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A free, super addicting RPG Card Game that lets you compete with real players in countless missions, battles, and special events. "The Best RPG Card Game" ????????????????????A Limited Super Rare card! ????????????????????New Release Campaign!!! [For a limited time, those who complete the Tutorial will gain the S-Rare Card Bibian! Offer Expires Soon!!!] -Game Explanation -"Desperado!! Fate is calling on you" As a character who doesn't know their past, you will be fighting to discover your origins. You will go around the world fighting to discover the truth. Battle for justice and believe in yourself! !Liva Desperados! - Collect awesome cards with amazing artwork! - Evolve your cards up to 3 levels! - Hundreds of dynamic cards to collect! - Create the strongest deck to challenge your opponents. - Carefully designed, the design was made to improve the user experience. - Experience a more intuitive, fresh approach to a tired out format. - Get excited because the User Interface will only get beter with time. We are dedicated to constantly improving user gaming experience. - Collect Powerful Cards - Fight against the other players with your favorite characters! - There is no rest for the wicked in the World of Desperado with new events constantly being created! -Story -Growing up in the streets alone, you have been fighting your whole life to survive. Suddenly, a mysterious message claiming to know about your past requests a meeting with you... For untold ages, the world has been suffering under the tyranny of the organization known only as ZERO. Organized, vast, and without mercy, ZERO has been manipulating from the shadows with an unknown agenda. Without a past... A stranger who seems to know all the answers... And an evil organization hellbent on dominating the world... This is the World of Desperado!!! The battle begins now! *Please Note that for optimal performance of the game, iOS 5.0 or higher is necessary.

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