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Capture Dragons & Conquer a Techno-Magical World!Your experience may evolve as we fine-tune the game!Join the very best Action / Strategy game on the App Store today!• Hunt and capture all new Dragons every week.• Wage war with 21 different troop types from 3 distinct classes: Magic, Brute Force, and Tech.• Build a mighty Barony and research powerful inventions to aid your struggle.• Discover a world teeming with treacherous alliances and deadlier monsters.• Lead your Dragon Army to victory and seize control of the world of Terra Vale.• Play with friends and new allies, and participate in ongoing Live events and challenges!Follow @DragonCraft on Twitter and visit http://www.GetDragonCraft.com to learn more about DragonCraft.Like http://facebook.com/GetDragonCraft for exclusive behind the scenes looks at mobile’s best Action / Strategy game!Dragoncraft is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social gaming network!

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