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XXL Dino - XXL Punch - XXL DestructionSize does matter!Take control of a giant dino and let cities crumble to dust!Roar Rampage invites you to a crazy ride of epic proportions and lets you destroy everything that lies in your path. While the massive punching glove is an excellent weapon, you can also rip out streetlights and pick up trains to abuse them as baseball bats and nunchuck. Be creative! :)Watch out for heavy resistance! The military has some serious experimental weapons, boss units, heavy ground troops and aggressive airforce units coming after you.BLOW THEM TO PIECES!Control the dino's fist with the touch of your finger and execute deadly combos for maximum score. Choose between a level based story mode or strife for global rampage in the endless "World Tour" mode.++PRESS REVIEWS:148Apps: "Using a giant dinosaur to smash buildings is just fun."Gametrailers:"If you need a new game for the weekend, this is your first and last stop."Slide To Play:"...if you don’t play Roar Rampage, you’re missing out."•Arcade perfect 2D look • Stunning XXL destruction engine•Pin point accurate touch controls•Over 20 weapons and power ups at your disposal•45 challenging levels, including epic boss fights•Endless World Tour mode with over 100 missions•Tons of skins and customization options•Retro inspired arcade soundtrack

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