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Photo Hunt Online is a massive game in the classic Photo Hunt genre. Featuring over ONE THOUSAND levels in 6 categories (with more levels added all the time), you can play on the clock and score with Game Center or in casual, un-timed mode.Images are downloaded as you play, so an internet connection is required. Images are available in iPad Retina, iPhone Retina & iPhone Standard resolutions.Other features include available custom music from top musicians (Jazz, Electronic & Surf Rock) & custom background colors.Gameplay layouts are optimized for your device, maximizing the photos and using the most of your screen resolution._________________________________________________________For questions and comments, check out our Facebook page, facebook.com/PhotoHuntOnline_________________________________________________________A note on difficulty: Some levels are easier than others. Some levels may be very difficult. The larger your screen, the easier the game will be, but we have maximized the play field for phone devices.We keep log how long each level takes to complete and what resolution was used, and once we have enough data will update the app with difficulty settings, so you can avoid very easy or very hard levels, if you'd like.

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