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FAQ/Walkthrough by heavysnarker

Version: 0.91 | Updated: 11/26/14

   __ __                         ___  __ __    ____
  / // /__  __ _____ ___   ___  / _/ / // /__ / / /
 / _  / _ \/ // (_-</ -_) / _ \/ _/ / _  / -_) / / 
/_//_/\___/\_,_/___/\__/  \___/_/  /_//_/\__/_/_/  

    Game:            House of Hell
    Platform:        Android (also available on iOS)
    Game Publisher:  Tin Man Games

    Guide Created:   Nov 23, 2014
    Last Updated:    Nov 26, 2014
    Version:         0.91
    Author:          HSuke
    Email:           HeavySnarker yahoo com

    Please contact me if you see any typos, mistakes, or other things I may 
    have overlooked. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    For the full walkthrough, visit: http://goo.gl/MgG1OV
|| Table of Contents ||

    General Information
        Player Stats

        Start, Reception Hall, Erasmus Room
        Apollyon Room, Azazel Room, Mephisto Room
        Balthus Room, Diabolus Room
        Storeroom, Shaitan Room, Mammon, Eblis, Asmodeus
        Tuttivillus, Belial, Abaddon, the Unmarked bedroom
        Downstairs, Drawing Room, Fireplace Room, Study
        Kitchen, Ceremonial Ante-Room, and Food Storage Area
        Cellar, Dungeon, Torture Room
        Bat Room and Secret Room
        Reception Hall, Mirror Room, and Dining Room

        Item List
        Room List

|| General Information ||

    This is a walkthrough for the Android (and iOS) version of House of Hell 
    from the Fighting Fantasy series.

    You will not be able to solve this game without taking notes. This house 
    is complex, and you will get lost many times without making a map. It's 
    just as much of a maze as it is a puzzle. That being said, get a pen and 
    paper, and record everything you find. 

    The path through the game isn't entirely free exploration. Going through 
    certain rooms will prevent you from going to others. Certain hallways can 
    only be navigated in one direction, and there's no going back.

    When exploring, use bookmarks often!

    This Walkthrough/FAQ is FULL of spoilers and may ruin the game 
    experience. Try beating it on your own first. If you need info on a 
    specific room or item, check those sections in this walkthrough.

    Also feel free to check out the minimum requirements for winning.

    There are a total of 400 pages in this book. The rooms are static and 
    don't change between replays. However, event outcomes are often 
    determined by dice roll.

    Player Stats

        On Hardcore mode, of all the stats, fear is the most important in 
        that you will probably run out of that before everything else.
        Skill (Sk) - This is mostly constant throughout game. Determines 
        your chance of winning a fight. You can obtain certain rare items 
        that affect your skill. If you start off with a low skill on hardcore 
        mode, you might as well re-roll. You cannot go above your max skill 
        on hardcore mode or max skill +3 on normal mode.
        Stamina (S) - This is your health. There are events that will cause 
        you to lose or regain stamina. You cannot increase beyond your 
        starting stamina. Don't worry too much about stamina. Fear will most 
        likely be your limiting factor.
        Fear (F) - Starts at 0 and increases to your max. If it hits your 
        max, you lose. It's like a 2nd health bar. Events that reduce fear 
        are rare. You really need to find a path that will help conserve your 
        fear. Fear cannot go below 0. You will also need to start out with a 
        capacity of at least 8 Fear in order to survive. Reroll if needed.
        Luck (L) - Certain events and fights can be influenced by luck. But 
        these are rare and don't matter nearly as much as Skill and Fear. 
        Cannot increase above your starting luck.


        White wine/liquids and cheese are generally bad items to eat/drink in
        the game. Red wine is usually good.

        Weapons: Once you collect a +3Sk weapon, you're already maxed out. 
        You can't wield more than one weapon at a time.

        Once you leave upstairs (i.e. the bedroom area), you can't go back up.
        Take your time exploring before heading downstairs.

        Avoid the Kitchen and Ceremonial Ante-Room. All routes from there 
        lead to dead ends.

        Hardcore mode and Normal mode are almost the same difficulty. The 
        main difference is that you have a -3 handicap for Skill and a +3 
        handicap for Fear on Hardcore.

        Not every item you collect is important necessary to progress the 
        game. Similarly, most notes your character takes are informational 
        (as opposed to being required for plot).

        This game is meant to take multiple playthroughs for you to figure 
        out the correct path to get to page 400.

|| Mini-Walkthrough ||

Please see http://goo.gl/MgG1OV for the longer walkthrough
I can't fit it in this guide.

These are the minimum requirements for beating the game:
    Roll at least an 8 for your Fear stat.
    Visit the Diabolus window (110) for the note: Mordana in Abaddon
    Visit Mordana in the Abaddon Room (335)
    Obtain a password hint. Either get this from:
    The letter in the Fireplace Room (364)
    Meeting Shekou a second time (93 or 284)
    Obtain the Kris Knife in the Secret Room (35) behind the Bat Room
    Obtain the Golden Key in the Reception Hall (324)
    Obtain the Cast Iron Key Marked 27 in the Small Chamber (10) by the 
        Mirror Room
    Enter the Dining Room. Defeat Franklin and the Hell Demon

Path #1

    Enter -> Visit Reception Hall -> Dine with the Earl -> Visit Erasmus 
    Room -> Meet Shekou. Ask him anything except about escaping -> Check 
    Diabolus window -> Visit Abaddon Room -> Ask Mordana about the Secret 
    Room -> Go Downstairs -> Visit Drawing Room -> Visit Fireplace -> Visit 
    Cellar -> Ask Shekou about the Secret Room password -> Visit the Bat Room 
    -> Find the Secret Room -> Enter the correct password (Murder) -> Get 
    Kris Knife -> Visit Reception Hall -> Grab Leather Box -> Just through 
    Mirror -> Open Leather Box for the Golden Key -> Enter room on the right 
    for the Cast Iron Key Marked 27 -> Visit the Dining Room -> Fight 
    Franklin -> Defeat him and the Hell Demon -> Enjoy Cake.
Path #2

    Same as above, but you don't need to encounter Shekou in either the 
    Erasmus Room or the Cellar. Instead, just read the letter in the 
    Fireplace area and guess the password when you're at the Secret Room.
Stat Changes (Fear, stamina, skill, luck)
    Luck: This should be maxed out the entire game, but you won't be using it.
    Skill: This should be maxed out after visiting the Storeroom. You can't 
        go above the max.
    Fear: You need to start with at least a capacity of 8 Fear in order to 
        survive to the end.
    Erasmus Room: -2S. Fight Shekou. This is actually your hardest fight. You 
        should regain this stamina from the Unmarked and Belial Rooms.
    Storeroom: +3Sk from the Sharp Knife. Your skill should be maxed out for 
        the rest of the game.
    Unmarked and Belial Rooms: +8S, +1L
    Abaddon Room: +2F. Fight dogs. You shouldn't lose stamina if your skill 
        level is high.
    Drawing Room: +3S, +2 Brandy
    Trap Door: +1F
    Cellar: -1 Brandy
    Bat Room: +1F
    Secret Room: +3L
    Reception Room: +1F
    Golden Key Room: +2L
    Dining Room: +3F

|| Appendix ||

See http://goo.gl/MgG1OV for a much more detailed appendix


    Book of Portraits (Study 311) - No purpose
    Branch (Cellar 50) - A +3-Skill weapon
    Brandy (Drawing Room 192 & 292) - Heals stamina. You get 2
    Cast Iron Key Marked 27 (Small Chamber 10) - Opens Dining Room door
    Garlic Cloves (Storeroom 83) - Allows you to escape the vampire
    Gold Ring Inset with Rubies (Mammon Room 242) - Allows you to get mind 
        controlled by the vampire. Useless item.
    Golden Key (Reception Room 324) - Opens door to room with Cast Iron Key
    Flash of black liquid (Fake Secret Room 99) - Causes game over
    Frayed Rope (Mephisto Room 390) - No purpose
    Leather Box (Reception Hall 147) - Contains Golden Key
    Letter Opener - (Azazel Room 81) - Weapon, resets to inital skill
    Key (Balthus Room 40) - Lets you escape Balthus room
    Kris Knife (Secret Room 35) - Needed to defeat final boss
    Pearl-handled dagger (Secret Room 99) - Nothing. You lose before you can
        use it
    Pentacle Marked '66 (Study 156) - Lets you escape from Devil worshipers.
    Sharp Knife (Storeroom 83) - A +3-Skill weapon
    Short Knife (Drawing Room 192) - A +2-Skill weapon


    Abaddon Room (335) - You must visit the Diabolus window before coming 
        here. Here, you can ask Mordana a question about the Secret 
        Room. You must visit here.

    Asmodeus Room (154) - You have to fight a man, easy battle. Gives info 
        about secret cellar escape or defeating Earl. Optional.

    Azazel Room (358) - Get a letter opener, whose only purpose is bring 
        SKILL back to initial value. Optional.

    Bat Room (217, 393) - Leads to the Secret Room that contains the Kris 
        Knife. Exit through Reception Hall or Ceremonial Room.

    Batlhus Room (299) - Nothing but damage. You also get a key for escaping 
        the same room.

    Bedroom (173) - You were drugged. Just escape.

    Belial Room (312) Gain +4S for sleeping here

    Cellar (397) - Get here from the Fireplace. Here you meet Shekou a 2nd 
        time and acquire the Secret Room password.

    Ceremonial Room (387) - Avoid this area. There's no way out alive.

    Diabolus Room (13) Nothing here except a bad ghost.

    Diabolus Window (110) You absolutely need the message on the window.

    Dining Room (296) - Needs Cast Iron Key Marked 27 to access. Has red 
        walls. You fight Franklins and the final boss here.

    Dog Room (342) - Avoid. All paths lead to death

    Drawing Room (353) - Access to the Cellar. You can also find +3S, a short 
        knife, and Brandy here.

    Dungeon (209) - The man in gray has info about killing the Earl and the 
        location of the Dining Room Key.

    Eblis Room (125) - Leads to the Dungeon, which has info. -2S. Don't go 
        this way.

    Entrance (357) You start here. Leads you to the Reception Hall (8)

    Erasmus Room (5) - Fight and get info from Shekou (hunchback) here. 
        There's also a ghost outside (332).

    Fireplace Room (303) - Has Secret Room password info. Only entrance to 
        the Cellar.

    Food Store (44) - Eat food. Don't touch the white wine or cheese. All 
        exits eventually lead to death.

    Kitchen (118) - There's no way out of the kitchen

    Mammon Room (123) - A woman's room with Poltergeist. Avoid. Has the Gold 
        Ring, which is useless.

    Mephisto Room (298) - Obtain Frayed Rope here. Useless and optional.

    Mirror Room (24) - Leads to the Ceremonial Room or the Dining Room (58)

    Rafferty Room (71) - Avoid. Room leads to death

    Reception Hall #1 (8) - Your 1st visit to the Reception Hall. Dine with 
        Lord Kelnor. Leads to either the Erasmus Room or the Unknown Bedroom.

    Reception Hall #2 (113) - Your 2nd visit to the Reception Hall. Contains 
        the Leather Box with the Golden Key.

    Room w/Man in White (305) - Talk to the man for info. (However, all exits 
        eventually lead to death).

    Shaitan Room (200) - Has a Vampire. You need garlic to pass him. Leads to 
        a maze of rooms and corridors. Optional.

    Small Chamber (10) - Has the Cast Iron Key Marked 27. Important

    Storeroom (377) - Has a +3Sk Sharp Knife and Garlic. Leads to Mammon 
        Room, Shaitan Room, and Passageway (272).

    Study (195) - Contains. Book of Portraits and Pentacle Marked '66.

    Torture Room (112) - Optional. Get quizzed by the torturer. Allows you to 
        get to Bat Room or Reception Hall.

    Tuttivillus Room (155) - Nothing good here. Damage.

    Unmarked Bedroom (103) - This is a cozy bedroom. Investigate bedside 
        table for +4S, +1L.


This is just a partial guide.
See http://goo.gl/MgG1OV for the complete walkthrough

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