hard do Battle 36 and skip BB5, that gives about 1k every battle but less than BB5 gives. The best part of Battle 36 is that you don't need a promoted gold for it so you can solo it with a gold character like Black Adam, Insurgency Joker or any Challenge character.

    User Info: CrimsonTornado

    CrimsonTornado - 7 years ago 11   0


  1. It basically depends on what and how many characters you have, and whether or not you can defeat battle 36 without much resistance. Finishing the battle will give you around 19k.. So if you play the battle at least 3 times a day, you'll get your AO Bats within a week! (This answers how fast you can get power credits, not sure on the 'easy' part for you though)

    User Info: Vladimeer_yzd

    Vladimeer_yzd - 7 years ago 6   1
  2. Battle 36 (19K credits per run, one good gold can do it alone) or BB6 (22K per run, get a full gold e5 team and 2 bronzes) or Battle 38 (20K per run, but 16 fights. Since there is 1 character per fight get Raven and swap health, drag other cards to levelup in here and B36). All of these are simple depending on your skill level, and if you have the energy glitch or time to spend, you can farm credits easily!

    User Info: TeraMaster

    TeraMaster - 6 years ago 5   1
  3. By far battle 36 is the best. you only need one gold elite1 or 2 and you can wipe out the 2 opponents in under a minute. the 13 battles will net 19k. i use my bronze and silvers to fill out the team and just trade out my gold characters for energy. i can play this endlessly and make about 300k in a couple hours while watching tv or doing other things like "working"

    User Info: lucowski

    lucowski - 6 years ago 3   1
  4. You will have to replay levels over and over again I'm afraid if you want to do it without hacking, I would go for the red son pack first (3 of the best characters for 400k or arkham origins batman 375k)

    User Info: Jaybo82

    Jaybo82 - 7 years ago 1   1

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