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"The battle girls have come... to the world up in the heavens""Valkyrie Crusade" is a new type of game that combines card battles with gorgeous girl warriors and fanciful town building.? Beautiful Battle Girl Cards! Summon a variety of beautiful girls! Create your own military unit, fuse cards with evolution and amalgamation, and charge into battle. Become friendly with your girls and strengthen your bonds......? Create a lovely "Kingdom"! Build structures with various effects, and build your own unique town. Even players who are not adept at battles can enjoy decorating their town.?Magnificent Battles!?Organize your units and march into each area to restore peace to the World of the Gods with "Campaign". Fight with other players in "Duel" to get "Sacred Treasures". Cooperate with friends to defeat powerful enemies called "Archwitches" with "Subdue an Archwitch" A variety of battles await you!?iPhone5 supported?In order to play the game you must have...?? Internet connection? iOS version 4 or above[Basic play is totally free]? This game can be thoroughly enjoyed for free with free Gachas and rewards obtained during play.? There is also paid content to further enjoy game play.-----------------------------------Music: Motoi SakurabaDevelopment: Nubee Co, Ltd./ Nubee Tokyo Co, Ltd.-----------------------------------? Valkyrie Crusade is an online game, so an internet connection is necessary.? Valkyrie Crusade is a free game, however an money is needed to purchase in-app currency.================ABOUT NUBEE================We will continuously be performing updates, while listening to feedback from our users.We eagerly await a lot of feedback!? We do conduct individual replies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.Follow NUBEE on Twitter!@nubeeJPN"LIKE" NUBEE's Facebook fan page!facebook.com/NubeeJPFind the latest information on our official site!nubee.com

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